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I Saw A Black Shadow Moving Into The Living Room on 2016-11-22

I can't precisely remember the date it occurred, But I was alone in our house on a summer's night. I was stargazing in our backyard. After that I went back inside the house to my room and had left the door open for some fresh and cool air to come in. After about 3 hours of being in my room I forg...

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Thank you for the replies!

Now, This shadow did not apear to have any features at all. It was just a low black blob moving into the living room.

However, I did not notice anything afterwards realy. It was just that night I ever saw something like that. And it never gave us any trouble. However, my mother and my sister have been seeing a ''man'' standing in the corner at the front door.

My mother has a friend who believes in spirits and paranormal beings, He came over and visited our house. The moment he stept in he said he saw the ''man'' also. But I have never seen it before.

Now it could be that the shadow I saw was this ''man'' exploring the house?:)