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The Boy Ghost - Can You Give Me A Ride? on 2017-01-16

As a rule, I do not drive at night as I live in South Africa and the crime peaks during the late and early morning hours, especially with regards to car high-jackings and burglaries. However, on this particular night, I was making my way home at around 09:30PM and driving alone. I approached a robot...

The History Of A House Is Not Dead on 2017-01-05

"The past is never dead, it is not even the past." - William Faulkner We used to live in a beautiful house atop a hill where our pool was always warm, day or night because of the open-plan layout of the garden, and it had a beautiful inlet area with deep green creepers, luscious flower beds furni...

A Spiritual Physical Encounter on 2017-01-03

I was in the middle of one of the worst times in my life. I cannot divulge the information as to why, although I know that type of mystery is frustrating and I am sorry. This what I can tell you. I was living in a house with some people in Johannesburg, South Africa and I had a tiff with one of t...

The Haunted House - The Undertaker (and Family Stories) on 2017-01-03

The Haunted House - The Undertaker My story begins in the company house that was consigned to our family by my Father's job in Botswana, Gaborone in the 1990's. I was about 5 years of age when we moved in and about 11 or 12 years old when we left. I say that it was the beginning of the para-expe...

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s3fight4freedom, all of this time and we haven't heard from you? You're really worrying us. My biggest fear is that you succeeded in committing suicide and will never read this post, and my biggest hope is that you've managed to put this all behind you, made some sense of it and managed to find a life you are comfortable / happy living.
I know a lot of time has passed but I would just like to put this post to you:
What happened to you when you were a small child is not your fault. You think and feel like it is, and there is always a reason why you could have managed it better, done something differently or been happier altogether if it never happened. People are flawed, and such is it that Mothers are flawed. It is not an excuse, it is a life rule.
Nobodies life is perfect, in fact, most of the people in the world live in poverty, anguish, undernourishment, bad homes with abuse and unhappy marriages. If you can see what you can possibly do for yourself, in a good way, where it be looking after yourself better, sleeping at a decent hour / getting good rest, and doing something that you've always wanted to do no matter how trivial, you'll see that you can be a better person.

Because of everything that has happened to you, I am going to have to say this *eeek! You are probably going to HAVE to, at least, attend masses or a religion of your choice, once in a while. Try once a week or even twice or week, or once a month but go and sit there and see what this "religion" thing has got going for it. If you don't dig it, you can always go and take up something more fun BUT it must feed your spiritual side, in other words, make you happy.
If you're only reading this now, it's not too late to do what I've said above. And, I hope that you've found a medication that works for you. Don't believe EVERYTHING a Shrink tells you, like if they say, "you're bipolar 1", rather go back and think to yourself, "am I crazy?" You were not crazy all of your life. You passed through school, or your early grades I'm sure.

You did see things but I'm hoping you've found out how much of what you experienced was linked to not having stability or love as a child, and how much of it is linked to nothing at all.

The rest? You'll have to give us a new post before we can help you with anything else you might want to talk about.
Soggy! I really found your story cool and interesting.
The pictures online look creepy, I wouldn't be surprised if there was a ghost or two lurking around that property. At least that is one experience you can put behind you:)

I wish you all the luck in the world! And, I hope you'll come back and tell us more stories, if there are any, in the future.
Crazypiclady! The first thing I would like to do is say thank-you for sharing your story with us.
I do understand why everybody is asking questions about the house and when it had been a funeral home.
It is only natural to assume a funeral home is haunted, but, in actual fact, funeral homes are not strictly or resolutely haunted. Deeper studies into ghosts and hauntings are more currently believed to be related to an object, emotion or person. Were there pictures books or other possessions from the previous owners in the house? Was the house furnished when you purchased it?
As your experiences differ from handprints to moving objects and even, visible black, smokey demon-like characters, it seems that the general area where you lived could have some activity, whether other people reported or not.
You said your Sister was 16 years of age, did she dabble in-or-with anything that she shouldn't have?
Also, peoples emotions play a huge role in what goes on around them. Some people believe that our subconscious has the ability to create supernatural events, like seeing a ghost, or move something with our mind. You had just moved into your new house; were there any big changes that had just happened to you, your sister or in your parents lives? If your family wasn't going through a good time, a lot of what you saw and felt, and even so far as what your sister saw and felt could be related.
Hi triden07 & abbykay_luv! KARMA POINTS FOR EVERYONE!

