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Shadows At My Parent's House on 2016-10-17

I am not quite sure if I completely believe ghosts exist or not. Or better said: whether they exist or not, both ways scare me, so I try not to think about it. I came on this site really by accident, and started reading some stories. But because of these stories, I started thinking back to my youth ...

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Date: 2017-01-04
Hi Lulu,

Liked your story!

I can't say anything about those BEP's, except that there is also a theory that they would come from/live in Hollow Earth. Does Hollow Earth really exist or not? I have no idea, but I do think it can be. I don't know much about this Hollow Earth, but I am planning on watching a documentary about it with my boyfriend. The only thing I can say about Hollow Earth (for the moment) is that the entrance is the hole in the North Pole (there really is a hole where the water falls down, there is real evidence from), and that there are rumors that (not so) great leaders had some kind of help from them or something. Or they had guards there, I'm not sure, I have to watch the documentary first:-) But again, I have no idea whether all this is true or not.
I'm going to watch that documentary anyways, I am intrigued in it (as in all complot theories:-D)
Date: 2016-12-19
Fascinating story! Creepy though! I just wanted to add something about the winter months that is not clear here, that can be in advantage of Maggie:-) I am from Belgium, winter starts 21 dec. So Fall (or Automn) starts 21 sept. But from the moment it's getting colder in Oct-Nov, we talk about Winter already. I don't know if it is the case in India though, just thought to add this remark:-)
Hey Biblio,

No, it wasn't the Moonlight Sonata. I never heard it anywhere else. I'm just not sure anymore when I heard it the second time, whether I still lived with my parents or not. I think I didn't live there anymore, because I remember me telling it to my mom sitting at the kitchen table, what I only started to do when I moved out. Before that, I only used the kitchen table to eat:-)
The music sounded a bit creepy, because of the half notes (#-b), but it was nice actually. It was always the same, but never out of tone. And to do for half an hour, always the same 3 notes, it's not easy to don't have 1 false note in there. At least for me, to concentrate so long on only 3 notes, is hard. And on a violin, if your finger is 0,5mm too high/low, you hear it...

The watched feeling was especially in our hallway, and of course the staircase to my old room, allthough that was more a feeling like I was being followed, and probably because of that feeling, I felt like running. Because I had in my mind that someone was right behind me and he would grab me. The rest of the house, especially the living room, there I saw shadows and the little boy. And yes, the boy was kind of cute actually:-D

And who knows, maybe one day I will hear the violin again, I certainly hope so!
How I remember it, the boy was just hiding like he was eardropping and looking at us. It was kind of cute if I think back at it
Good morning Randy.
Thank you!
Well, to be honest, I went to my parents several times in the meantime, but nothing to see...
Date: 2016-11-16
Hey Tweed,

Thanks for the fast reply!
Ja that's what I thought... I asked because where I live (or nearby) there is no shop like that. OK, I will come across one once, I will look for it!
I don't think I'm a sensitive, I saw some things when I still lived with my parents, but after that not anymore. Not that I'm aware of anyway. I don't even see anything anymore at my parent's place, except that typical feeling when I go to my old room. So I think I kind of "grew out of it". But still...:-)
I should visit my violin teacher once! He was into Tarot cards and he layed a few times his cards for me when I went through a difficult period. I stopped playing 2 years ago, so I don't see him anymore, but I really should! And I probably will!

Thanks again!
Date: 2016-11-16
Hello Tweed,

This is a late reply on your story, but I just read it now:-)

Really liked your story, and your comments on other stories too btw!

I've been reading on this site for some time now, wrote my own experiences (if it weren't any mind tricks), but not sure it will get posted, it's not a nice story to read because I don't remember everything good and everything is a bit smashed together let's say:-)

But Tarot cards have always interested me and I would really like to learn how to use & read them properly! I'm going to check around on internet one of these days for that though! But I keep delaying this search... I am searching already to find a Tarot deck. But can I ask you a stupid question please? Can I buy a deck on a simple webshop...? Those shops always seem like commercial sh*t, and don't attract me to buy one. I don't know why, but I think they are just sold for commercial intentions and that they won't work as they should be working. (Please tell me I'm wrong!:-) ) The reason I ask you, is because I am actually the only one in my surroundings that is interested in these things, so I don't have anyone I can ask. It's really a stupid question though, I know!:-D
But, I have to say, I never thought about looking it up on internet... 😳 Actually, while writing this, I was (finally) thinking I should just google it!

Anyways, I do look forward to your reply, whether I found it on internet or not. I prefer the experience from someone real over what internet tells me:-)

Have a nice evening!