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Ghost In The Woods And My Room on 2016-11-28

Me and my twin sister decided to go on a ghost hunt in Lee woods which is in Bristol. We went at night and took our Ouija board. We went into the woods and found a place to sit, we started to use the board. We got an immediate response and we started to talk to someone. As we started to speak, I ...

Ouija Board Demon on 2016-11-28

Hey everyone this is my first story. All my life I've always been impartial to ghosts and I have had a couple of weird experiences. So, I grew up in Bristol in the United Kingdom. My twin sister is a wiccan and we both have experienced ghosts etc. When we turned about 16/17 we both started going ...

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For starters, I didn't intend to summon a dark spirit. It wasn't until after we started to talking to it that I sensed and felt it's engery. Secondly, I put it down to my imagination because at the time, I was skeptical. I know the human mind can play tricks. So I wasn't sure if it had actually happened, until my sister confirmed it. And I didn't freak out after the ouija board, I know what had happened. I just wanted to post my experience on the board