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Mother-in-law Talks To Ghosts on 2016-12-06

This situation centers on my mother-in-law, who happens to be Vietnamese. Although it doesn't directly affect me, I might have had an experience that's related to her. Just a brief background on my in-laws. My wife and her family came over from Vietnam in the early 90s. I'm not very close to my m...

Phantom Sounds In The Kitchen on 2016-11-30

This strange incident occurred recently in my current home. I have no way to explain it other than a phantom sound. It was the summer of 2016 and the house was fairly hot. I was having a hard time sleeping in my bedroom, so I decided to go down the hall, to sleep on our couch in the living room i...

Haunted Apartment In Southern California on 2016-11-28

This series of events happened in Southern California between 2000 and 2003. During that time my wife and I were living in an apartment building, while she was going to medical school. As I reflect back on my time in that apartment, I firmly believe that it held an otherworldly presence. Whether t...

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Date: 2016-12-20
Hi sheld,

I've heard sounds and voices before. From what you said, it sounds like this was fairly innocent. It can be a little unnerving at times, but usually it comes and goes without incident. I've become used to the occasional voice or sound that I can't explain. Usually I just think, oh, it happened again. 😁
Hi OCGirl,

Sounds like you saw a shadow figure of some type. I've seen them before. Like you, I had a strange experience, after my father passed away. I thought I saw a man, who looked my father, standing on a street corner, as my family drove by in a car. Nobody else seemed to notice him except me.

I believe we are susceptible to those types of experiences when someone close to us passes. Maybe we have a greater ability to detect spirits at those times in our lives.
Hi Red-Wolf

I was always taught that Ouija Boards were part of the occult. I've never used one. My wife did once in college. She claimed it answered questions.

My mother-in-law is a strange person in general. She isn't interested in being social, but she likes to talk to spirits. I agree that can be problomatic. I believe it can lead to dark entities harassing you.
Thanks Lady Glow and Tweed,

My father-in-law jokingly says that his wife doesn't like to go out much. She doesn't need the company of other people, because she talks to those who've passed.

I didn't know what to make of it at first. I grew up in a Christian home and the teaching there was, talking to spirits was considered part of the occult. And we weren't supposed to dabble in the occult. But I've come to realize now that not all cultures view life the same way.

Besides that, I occassionally come across paranormal phenomena myself, so I know there's more going on around us than just the physical world.

I have not seen her neighbor again. But I always wonder if I will come across somebody I don't know, when I visit her place. Maybe her property attracts people who have a need to speak to the living. I imagine it can be frustrating if you want to talk to someone, but they can't see or hear you. You might seek out somebody who can.
Hi Curly,

I have tried to notice if more sounds come from the kitchen. I don't often sleep out on the couch. But my thinking is, having the dog in the kitchen might deter more activity. I can't say 100% for sure though.
Hi Argette,

Yes, just once recently. I didn't hear any of the sounds like I did that night. Of course, I have the new dog now. I think he would detect anything before I did.

I don't know if pets can be good guards against unwanted visitors, both alive and dead, but he barks at people who walk up to the door.

The old dog had to be let go primarily because of her nipping. She nipped my son once as he was trying to hop a short fence in our backyard. Six weeks later she nipped him again, causing him to bleed. That was the main reason we let her go to the other family.

As far as I know, they had a large property that she roamed around on. She was also a runner. She ran away one day and was picked up by someone who brought her to animal control. If pets can come back, I guess maybe it could have been her. If I ever hear the sounds again, I will force myself to look.
Hi Manafon,

For some reason. I felt compelled not to look. I'm not really sure why. But I know it was nobody in my family, as they would have to walk past me to get back down the hall.

There have been a few other occasions in my life where I've heard unexplained sounds. But nothing quite like that. We have since added a dog to our family. He sleeps in the kitchen. I imagine he would detect the presence of anything out of the ordinary, as he often barks at people when they come to the front door.

Although, now that we're talking about this. I don't know if pets can return to places they once lived in. We had another dog earlier in the year. We gave her to another family, as she barked too often and had a bad habit of nipping visitors. She was IDed and micro chipped.

One day we received a call that she had gotten loose. We were called because her micro chip had our info. I told the animal control facility that she was no longer our dog and that I would notify her new owners. But basically a note from the facility said she would be put up for adoption or put to sleep, if she was never picked up. I don't think she was claimed by the new family. If she had been put to sleep, do you think it's possible a pet's spirit could return, causing phantom sounds? She often ate left overs if they fell on the ground. I'm just wondering now, because I never considered that until now.
Hi lady-glow,

I don't know. But that was a weird one. I avoided telling my family about it because I was going to be going out of town soon with my kids. My wife was going to be home alone for a few days. She doesn't really like it when I talk about strange occurrences like that. I guess it makes her uncomfortable.
Hi Alisha,

Your experience reminds me of what happens when people are stuck in form of spiritual war fare. It can happen when we are in a depressed state. Something similar happened to me when I was younger. I felt like there was a presence in my room sometimes. One time I heard whispering. Another time I felt like there was pressure on my chest, like something was trying to get control of me. It was creepy. But I managed to see it for what it was and got it to stop.

I think an evil spirit was messing with you. In my case, praying helped and the harassment ended.
Thanks, Wish-Not

I actually have had other experiences besides the ones at this apartment. Most of them were minor. But whenever they happen now, I just chalk them up as another paranormoral experience. I don't actively seek them out. But for some reason, I witness them from time to time. Most of them don't bother me.

I would say that particular apartment had two switches. A good switch and a bad switch. I never knew which one I was going to get.
Thanks lady glow.

I didn't know much about the area at the time. But the location was Pomona CA. I do know that Pomona was strongly considered by Walt Disney when he was looking for a place to build Disneyland. But the people living there denied it at the time. They thought it would bring in too much unwanted traffic.

The apartment complex was also close to Route 66.

There were native Americans living around the area before European settlers arrived.

As far as tragedies go, I could never find one specific to the apartment. But my thought was, maybe some of the activity was by people who lived there in the past. They simply returned to a familiar place.

One tragedy did occur while we were living there though. The complex caught fire. Several units were damaged. Nobody died as far as I know.

Interestingly, my wife had a friend going to medical school with her. She also lived at the apartment. She had to leave school due to personal reasons. This happened before the fire broke out, so she had already moved away. But the apartment she was living in was one of the units that was damaged by the fire. That was a bit eerie.

Beyond that, I worked swing shift during those years. So I usually got home around midnight. I often stayed up late to unwind for awhile. I actually hurt my foot once, after one of the night terrors and stubbed my toe. I was in pain for several weeks.

I also heard sounds occassionally. Mostly at night. But during the day too.

The lady looked like she was wearing either a dress or a night gown. Her hair was dark like my wife's. When she spoke, it wasn't sinister. It was a friendly tone. I just couldn't understand her. Although her pitch was strange. Kind of high. I thought it was creepy at the time.