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What Happened When My Father Died on 2017-05-19

My father died five months ago from cancer or... From an African medium that I was speaking on the phone. I was telling Faru (that's the name of the African witch) that my father was a neurotic person that made me anxious and sad. In a moment of stress when I had a fight with my father I told Faru t...

Something Behind The Curtain Of My Bedroom on 2016-08-30

A few months ago even before the experience with my own doppelganger (and yes I am still alive), I had sleep paralysis -it was dark of course in my room and I didn't wear my glasses- I could see two hands moving slowly behind the curtain next to the shutters. They were like female hands. I was so af...

My Douple Demon In The Mirror on 2016-06-13

Recently, before three months, I saw my own doppelganger first at the mirror. It was looking like me, same glasses and hair. This night I have done my hair different from usual and I rarely wear my glasses. That night I was looking differently from my everyday look. And I was really in a good mood a...

Nightmare - Incubus on 2008-10-01

What I am going to describe happened 1 or 2 years ago, I don't remember exactly the time cause I was thinking other things and didn't know what this was. I was thinking maybe it was a vivid sexual dream in my sleep. Its about an incubus. I didn't give any focus until now that I am searching it to se...

Sexual Entity on 2008-09-22

Every night when I lay down to sleep I can feel an invisible presence with me, touching me, sometimes it feels like electricity and this ghost or whatever it is, is making love to me. The whole affair started a month ago. From the moment I lay down, this entity starts touching my toe and feet unt...

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your comments helped me a lot, it is true - you all have right. It is guilt and anger.

Melda- faru is a man very dangerous medium from africa that lives in athens greece, I was communicating with him on the phone, we never met in person face to face but he asked me to.

I am so afraid of this man. Every time I spoke to him - the next day I was sick with headache or I was dizzy and I try so much to avoid him.

He is not the only one. There are many africans and advertisments on magazines for zodiac signs.

Last about my breast there are no hair there. I am sure that I pulled the white hair. It wasn't mine.
Date: 2017-05-19
I have a scary house near me. For no reason I would go there to investigate. There are no details in your story about the scary part. Someone must used the house without anyone knowing it.
i think you are not yourself haunted but maybe the house or some spirit entity is playing with you. Cause I know that I am maybe haunted and its very different.
you both have right

My cat started to freak out since I saw the doppelganger, I know this because the cat when she was messaging me she was biting my hand very continiously and making a soung very sadly.

My room is in a mess. I spend some time to clean it but still stay in a mess. I will hear your advice so I can be organised and clean. But next to my house I rent an apartement so I can be alone sometimes and have a place to be with my boyfriend. It needs some things to be complete. I have read my story and it is very difficult to be understood.

So I will be ready to answer to any questions
Date: 2016-07-21
OCGirl I have searced this because it happened to me a few days ago, it is that the loved ones that are dead visit us in our sleep to bring us a message or inform us about something like in your case. In my realistic dream I said my gradmother to go away, I didn't let her speak to me and then thinking about it I thought maybe she visited me because it is my time to die. But I am very young I don't believe this and reading your story helped me a lot. Thank you because now I realised she wanted to tell me something but I didn't let yer.
interesting story, I didn't know someone could do the Ouija Board alone. Good for you to stop it and burn it.

As for the body laying in the bed with you- me too, I had a similar paranormal experience- it was in sleep paralisis and I felt the male entity next to me but with his feet next to my head and his head next to my feet. I can say it mimic one friend of my brother, he looked like this guy I know. The strange thing is that he had his eyes very closed like on purpose. I cannot know what it means
Date: 2016-07-09
welcome to YGS