Nice to have your opinions on this story.

The reason why I did not faint is purely because... I looked at him sitting in my car and, he looked at me, I will be honest, I totally panicked! But, as soon as I had quickly looked to the road and then looked back, he was already gone. Our assembly only lasted about 2 minutes.

Oh, and triden07! I live near Pretoria East, and the corner I am talking about is near a pub named Shivas just off the N1 Highway, Lynwood Offramp. Are you familiar with the place?
Hi aislinggreenan, another important note from me! Before deciding to clear the room of the settled items, especially the religious ones, please do take that trip to choose a religious item that you feel resonates and has meaning to you. You should ALWAYS have something that reminds you that you are safe, and then add a few things to do that make you feel happier as well.
Hi there, everybody! I would like to press-on for further opinions and thoughts about my house as I still don't have nearly enough information to reach a conclusion. If anybody would like to add something, please do so as I check this post almost daily.
Thank-you to all!
Karma points for everybody!
RCRuskin, I can only clarify by saying that it is a four way traffic stop with traffic lights directing the vehicles. To the right is a restaurant, small cafe and next to that is a busy pub / club / snooker place, and a church shortly after that.
The road after the traffic light is a high-way off-ramp, and from the direction I was traveling, there is a nearby school and a massive shopping center in the same direction as, a dodgy part of town.
So, somewhere in between, there are a lot of accidents there, particularly, because of the snooker place though.
Hi Infikiran!

I definitely can relate to your childhood nightmares seeming, really, very more real then they should. Were there any other nightmares that you had that you can remember? Normally, when there is bad energy around us, we process it in different ways, and being a child and that much more susceptible to it, I am wondering if it could have been evident in other dreams?

I definitely get the jeebies from your story!
Hi aislinggreenan! Thank-you for sharing your story with us, and for being so honest about everything. It's really difficult to speak to "normal" people or people who have never experienced this kind of stuff because it sounds like crazy-talk, or they have no idea what to say or do.
You probably have probably had a gift your whole life, a deeper more attentive and persistent sense about the things around you. The strangest thing is a lot of people have this kind of gift, or even a different type of gift like the ability to heal, talk to ghosts, sense if something bad is about to happen or even move things with their mind.
You say the room is full of religious items? Why don't you take them down and polish them, and decide if you'd like to put them back up? And then, go and choose a religious item that you feel connected to? Sometimes, you won't immediately find a bible that you feel resonates with you or a symbol of goodness that for some reason is sentimental to you, but, make sure you keep looking for one and at least, get something new that you like and that you feel has a good, lovely and safe feeling.
Also, if you'd like to, clean out your room and move it around, and think good thoughts as you do it.
One more thing you can do is find a phrase that you believe in, where it be, Christian or Buddhist. If you find yourself under attack, recite the phrase over again and again, and know, you will be protected.

I wish you the best of Luck! And, encourage you to keep writing to - Keep Us Posted!
Date: 2017-01-18
Hi Trumpjr16! That is a very freaky story, and thank-you for sharing your experience with us!

I can definitely relate to how you felt looking down your darkened passage, I often feel it here at home, as well. Although, I have never seen anything quite like you described!

Furthermore, I have an passionate and fervid belief that if you do not have discernment, ANYTHING can appear to you as, well, anything! For example, a demon can look like a child or angel, or an angel can look like... Well, anything!

Good luck! And, please post more stories about your experiences.
Date: 2017-01-18
RCRuskin! Thanks for your post!

