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He Was A Ghost, At First on 2017-01-02

When I was around seven or eight I saw a ghost in an underpass while in London with my mum. Since that day I have come across something which makes me wonder the true nature of what I saw. I'm no longer sure that he was a ghost, it's possible he was 'something else', I'll explain... Firstly for t...

The Ghosts Of Number 11 on 2016-12-26

When I was about 10 me and my family moved into a new house, number 11. We lived in the town of Brentwood in the UK. It was the nicest town I've ever known. And number 11 will always be the place I remember as home. From the start it was obvious that the place was already occupied, heavily. Simply p...

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Date: 2017-09-01
[at] PirateQueen
Aw that's ok. Just go to my profile for my email address and give me a shout lol 😊
Date: 2017-05-19
PirateQueen sorry I've only just seen this comment. Well sure you can! And let me know when you do use it and your channel name id love to watch haha i'm a big fan of paranormal storytimes:)
Date: 2017-01-01 seems I can't spell EVEN though I previewed my comment. Lol I meant 'interesting'.
Apologies...I will now go to bed as I clearly shouldn't be awake right now haha.
Date: 2017-01-01
Bibliothecarius hello... Thanks for reading and commenting (and thanks to all others)

It's really interesring to hear what happened to your mother's friend, thanks for sharing that. I love reading about those kind of accounts... The scary stuff is always interesting but it's nice to read, well...nice...stories from time to time lol. Whatever was with her did a pretty good deed that night. She must have been relieved as well after being so on edge around those people. Glad she got home safely.

I'm so glad you know the latch I did my best to describe lol I didn't know if anyone would understand what I meant 😆 I myself have only ever seen that kind of latch once (on the door in the story) I don't think they are very common usually. I'm very sorry to hear about your grandfather's sister...that's horrible.
Those kinds of latches would be useful on all bathroom doors really. Too many accidents can happen in bathrooms.

I will go and google 'saturday night fever' haha and thanks for the additional information 😊

The droplets that appeared in the doorway/s were always the same size ie one or two were not bigger than the third or smaller than, and on every separate occassion they were no bigger or smaller than I'd ever seen before. Their size shape and colour remained the same each and every time. They appeared in any doorway/frame (each one with a door attached just left open as we didn't really close doors except bedroom doors at night while we slept) within a home excluding doorways leading to outside ie front door and back door. And as described they looked like droplets of mist. They had a level of solidity to them as you couldn't see straight through them etc but they weren't whole (I'm aware my description here isn't brilliant lol sorry). They would fall and always disappear midway at (from what I could tell) the exact same spot each and every time. And they would fall quickly... But obviously not so quickly that you couldn't be sure about what you'd seen. I am the only one in my family that would see these misty drops. It was like droplet groundhog day lol the phenomenon never changed or altered in any way. It would happen exactly as it happened before. Hope you can make sense out of my answers (I'm kind of up passed my bedtime here haha I know...'excuses, excuses') 😆
Date: 2017-01-01
Hi Jessicqqqq 😊

It's good they are still there to keep everyone company, including your living cats lol 'oddly adorable' I like that haha yeah ours was too. I loved knowing he/she was around.

Hmmm...the old man, well as I said he didn't look too happy lol poor bloke. We were three or four (I really can't rememeber who exactly was over that day) pre-teens left without adult supervision. I can't rememeber if we were making a whole lot of noise out there, but I guess it's likely, probably what brought him to the window to glare at us like he did haha older people tend to like quiet I think so we probably disturbed him a tad. Oops... Kids eh?
Date: 2016-12-29
Hi Tweed,

I'm glad you enjoyed and thanks for reading. Yes, the doorway mist doesn't seem to appear anywhere else on the internet as far as I can tell. I have searched in vain lol but hopefully some day I might get an answer. It's possible that I was being punished haha (though I really didn't learn my lesson and continued to bunk school, just never in the 'den' after that) I've heard all kinds of stories too about people being locked in cupboards etc not nice at all... I really don't know what the motive behind this was for sure, if it was the same 'spirit' that haunted the upstairs hallway then I'd say 'he' did it simply because he was a bad entity and enjoyed causing fear etc. The man at the window was elderly and from what I can remember of the stair man (or men) is he was definitely not elderly. I can't say exactly how old he appeared as it was a long time ago but he definitely wasn't the age of the fellow we saw at the window. Although after what Manafon has just explained I guess it's possible that the man on the stairs and old man are one and the same... Just showing himself at different ages? I guess it's a possibility.

Hi Manafon... Thanks for that information, I honestly never thought it would be possible for a ghost/spirit to appear in different clothing. I guess it's a common assumption that a ghost can only appear in the particular clothes they died or were buried in. In light of this I'd say that the 'two' men I'd seen on the stairs were probably the same man. He really seems to have liked his suits though. And it sticks out in my mind because I've only ever seen someone wearing a white suit like his to a prom or something (you know the kind?) and they just look odd, to me anyway lol. It really was 'white' as well. Because of this my mum used to like to tell me he may have been a guardian angel... I guess people often associate white with angels? I'm not too sure lol. You've sparked my interest 😊 I will have to try and find some stories to read of ghosts appearing in different clothing and also showing themselves at different ages because I really didn't think it was possible. Though I guess I should have known better seeing as anything is really possible when it comes to the supernatural/paranormal.

Mythem...hello lol yes the cat was really sweet. Always lingering around in the kitchen purring and rubbing against your legs affectionately as cats do. Well we've not lived in the house for years now so perhaps the new owners have done a cleansing on the old place I have no way of knowing. I agree that aggressive ghosts are not a good thing and that whole event for me was a big wake up call, I'd never had something like that happen to me. But avoiding the den thereafter things returned to normal and it was pretty much forgotten about, weirdly... Its strange how that can happen. But once it was over I felt safe and it never gave me another direct reason to fear it, so as you asked... He could simply have done it as a one off to punish me for skipping school 😨 as for the old man and the stair man... It is possible they were the same person showing himself at different ages... I'm not sure lol I've never considered that possibility until today but there is a chance. I'd love to go back there some day and speak to whomever lives there now... But I wouldn't want to freak anyone out 😆