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South Africa
I have had quite a few unexplainable experiences where nobody believed me, I was sent to a psychologist who actually believed me. She gave me the advice, to help me deal with all of it; I should write it down.
Later on these experiences became the foundation of my writing career.
I discovered this sight and I feel compelled to share my experience.
I'm diagnosed with PTSD and depression from many years of verbal and emotional abuse. I enjoy the "darker" side of reality and things because I there are things in this world we are yet to discover.
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The Very Beginning on 2016-09-19

In my dreams, I had two creatures that always present, in every dream, I felt them. However, they didn't limit themselves to my dreams. I'm being "haunted" by two things; I don't know what. I was six when I first dreamt of them, at fourteen I started feeling them in real life. At sixteen, I start...