Have you talked about this with your husband?
How it felt? That presence how it felt? You were sure that at that time it was your husband and then you were surprised!
Date: 2016-07-09
lovely story and touching
Me too, I have two cats now but I have lost my favourite cat five years ago. I was travelling and I had a panic attack -an abulance came to take me to the mental institution -late at night my mother came and the point is that I was out from there but I have lost my black cat. I don't even know what happened to her or where and how she died. I am sure she died now and maybe her spirit visited for sure my others two cats cause they play a game that my father played with the black cat. Its very simple:you throw a small object under the carpet and the cat tries to get it to find it.
thank you for the comments, very helpful information. I also have read the story of abraham lincon about seeing his doppelganger. I am afraid that maybe I have a limited time to live. If anyone wants to communicate with me my email is kat277kara [at]
spiritwaiting what do you mean spirit mimicking my look?why?and what's your belief about doppelganger?

No I didn't break the mirror and thanks for the comments
first don't be afraid, whatever it is it cannot hurt you. Think of me... I have seen my own doppelganger and I am still alive, but these two weeks they were hell
Date: 2016-04-08
angelkiss I am taking pills lyrica 150mg they are very helpful for the pain
Date: 2015-02-07
CountingCoups you can watch Les Revenants the returned
Also,something similar happened to me few years ago. I saw my uncle (the brother of my father) that died from cancer. I was walking on the street and I saw my uncle sitting inside a cafe with other older men drinking their coffee. He was looking at me and I just continued walking, I did't do anything, maybe it was someone else like him. The strange thing is that when he passed away he was deformed by his illness and when I have seen him again after some years he was like alive and well.
Date: 2011-06-20
I wish I could see the shadows more often, too. In the past I had the ligths open when I was sleeping but now I am not afraid of sleep paralisis
Date: 2010-05-14
you are not specific rashidah. You are very general. You don't give details to believe your story. Like what... Did lucifer had horns when he appeared to you? Because his shadow in my wall was with horns! Or did he had a tail? He appeared as a human, as an animal or what?
Date: 2010-05-14
how this started... I was sitting at bed when I felt like I was sitting on a penis. I mean I felt a penis under me. Another night I was ready to sleep on my bed when I felt a hand touching my ass. This is not my fantasy. It is real paranormal activity.
Date: 2010-05-14
Lucifer appeared to me, too. I was 18, I think, 6 or 7 years ago. As a shadow on the wall, in the mirror as a black figure, as a hand taking my bank card and the picture of virgin mary and jesus. Finally, my mother turned into satan. We were siting and talking with my mother when suddenly she tranformed for seconds. I was studying at university so she came and visited me. We slept together at the same bed. But this night, seven years ago, she turned into satan again when I was next to her at the bed. He was really hairy and black. But I felt so comfortable, so I hanged him and slept. Other things happened but they passed years, like strange smells from christian pictures. Now nothing is happening for over two years. Also I want to share another experience with lucifer. He did something in my head. I was thinking his name very strongly and I felt a burning hand entering my head. Like a finger entering my head. I want to say that lucifer is real and I want to ask rashidah how he appears to him. What he looks like.
Date: 2009-03-12
you are lucky you can see the demon or being. I have similar experiences even when I am awake... The only thing I saw was a white being with black clothes. And in the past... One afternoon I was sleeping I woke with a handsome boy with orange-blond hair next to me... And I was paralised... I think its these experiences are real... We just don't know how to explain them with sth sience
your experience with the incubus demon is very beautiful... I believe that these things can happen... Is the paranormal... Difficult for anyone to explain. It happened only one time?why?
Date: 2008-11-23
if you want my site is

I met a boy. I like him so much... He is very real and he is very unreally beautiful... We had sex twice... The first time we went to the college for other reasons so we made love there... It was good...

After that... I could see the energy-light-electricity going out off my body! In frond of him... He didn't say a thing... He must be a suspect... The incubus or an angel... Cause the electricity, I think went inside his body...strange...

Now after I woke from sleep I don't see any electricity-light on me after having sex with him. His name is alexandros... If his telling the truth...

I mention an angel cause something strange happened to me at my house... I m going to write a story when I can. And I found on the net that bioelectricity has to do with angels.