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I am in my late 50's. I've been living in Tennessee for the past 22 years, however I have lived all over the United States from New York to California and several states in between therefore have I have lived in many different homes and have many experiences to write about. I am currently divorced; I have 2 daughters, 3 grandsons and 1 granddaughter and they are my life!

I am a Christian and definitely believe in heaven and hell. I'm not entirely sure about ghost but I do believe in angels and evil spirits, aka. Demons.

I come from a family (from my mother's side) that has that extra sensory gene that most everyone on this site probably has and if you're like me, you probably would prefer to not have it. Lol

I have many experiences I will share with you as I find time to write about them. I would like to add that I have not had experiences in every home I've lived in but there has been more that I have, than not.
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Haunted Road on 2017-08-30

My house was located near an old two lane highway just outside the city limits of a town named Elizabethton. This area was settled in the late 1760's, its historical notability is among the most fascinating in the entire state. Its home of the first permanent settlement outside the original 13 colon...

Two Angels on 2017-03-01

When I was just 15 years old, I met my future husband. It was back in the "hippy" era. My boyfriend/future husband had a reputation of "the Fonz" and dressed like "Billy Joel". He was a supervisor over a group of men, (including my brother) at a state park so my parents were comfortable with letting...

The Southside Haunting Part 2 on 2017-01-23

Those who haven't read "The Southside Home Haunting", may want to go back and read it before reading this one. Things continue to happen so I am putting a date on or near the occurrences the best I can. A little re-cap - We moved in the house the end of March- first of April this past year. Due t...

Unfamiliar Voices And Other Odd Things on 2017-01-03

First of all I thought I submitted this in early December and it was titled "Voices". Since it still hasn't posted, I have remembered more things about the house and added to the story and have resubmitted it under this new name so if you start to read this same story, I apologize for submitting it ...

An Apology From The Dead? on 2016-12-06

One cold winter night around 10:00 pm On December 15th (I will explain later why I remember that date) I was in one of the back bedrooms in my house when I heard that familiar sound of a vehicle hydroplaning and going off the road then the dreadful sound of impact. I was on my cell at the time and t...

The Paw Paw Ghost on 2016-10-19

When I was 8 years old my family moved from California to a very small town in Michigan named Paw Paw. My dad was in management and this was just one of many moves we had to make in order for him to move up that corporate ladder. Paw Paw is located in Southwest Michigan between Kalamazoo and Lake Mi...

The Southside Home Haunting on 2016-10-06

The Southside Home Haunting This past year I inherited my mom and dad's home. My mom passed away suddenly in August of 2014 and my dad passed September of last year. I was to continue living in the home but felt it would be a constant reminder that they were both gone so I decided to sell. Before...

The Unwelcomed Tenants on 2016-10-03

I'd first like to say that I am so excited to have stumbled across this site! Coming from a family who has dealt with these type experiences our whole lives, I am always looking to read others' experiences. For years and still today I feel that this topic is not one that is open for discussion to ev...

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Date: 2017-10-24

Thanks for sharing your experience! I wonder what that was all about? I have had similar experiences myself.

Years ago my husband worked the 10pm to 6am shift at a prison (which he retired from), anyway one night I was home alone and this eerie feeling came over me. I had gone upstairs to send him a message at work. I was sitting at the computer sending him a message when I had a very uncomfortable feeling come over me... I got up to turn the light on because I was feeling like something was watching me. (There was enough light from the computer and desk lamp but I felt uncomfortable so I turned the light on.) This light switch could be turned on from upstairs and downstairs. Anyway, I turned the light on and about 5 minutes later the light shut off. I got back up and turned it back on and it wouldn't come on! I became very afraid and tried calling my husband because at that point, I thought someone could be in the house. I sat on the bed in the guest room and suddenly the light came back on. That house always gave me the creeps because I would hear knocks on the walls.

Anyway, thanks for sharing.

Thank you for sharing! I lost both of my parents just 13 months apart from each other. (It's been about 2 years now since my dad passed.) They were the best parents anyone could ever ask for. A few months after my dad passed, my 2 year old grandson (at the time, he is now 4), would start smiling and waving at the ceiling. When we would ask him who or what was he was waving and smiling at, he would say "Papa!".

Just last week I was laying in my bed missing both my parents but my mom for the most part at that time, I was so sad and missing her words of encouragement or just even her presence and suddenly her perfume began to permeate
My entire bedroom. (My mom and dad had bought it while in France one year and I've never smelled anything like it before or after her passing so I KNEW it was my mom that had come to comfort me while I was feeling so so sad and missing her.)

So yes, I think your loved ones can continue to check up on you!

Date: 2017-10-05

Sounds like a very frighten experience. It would be enough to scar a child for life.

If I heard something telling me to get out over and over again, I would have been walking on air to get to my mom.
Hello Aisyah,

Thank you for your comment. I work in the medical field and I've been told quite a lot that I have a calming spirit. I have a mothering nature for everyone in need. I'm sure that God has used me for this purpose. It was so sad that this happened to this young man... So very sad. I am sure that I was the last voice he heard when leaving this world and I hope I helped him pass peacefully.


Thank you for sharing your experience! WOW! It was like a vortex into another dimension! Was there another funeral going on in that funeral home at the same time as your mom's? If so, maybe the manly ghost was the deceased person who just passed on.

