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Am I Possessed By A Demon Or Some Other Supernatural Entity? on 2016-10-12

For the past year or so I haven't quite felt like my usual self, I used to bathe daily, I used to put on my seat belt all the time, I used to be happy and easy going, and I used to go to bed regularly, and I used to be fairly weak. Now I cringe at the thought of a shower, I don't feel the need for a...

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[at] RCRuskin Ignore that comment, the name glitched (somehow) and displayed your name instead of AugustaM's.
Thank you all for your insight into this matter, I have taken it all into deep consideration, and have decided against mental help for fear of being locked up in an insane asylum. I'm currently thinking of new ways to address this problem.

Sincerely, Kyle.
[at] RCRuskin The only reason I haven't replied to anyone "thus far" is because I had no means of doing so with a broken phone and no PC until now. My apologies for not replying to anyone.