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I have been dealing with experiences with the paranormal since I was about 3... I am a spiritual medium (believe it or not). Lately things have been amping up again, so I thought I would FINALLY share my thoughts and stories from the first experience until now.
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And So It Goes On Continued on 2016-11-29

So, after my mom, brother and sister moved up north I went and lived with my other brother and our dad. It was located in a neighbourhood that was built in 1948 and has been known to be the first project in North America. Anyway we lived on the 13th floor (yes there was a 13th floor) and everything ...

And So It Goes On on 2016-11-29

If you haven't read my first story please do, as this is a continuation. So, as I stated in the first story we lived in this building and after mine and my mom's experience with the shadow man things only seemed to get more intense. In this story I will combine all the things that happened until we ...

My First Experience With The Paranormal on 2016-11-29

This building we lived in is OLD and was built (after I researched and found out) on an old huge mansion and a park was there before the mansion. The funny thing is I now live in this building again with my fiance and my mom lives a couple floors down as well. My great-grandma lived two buildings ov...

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I remember the day like it was yesterday, it was a regular sunny day there were no clouds in the sky (I remember this because before I went to play we were on the balcony looking at the balloons at the used car lot across the street) My mom also remembers it being a normal sunny day also...
It was already a sunny day, so I mean that the sun got 10 times brighter, literally. It was like the shadow used the suns power to manifest itself. I was on the ground, I'm glad you liked it there will definitely be more.:)