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My mother tells me stories about when I was young and would lay on my back with my legs crossed and talked to things on the ceiling. She said she would ask what I was talking to and I would say nothing, but I'm not so sure it was nothing. I have had many strange things happen. I have always loved scary stories, be it a movie or a book.
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A Toying Entity on 2016-10-12

When I turned 14 I had two of my closest friends stay over night at my mother's house for my birthday. We watched horror movies of course because those were my favorite kinds of movies, and we had a game called nightmare that we played, and my cake was Nightmare Before Christmas themed. We were all ...

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Date: 2016-10-12
How often does this happen to you?
I don't know of many priests who wouldn't take something so spiritually damaging seriously. I think it wouldn't hurt to ask, and I feel Catholics are more into entities and possible exorcisms. I was raised Baptist and most Baptist priests feel that entities are a sign that something isn't right with you and god (I don't believe this I have stopped going since I was old enough to choose)
Just my opinion, I don't think anyone but you would be able to tell if it was a paranormal encounter, none of us were there, and really I think that the people commenting before offering the absolute statement "it was paranormal" don't really know because it takes more than feeling a push and having a pain in your back to have an absolute answer on whether it was or was not an entity. With an entity having to draw so much energy to be able to perform a physical task usually people would feel a sort of emotional change, like a heavy feeling, or a peppy feeling. And its because you say you didn't feel anything afterwards except maybe confused that I would not think anything else of It.
Also, where do you think they drew the energy to do that from? If it were the lights they would have been dimmed, if it were you or your friends whoever it was would know something wasn't right with their body. Just a thought I would like to know more detail of this incident so I can help you