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Alien Creature on 2016-09-20

Hey! Just some introduction here, I've always been interested in paranormal things. This story happened recently. I've always believed in aliens but never came in contact with one. I've seen things like lights in the sky before but nothing spectacular. Well one night about 11, me and my boyfrie...

Aggressive Shadow Man on 2016-09-19

All my life I've been able to see paranormal entities. Well I've been seeing shadow men for a while and never thought anything of it. I've never felt threatened by them. They were never interested in me. They just walked around as if they were looking for something. A couple nights ago me and my...

Followed Home By A Poltergeist on 2016-09-19

Hey,this is my first time posting. I've been having experiences since I can remember. So about a year ago I was visiting my sister. Before I left her house I was feeling rather deppressed, because I didn't want to go home. I came to the conclusion that it had followed me home from my sisters. I was ...