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Ghosts I Believe I Saw As A Child on 2017-03-27

I am going to start with my childhood encounters. When I was young, I used to go to my dad's house on the weekends. He lived way out in the middle of nowhere, outside of a small town (Sheridan, Oregon). The road out to the house was a skinny curvy road. Much of it had no shoulder on one side, just a...

Was He An Angel? on 2016-12-19

I am not sure what I believe in regarding paranormal activity and such, but I do have an open mind and like to do as much research as possible before making any firm decisions. This experience happened in November of 2010, a month after having my youngest. I had just had a procedure, to remove a kid...

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Date: 2017-06-11
After reading your story I got the thought, what if this guy lost everything in his life, financially and/or loved ones, and he just clung to this chair because it was the last of his cherished possessions. If he lost his wife he may very well project love toward your wife and negativity toward you. Of course all of that is just my rambling thoughts that bounce around my head, but maybe this guy isn't so much on the evil side as much but on the hurt/lost side.

I agree with Rook, you should try his cleansing. I wish you the best and I send my love to you and your family. ❤
Caves2016- Just in case, have any gas appliances checked. We had a very small leak in our wall heater, and I would randomly walk through a small patch of the smell, not sure what it was, I was cleaning all the time thinking I must be missing a spot somewhere, or it was in our couch and I was fabrezing it like crazy. Finally I came to the conclusion it was gas and called the gas company out and they found the leak. But in the beginning it didn't exactly smell like gas, maybe because it was small. Just a thought
Date: 2017-06-05
MsTeek- Thank you for responding to my inquiry. 😁
Crazy stuff!
Date: 2017-06-04
MsTeek- Thank you for sharing, I was wondering if you could elaborate on the things that moved right in front of your eyes, very curious.
Thank you- trentinray
Date: 2017-05-29
Do you know what was on the property before the housing estate? My thought was that maybe it was residual, maybe at one time it used to be some type of Irish pub or something of that sort. Thank you for sharing.
Valkicry- Thank you for the info, actually I was also going to add, something along the lines of, the fever being caused more by psychological causes and the belief system. (I was going to use the word physiological, but I don't think that's right) I didn't because I thought that it sounded a little far reaching to say, but maybe not.
Our brains/minds are so amazing and we probably haven't even scratched the surface in knowing what we are capable of.
Thank you for the knowledge 😁
Hello everyone, I just thought I would throw my two cents in. I have noticed quite a few stories that have some sort of almost unbelievable hallucination, or something of the like, and end with "a high fever." It is my personal opinion it is
A. A hereditary trait that has been passed along where the host receives hallucinations in response to the virus that is causing fever.
B. A strain of virus that causes the hallucinations prior to the fever.
C. The poster was already running a fever and either not realizing it or chose to leave it out, and the hallucination was simple fever related.
I have come to this way of thinking because I have read so many stories that go about this same way, and they always end with a high fever.
So that was my two cents, sorry if nobody wanted them, lOl I just give them out all over the place. 😁
Date: 2017-05-23
Great story, thank you for sharing. I think I would be too scared to stay there after the stroller was moved. I'm glad it never did any real harm, just annoyances. I probably would have broken out the recorder and tried to get some evps or set up a video camera to see it in action, especially with the kitchen cabinets. 😁
Thanks for sharing and welcome to YGS
Raveyhope- I have seen similar fog like yours. We had an old field in our town, it used to be a football field. I have seen it covered in a fog a few times, no where else just the field. I don't know the science behind it. We also get a pretty awesome fog by the beach that rolls through on some hot sunny days. I don't think I can give it justice by explaining it, but it starts rolling down here and there, through one street but not another, and the way it rolls though is pretty cool to watch. Anyway, thank you for sharing your story. 😁
Argette- Yes, I believe his mom had just re-done the third floor before he moved in.
Fred- I enjoyed your story, thank you for sharing. I think as Argette mentioned the remodeling most likely upset your unknown house guests. I hope everything has went well since then. I take it your mother didn't open the door in the floor, I am curious as to what was down there!
Date: 2017-05-15
My husband is from Mill Valley, I have heard a lot of crazy stories about the place. I can't wait to show him your story and see what he says about it. Thank you for sharing I enjoyed reading it. 😁
Date: 2017-05-14
Melda- That is so very sweet! Do you feel Pop was trying to warn you guys about the upcoming change or maybe just let you guys know he was there?
I used to have something similar to you regarding the images. It was a flash in my mind of a picture, I called them Polaroids, it would be of a scene I would see in the future. It felt like it took my breath away but it could just have been the unexpected shock of it that made it feel that way. I don't think I have any psychic ability so I believe that the images were given to me by someone else like guardian angel, or someone of the like.
I enjoyed your story, thank you for sharing.
Date: 2017-05-14
Martin- That's awesome, thank you! It will be good to know the stories missed will just be one click away! 😁
Thank you -trentinray
Date: 2017-05-13
I think everyone missed this story because of the way the site is set up. I think around the time this story was posted there was a large amount of stories posted at once, I remember I was trying to read as much as I could but as soon as a story reaches the bottom of the list on the side "latest hauntings" it's gone to us.
I've tried clicking on "more true stories" but it just lists the same ones under Latest hauntings. So if you miss one you missed it.
I think it would be better if the more true stories link led you to the previous stories after the ones under Latest hauntings.

Sorry for the off topic comment, by the way I completely agree about the stronger psychic bond then we realize. People who experience NDEs often talk about feeling connected to everyone and everything.
Take Care -trentinray
Date: 2017-05-12
Somehow I missed this story, I only saw it because of your comment. Thank you for sharing, although you had me crying pretty good. 😢
I am so sorry for your loss and your pain. I'm sending my love and a hug your way. ❤
I know Peanut just wanted to comfort you and let you know she is okay and always with you.
Best wishes for you -Trentinray
Date: 2017-05-08
Biblio- Could it be something along the way of the images coming from different areas or sources? For instance, the images of the future come more from your spiritual being while the past images are created/provided by, your earthly being (or visa versa) That would make a little sense if they come to you at different states of consciousness.
Just a thought of mine 😁
Date: 2017-05-07
Not that it matters at all, but was the "dawn" dish soap or the sunrise? I loved your experience and had the same question as to if you'd had experiences with her before. Great story!
I just had a thought about the spirits seeing colors or not. What if it is both? A spirit that is stuck here has not been to the other side right? Then there are those spirits of our loved ones that are not stuck but come back to visit or help us out. Maybe one type of spirit sees the world as it was seen in living and the other sees it in the shadowy way.
Example; once you cross over you see the other side in all it's brightness and when returning to our earthly realm looks shadowy in comparison.
Just a thought that popped in my head with the difference of opinions.
That must have been creepy! Valkricry had a story "mirror, mirror" where a mirror smashed, she was sweeping it up and when she came back it was in one piece. It is just so crazy thinking about how spirits can manipulate things.
Shelbyloree- Yeah, you never know I guess. That's cool about your grandparents, but it sure does seem like a lot of work always acting like something your not Lol, but I guess we are all probably guilty of that from time to time 😁
Yeah I don't get doll collectors AT ALL! Why would you want those things in your house, CREEPY! 😨