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My Little Emile, The Ghostly Girlfriend on 2016-12-27

This story takes place a little over a year ago. I was riding on a fascination with ghosts and spirits after playing through a lot of Fatal Frame over the course of two days, and wanted to see if there was anything to actual ghosts. I had never seen, heard, or felt anything paranormal in my life up ...

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Randy, according to the entity itself, it was unable to directly interact with anything in our world, or in it's own part of reality that it was trapped in before, depending on how you interpret it's description of the spirit realm. Giving it a vessel allowed it to collect energy enough to directly manifest without need of numerous spiritual enhancement items.

RedWolf, I didn't say I always knew it was a demon in my response to lady, I said that I believe it to be a demon. This is meant to be read as a current belief that was gained in hindsight, apologizes if that was not clear in the original response.
To all of you questioning the validity of the story due to the Ouija Board, yes, I am aware that it is a very cliche thing to use for fictional stories, but if I have said anything else, it wouldn't be completely true as it is now. I understand your skepticism and encourage you to be, as from a story on the internet, how can you be sure, right? I will maintain my position that my story however is something that did indeed happen.

RedWolf, I am aware of this and I have properly disposed of the doll as of now through burning, burying the ashes, and salting the earth.

Tweed, it may read like that to you, and it can be taken as such, yes, but the main purpose of this story was to merely tell the entire experience, and the religious bit only came up in the beginning for how I managed to stop the spirit.

Lady-glow, It's odd for a physical description, which is why I believe that it was never a human at all.