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Life time of paranormal, 31 years of sight, born sensitive, 26 years with witchcraft,helper,healer and with shamanism do as I will but harm none, and a family man along side very spiritual...
As above so below
Blessed be...
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Always Around on 2016-09-19

To start out my friends and readers... I can say my sensitivity started when at 5 days old I had a 50/50 chance at living, a gift and a curse now 36 years old I don't call myself a psychic or medium... I like the word healer and boy have I done a lot of just that! To clear up something I call it a ...

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Date: 2017-02-19
Hey you still around? If so hit my email up, I just want to see how you are and made out, seems like you are in trouble and I wish I could have found you sooner. I also practice tha craft 27years and counting.
Wow! First late post...
But look, first go back to tha begining... This is crazy what I am reading and what's being said with out looking at tha begining, how was your normal day, what was you eating, how many times a day you eat, what was your day like from tha time you got up until bed, and you are very aware of your change, but you never filled in that big blank (tha start), when did this change happen, did some bad happen, break up,death,etc like soany need to knows and big a$$ blanks here... You can't fix a problem if you don't know tha details of tha workings.
But every one has great opions and solid ones but woooh how do you give little to no information on just tha problem and ask for help with out telling us tha whats,whens,hows,and dos, then you and everyone miss tha begining and I am betting your issue is real but your answers is here just at tha start.
I don't mean no disrespect and only speak when got something real to say.
Blessed be...
Hi,i sent you a email just to let you know, I liked your true life story and was only saying that you are not alone and you have people here whom care and don't judge and I am one of them, so I put my hand out if you want to be friends then great, if not then its oka, but you can ask me anything if tou may need help or just a different point of view... After all I got 32 years with a paranormal and highly sensitive with spirits and intuned with nature and tha elements. Thanks for sharing
Blessed be...
A friend Tj
Date: 2017-02-16
This whole thing from tha story to every thing else is just that funny.
Imagine a man whom calls him self a priest, has tha outfit on and plays tha part, but you find out later he never was a priest just some guy, whom played pretend and wanted to put tha outfit on but what he said made sense and sounded so true, and gaves a true real priest (s) a man of god (s) a bad name, yet you know he was a fake, fluke but yet you pass on his lies...
Lol...i guess every lie has some kind of truth...right.
Zozo lmao...
Ive practiced witchcraft for 27years and been intuned with everything around me since birth, and I can tell you right now that I yet have seen a so called demon, only evil spirits biter about tha living, but can say through my gift/curse I have seen and felt things that was here at tha begining when paganism and shamanism, witchcraft started everything man and women knows and I can say that they have no intentions of doing anything but give enlightenment and its tha evil human spirits whom do 100% everything you see in your t.v...
But hey what do I know, I am just some guy who can see,hear,and speak to tha dead, whom rambles on with a IQ of 160 that feels stupid...
Blessed be... My friends
Comment just made is one and it don't always work, but you pretty much gotta fight tha craft with tha craft, I practice shamanism but witchcraft for 27 years, and first there is no color code no white and black, its just like nature both cruel and loving, there's a fine line between them very fine and easy to cross, to understand one, one must understand tha other,paganism,shamanism,witchcraft etc has and was here before Jewish, Christian and Muslim faiths and every holiday they celebrate is really a pagan, shaman holiday,Christmas,easter,thanksgiving,and most important Halloween but its a very old ancient practice jewish star 6 point was made my Solomon to use as controling tha spirits and don't mean what everyone thinks it does... Point here is not really a fact in history lesson but if you want to know what to do then reseach, read then read more, learn and there is protection spells you can put up in your home or on you, witchcraft just like any other practice it all depends on tha person whom is using it and what they do either to help others or hurt them, spirits can play a big part in which way one gos, but like I said there is a fine line between this good and evil... Or as people say white and black, rules are simple you harm none but do as you will. But we have tha right to defend our selfs only if we was truly wronged and if one don't we can get a back lash from not doing so.
But this is that fine line, bad witches will say oh she looked at me and gave me tha finger, or he spit at tha ground at me, so now ima go in here and send a very dark spell his or her way and let spirits torment them.
And most if not once some spells are cast you can't take them back they will just have to run their course, never mess with ones free will, nor cast a spell on someone with out them knowing and giving permission. Fine lines my friends that cause real time issues in torment,pain, or even death.
So you wanted or needed to know what you can do, its learn and be careful in what you do cause every thing has a price tag and most 3 or 10 fold will come back to you or your loved ones and make you pay a very bad and deadly price...
Knowledge and wisdom start with history and learn... You can look up protection spells, and not just witchcraft but all faiths jewish, Christian and Muslim... Power is tha belief that's what makes most work and keeps you safe,
Blessed be my friends
I agree with some here, I have been dealing with tha other side for almost all my life, I have been practicing witchcraft, and practice not just one but use all, last 2 years I have been more focused on shamanism and all together 26years and nothing anymore suprises me nor can say that's a first, and I am 37 and been sensitive from birth, in my travels before I finally stayed put, I have dealt with a couple like this, and people have to understand that there is many spirits, some need well most need just what was said above that they need something but tha ones whom need something won't hurt you in that sense, but tha ones who want something will and can play off of someone who is already in trouble mentally, or cause mental illnesses, first is this as stated, past history, meaning grandparents,parents,siblings,kids etc what's there mental health, has he ever been on meds, what's his behavior like, what do uou think, how to you think, who brought up tha issue of this first him or you, meaning has he said well someone told me this etc...
I am not a doctor even tho I have many, many years of college under my belt and was going to go to become a Therapist.
But how did he grow up, is he needy, have you ever threatened to leave him if so what happened...
