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Moving Curtains on 2016-12-29

My husband died a couple of years ago, he was particularly close to my now 13 year old daughter. After he died my daughter was in my bed and said she saw the curtains move. I tried to reassure her and told her it was probably because she was tired. About two years later she told me about her curtain...

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Date: 2017-01-03
Thank you Randym and trentinray for your responses. I really appreciate it, as it's not the usual thing to share with friends or family. The children are back at school tomorrow so I will have a quiet morning to myself. I will talk to him then. I've also thought about cleaning just incase, although I'm a bit scared to do it if I'm honest! I'm also thinking about getting an appointment with a respected medium, just to see what she says. I just wish you could pick up a phone and have a conversation with the otherside. I suppose with suicide or any sudden death you never get the chance to say goodbye. I hope Trentinray that you've found your peace, guilt never brings anything positive and I'm sure your son's dad would want nothing but the best for you and his son now. Thanks for all your kind wishes.