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Best Hug Ever on 2017-10-09

I never had the chance to meet my grandfather on my father's side of the family. He died when my father was 12. However, he was somewhat of a legend in my family, especially to me. My advanced apologies for the upcoming lengthy background on my grandfather, but I feel it's important to share it ...

The Voices That Saved My Life on 2017-08-01

Prior to the following experience, I wouldn't hesitate to blame some doofus move on my part on the "voices" I hear in my head. "The voices made me do it!" That was such a funny thing to say. Little did I know or understand back then that the voices you have "in your head" can actually be a real thin...

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I agree with Augusta on all points. You should trust your instincts on this. If you think and feel that it was your friend giving you a sign, then trust that it was. It sounds like his personality based on what you shared. Also, praying or talking to your friend is a healthy thing to do. It helps with the grieving process and provides some comfort as you deal with the loss. I talk to my departed loved ones on a daily basis and they sometimes respond in a way that is meaningful to me, just as your fun-spirited friend did for you. Thanks for sharing!
Hi All--Thank you so much for commenting!

Manafon--Funny you should bring up the point about whether the precaution/instructions were for the deer in addition to me. That thought did cross my mind after posting the story. I am with you that it was probably both! Also funny is how the Native American chant I was listening to always stands out when I think of this situation. I hadn't listened to anything like that before and I fell in love with the music after. Good for the soul! One of my favorite albums is Scott Fitzgerald's "All One Tribe." I bought it a year or so after the "voices" came into my life (and all I listened to back then was pop music). Something about the music just resonates with me. Thanks for giving me an additional perspective to consider!

DarkStar--Yes, repeated statements from disembodied voices is something difficult to ignore! I still look back on it with bewilderment. Even though I believe in the spirit world and all the fun and sometimes scary things that can happen, I am still amazed by it. Thanks for commenting!

Valkricry--The multiple voices in unison still baffles me. Makes me wonder if multiple voices only show up for me in very dangerous situations (or they need to yell at me like that because of my thick skull). It happened one other time in a serious situation. Outside of that, I am the crazy person that hears one disembodied voice at a time.:-)

DandK--Thank you so much for sharing your story. I know it was a long time ago, but I am so sorry about your grandmother. Loss is so difficult, especially when it is unexpected. I am happy to hear that your regret has turned into compassion. It is a shock to hear a disembodied voice in your head (or around you) for the first time. What do you have to compare it to, really? I listened to the voices because I was scared out of my mind, not because I thought I was in danger of hitting deer. I think as we get older, it becomes easier to follow our intuition and pay attention to the inner voices (whether they belong to us or not). We are so distracted when we are young! Thanks again for sharing!

Wish-Not--I totally understand the "fright" factor! I have to literally sit on myself when strange things happen. My first reaction is that I want to RUN like the wind or close my eyes and just wish it away. My heart ends up in my throat and beats faster than Alex Van Halen doing his amazing drum solo during a Van Halen concert (during the 80s... Totally dating myself here). It's just recently that I am more comfortable in finding my voice and talking back to those I don't see. I am having much more fun with it now, but I still freak out inside. I find that breathing helps! LOL Also, I wanted to point out that I live in Texas now. As this was my first story submission, I was a little confused on what to choose location-wise with the "location of the story" option when I submitted it. I may have misunderstood, but chose Missouri because that's where it took place. But, Kansas City is my hometown! Go ROYALS! Like you said, the deer are everywhere. I hate driving late at night there during the fall. It gets dangerous. BTW--Arkansas is such a cool place! I have a lot of friends who dig for crystals there.:-) Thank you so much for the warm welcome!

Tace--Thank you for your kind words. Yes, it is such a good thing to have guardian angels. I wonder what my life would have turned out to be without them keeping me out of trouble!

Many thanks again to all for the comments! I joined YGS last December when I was recovering from foot surgery. I had some time to read many of your stories and previous comments. Your contributions helped me feel a little more comfortable in my own skin (and provided some smart entertainment at times--there are some amazing personalities on here!). Thank you for sticking your necks out there. It helps the rest of us.:-)
Thanks so much Miracles! So true about the perplexity of hearing voices without seeing the people they are attached to. Major head-scratcher (and frightening when you are not used to such things)! Thankfully they patiently and emphatically got through to me. I am still impressed by the willful nature of my youth.:-)

I appreciate your comments. This unnerving experience turned out to be so meaningful in my life, even today.