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My Mom's Reaction To My Experiences And What Happened To Her on 2016-12-26

My mom never believed me when I would talk about hearing voices call out my name when her and my other family members would go out. She would say it was in my head because I was scared of being alone. She also didn't believe me when I came running up from my room in the basement one night because...

12 Years Of Fear on 2016-09-19

When I was around eight, my family moved to into an average house, with three bedrooms, one bath, and a basement. Like most children in a new house, I had trouble sleeping that first night. The next night I seemed more aware of things and heard noises in the vents. This kept happening until one nigh...

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Date: 2017-03-22
To be honest my mom would not let me see the book and I was too afraid to look at it anyway. She left the book and the alter in the crawl space. We haven't lived in the house for 6 years and the home has been vacant all this time. I drive by it sometimes, and I don't like the feelings and memories it brings back.
My 2 younger siblings live with their father's family. I have moved out of my other home now because it still happened there. Before I moved into my newest home, I prayed and had my fellow church members pray that whatever plagued me would leave ne alone. I have been in my new apartment for 6 months without anything happening.
And yes the touches were of a sexual nature. Read my story 12 years of fear to hear about experience in the house. It will explain more on what happened with me while I was living there.
Unfortunately my brother was only a little over a year old when he did that. Sadly my mom passed away before he was two.

As for the alter, my mom left it alone. My step dad had taken my grim reaper candle holder (I had a goth faze) and had a few other candle holders as well. We honestly didn't attempt to touch the book at all. I refused to touch my candle holder after we found it.
Date: 2016-12-26
I have recently started to reconnect with my faith. I am not overly religious, but do pray sometimes. I honestly am kind of afraid to pray because I feel like it will hurt me or my pets. Plus I don't know if I would be doing it right.
Date: 2016-11-12
While at boot camp, nothing happened. After I came home, I was the one who called the cops and had my step dad removed from the home, two weeks after I came home they got into a fight and he started to choke her.

I have been to a doctor and have gotten grief counseling. I've had MRIs and cat scans. Nothing neurological is going on.

The touches and man come back every once and awhile. Some nights my dogs will bark at the closed room down the hall from us at night and then the next morning it will be open. Some nights I have the sense that I'm being watched and I just pull my dogs closer to me. The touches got quite intense recently after my ex boyfriend moved out.