You mentioned upstate New York. I lived in upstate New York for years and that area has a lot of history however I really don't think your experience had anything to do with the history of the land. I believe you happened upon a
Gateway into another realm.

Thank you for sharing!

Sanguirina -

I loved your story! I am also adding this to my favorites and hope you submit more of your experiences. It sounds like you were describing the "Slender Man".

Your grandmother had some wise rules to live by and I think I'm going to tell my grandkids those very same rules!

Date: 2017-09-26

Nice read! Thank you for sharing and keep us up to date on what's going on in the house!

Well first of all, your story was not too long. I enjoyed the read. It also sounds like you had a beautiful home!

I have also experienced very odd things such as doors opening and closing on their own, the sound of someone walking across the floor and even up and down stairs; the radio changing stations, TVs' turning off and on without anyone being near them; my pets being afraid of certain rooms and things being moved around only to find them months or years later in peculiar places so all of what you stated in your story is very familiar to me. I don't know why some people experience things in their life and others don't. Was that the only house you had experiences in? Were you the only one who felt like something was going on in that house or were there other family members that experienced it as well?

I have no answer as to why odd things happen in some homes and not in others or to some people and not others, I just know that they absolutely do happen and it's good to know that others have experienced the very same things I have.

Date: 2017-09-25

I have also heard of doing that. I'm wondering now how much my family could have avoided if we had been removing our shoes and washing our feet after coming home all those years. I would be willing to do this but I doubt that anyone else in my home would. 😉
Date: 2017-09-20

Thank you for your thoughts! Very interesting theory and I will look up Gadinka when I get off this site. I don't know what the thing on the road was that my son-n-law saw or the wolf like thing that ran out in front of me or the tall figure standing outside my daughter's bedroom window but I know they weren't anything of the natural world. This world is very strange. I don't understand how some people cam go their entire lifetime without experiencing anything at all yet others have witnessed seeing so many. I think I'd rather NOT see things than see them. Lol
Date: 2017-09-04

Please share more of your experiences! I plan on printing your story off and mailing it to a family member who doesn't have access to the internet right now (with your permission). We have had many paranormal experiences in our family and I have written a few and uploaded them here on YGS.

I will be looking forward to reading more of your experiences and marking this one as a favorite!

My advice to you is pray. This spirit that was standing in your living room saying "Help me mamma" was not your sweet little Maggie. Maggie is in heaven with God. My guess is that it is a malevolent spirit. I am curious to know how your Maggie passed, what took her life... This would be a definite concern of mine for the safety of your baby. Again, your answer is prayer. Pray for God to surround your baby, and the rest of your family with a hedge of protection against all forces of evil.

Good luck
Date: 2017-09-04
Hello Melda, Thank you for your thoughts on this. Yes, I agree with you regarding ghosts verses this type thing. The wolf on its hind legs was somewhat transparent but very real and went right through my vehicle. I was afraid that it was still in there with me and my dog. It scared me enough that I will never drive that road at night again and I will never forget it. However what my son-n-law described, was not at all transparent and very real but no explanation of what it was either. I do know he was telling me the truth due to his pale face and shaking. I don't know what that was either but after reading Roylnx post, I think he may be on to something regarding the "elemental spirits and maybe Zaruje's idea about the slender man is accurate. We will probably never know what these things were but I really rather just have to deal with things that go "bump" in the night
Date: 2017-09-04

Thank you for your thoughts as well. I haven't read about "Elemental Spirits" but this is certainly something to consider. After reading your comments, I looked up Navajo Legends and it took me to "Skinwalker". Is this what you are referring to? I'm going to read more about this and the little I read, this possibly sounds like what my son-n-law saw and what I saw.

Thanks again!
Date: 2017-09-04
Zaruje, thanks for your comment. Back when this happened I had never heard of the "Slender Man", but that is an idea. I thought the slender man was an actual skinny man with a top hat. This looked like something made up of tree... Or something... We will never know if it was our imagination or if something like that really exists. I hope to never look out a window and see anything resembling that again and have to question what I'm seeing. We have moved across town about 4 miles from that old house which I still own and rent out and as I mentioned before, I will not drive down that road at night ever again.
Date: 2017-04-04
Hello Whitelightlady,

Very interesting and freaky experiences. I always associate that amount of flies with demonic entities. Really creepy.

When your daughter said she saw the man go into her bathroom, did you not get up and check your son? I think I would have brought him in your bedroom to sleep.

I would love to hear your other experiences. You should look up my experiences and read the one entitled "The Unwelcomed Tenants" You will know why I asked you to read it.

Thanks for the read, and it was not too long at all.


Very interesting experiences! How many years ago did this happen? Both occurrences are definitely ones to remember.

Have you had any other paranormal experiences since then?
Date: 2017-04-04

Geez, that is very unsettling. Do you remember feeling anything watching you or like something wasn't quite right? I am sure it came home with you.

I'm glad you haven't had any problems since but if it starts again, I would definitely have the house blessed.

Thanks for sharing.

Hello Hazibby,

That would have been a very creepy experience. If that had happened to me, I'm quite certain I would have been the door down!

I'm curious to read any other experiences you may have had. That would most likely have scared me for life.

Thanks for the read!
Date: 2017-03-20
Hello Sherm784

Thank you for sharing... I believe 100% that the sun coming out and the temp raising 20 degrees while this church event was going on was no coincidence.

I have read hundreds of testimonies and have a few myself that make me a true believer.

Nice read, thanks again for sharing.