You gotta understand there is so many need to know, want to know things here, but then I have ment people who are just like this that once after a healing has been done, 1 it takes many to do, unless 2 or more shamans,witchcraft,priests etc all come together to do then one time it kills tha issue, then they still need alil help after cause it beats tha body and most importantly tha mind badly, so I wouldn't jump straight to go get meds and it aint spirits, but won't jump to its spirits no need for meds
Then I have ment people who play off of others cause of past issues just with mental healthy, or the use people to get what they want. I can read people to good, one of my gifts/curses and can't be touch cause I see and feel their whole life, or just tha eyes is enough.
If you want my professional point its this...
You gotta fill in tha blanks here, you gotta research find out everything.
And to be very clear to you and all, no matter tha issue it at one point begining or mild or end ALWAYS has something to do with tha other side, if you would take tha time and go visit people in psyc wards and listen to them and truly hear them, people who think out side tha box that deal with tha paranormal will hear things tha doctors don't or wont. But at some point tha damage is done to tha point that either is nothing no one can do and meds pretty much damage what could have been helped or saved.
Spirits of both sides can cause damage and everyones answer is always meds. You gotta ask your self this question for all people, why is it tha in tha past if you said you could see or talk with tha dead, you was labled with a illness and put on heavy meds or locked up?
There is a heavy gray area here that people over look, and with this now its oka to come out and say you are sensitive, or people whom don't know how to ask for help or there mind can't take what's happing cause one to react in away we believe them nutz.
There is no doubt in my mind that good spirits can by mistake cause someone to flip there mind and then not know how to relay that to others and then its off to a looney bin heavily medicated when a good sensitive was lost. Or then you have tha negative spirits just want you to suffer cause they are pissed your well and they aint and bang... Off on a trip one gos.
So its this one can look at somethin one sided, or two sided and pass judgement or one can see all sides and see clearly then ask tha right question to see where someone stands and needs help. Every living person has abilities some to reach that level to use them, some have little abilities, some have great abilities, some have it from birth with little to no help needed, some get it later like a deer caught in headlights and all hell breaks loose... To many sides to not look.
Ive spent my time in tha roughest, hardest must unforgiving places, seen too much, been through to much at 37 years old I can say I feel like 150 and have a IQ at 160 that's true but feel stupid at times. I had to speak my thoughts and knowledge here on this one.
Spirits have a greater rule in this world then one will ever know. So be safe my friends and look there is always a answer and if you don't get one then maybe your not asking tha right questions. So if you need my help look me up and email me I teach also tha craft and got many students and don't mind helping anyone, I willnt intertain any goofy requests or sexual comments and I treat everything with respect and honesty.
Blessed be...
P.s sorry if anything is misspelled typing at a fast rate on my cell phone
Date: 2016-11-09
Yea friendly, because iI practice tha craft, and have for 26 years, and now really shamanism, I use all types and parts of tha craft, or witchcraft to be straight forward.
I teach and help those in need, no matter if its little or big issue's my time and love for all is free, I know both sides black and white, even tho there is no color values just good and evil I harm none but do as I will, one may st understand both to use either, I protect my family and friends, with what I do and me being sensitive I pick up on everything quick, and see,speak,feel,hear all things none living, and I can tell someone about them by one touch from them or looking in there eyes, my family gram,mom,etc will tell you that I ain't a liar nor fake, what I do and who I am is very real, I don't like to be touched nor look to long in someone's eyes... Sighing its like a movie projector, I call it a gift and a curse,I've learned from 26 years of this to work around things and stop something's coming in, this all started when I was born I almost lost my life and had a 50/50 chance of life at 3 days old from what my mother and family said... Funny I was born 2/3/80...3 days from birth right?! Lol my favor number is 13... Add up 2/3/8...never knew it was 13 until about 5 years ago... My grandfather died 2/11/2000 8 days after my birth I knew he was passing 1999 Christmas but that's another story I will tell soon... Well enough about my head truma lol until next time...
If anyone needs me feel free to reach out I will help even just to listen and hear you.
Blessed be... As above, so below...
My phones acting up sorry if something get double published
Date: 2016-11-03
Just to be very clear, that a/c in my window back that hall don't work, there is no air movement at all in that hall way, and no there is nada in that hall way that reflects anything, I took many pictures tha same way same angles, they are there then they ain't, then they are there. Shape-shiftersno my friend that is another storie, another whole new activity but intelligence yes, it ain't a imprint of energy where it repeats its self over and over again with no interaction. Offend me? Nah my friend (s) everyone has there own beliefs and ways of dealing... Mine is just much, much older then most.
When I get time I will start at tha beginning of my life and start to tell every story, and as of being afraid no not all never have been but to say that sometimes I have spirits play tricks on me or lol to say tha least jump out yea they do and it gets me sometimes but I have no fear of tha living nor tha after and I've seen my fair share of things that are older then any belief or religion... If people only knew what is there that you never see, just might make this world a better place... Thanks and glad you enjoyed
Date: 2016-09-26
Are you sure it was him looking for attention...
Makes you wonder... A lot! 😕
Date: 2016-09-21
Late on this but I am a practicing shaman and know all Areas of tha craft been doing it for 26 years... If you still need help email me playnino781 [at]
I can tell you what to do just follow tha steps to tha T!
Date: 2016-09-20
Really later on this but I can't watch tha videos for some reason, look if you ever read this and see my comment please get ahold of me, I practice and know a lot about tha craft or arts, for 26 years and I study shamanism now but still use all other parts of paganism, witchcraft etc and mirrors I know a lot about,I've help many people. If you want to reach me here's my email...playnino781 [at] and if you moved I can bet that things when with you.
For anyone with real issues or need help feel free to contact me, their is NO fee for help.