I definitely think that your certain intuition, natural sense/s and assertion is an essential goodie in deciding when to deeper explore a person, land or object.

If I break down the word, described as, "ssooollsss" into syllables, would it not be proper to assume the word to be sols, instead of, so-lace? The crux of syllables usefulness and denotation is within the vowel usage.
Google definition: "a unit of pronunciation having one vowel sound, with or without surrounding consonants, forming the whole or a part of a word; for example, there are two syllables in water and three in inferno."

On my last point, I can speak / write for hours, and I apologize because I adhere that it was not your primary proposition to the readers is the "remote viewing" ideation. I have come across articles written on this topic but there was not much feedback or information provided on the subject. May I ask;

1. Is remote viewing as construed in your story the same as, when a person may close their eyes and find this faculty is seeing elsewhere, and is determining a different location or person, which, is not conscious nor premeditated, or, within the vicinity of normal and adequate sight sensory perception?
For example, refer to post by trentinray.
1A. Could you elaborate further on this phenomena or ability, if possible?

2. Is determined by your own sensory-perception which is able to view a location or person which is not in the vicinity of normal and adequate sight sensory perception? (As described in the, "envisioning by consciousness and sensory... Something", post?
Hi GuamGirl671! Thank-you for writing your story for us to read! I read a little bit about Guam and it says that the island was colonized, quote from wikipedia "Guam's history of colonialism is the longest among the Pacific islands."
In countries such as this, and cities, there is often paranormal activity and ghosts. Specifically, when a country had been through several wars, as war-time is a period of loss, disaster and destruction. Many people lose their lives from bloodshed and illness, and many die young. Such is the case whereby a spirit will linger either from confusion or having something they had not yet accomplished in their life.
It must be mystifying, pensive and disconcerting, but, at least the ghosts seem subdued with their own memoirs, and don't interfere too discourteously with the people on the island.
Hi there, Vschultz21! I really dig... Dug your story?!
On your picture, I can't see it very clearly to be fair but, I do see some sort of figure on the left, and the forest seems like it might have some secrets hidden in there!
Can I ask you a few Questions?:

1. You mentioned doing sitdowns at several quite unnerving sites which could have genuine para-activity going on? What were the results from the two sites you mentioned:
A. Mansfield State Prison
B. West VA Prison

2. You said, you felt as though there may be a layer that you could not or were not supposed to cross;
A. Can you elaborate more on these circumstances?
B. Do you ever take a psychic with you?

3. Have you never encountered a spirit or ghost who asked you to leave? Or, to run? Or, said that there was something evil presently residing on the site?

4. Why are you choosing/involving prisons to employ overnight lock downs? A. Is it because you believe the site should, in fact, host larger natural para-activity?
B. Are you searching for 'something' particular?

Thanks for your article! I hope you will give us more feedback in the future!
Date: 2017-01-16
Hi Laura-Teri! Thanks for writing your article.
I cannot imagine how it must feel to be in such an un-explainable and uncomfortable position, and most especially when you can't get answers. I can tell you that I have also lived in a few haunted houses, and what I can sort of see, about your house or ghosts is that they do seem to, at the very least, try and not interfere with you and your family. That is significant because it means that;
1 or 2 of them are stuck or lost:
They do not know where they are or that they have passed so they go about their business as they would if they were alive. However, every now and again, they manage to move something in the house like a door or maybe, an ornament. It's not malicious, maybe they were just going about their day and happened to move something without meaning to.
Yes, alexandrapr369! That is precisely how it is, there are certain animals that can provide us with help and knowledge beyond just our physical world. Your comment definitely made me feel a lot better, thank-you!
RCRuskin, I have just given your comment a karma point!
Thank-you for all of your insight into my experience, and for clearing everything up for me. You have definitely given me new information and additional particulars about an encounter such as this. I will remember all of the points that you supplied for future.
RCRuskin! I am greatly appreciative of all of your thoughts and advice on my experience.
Can I come back to this point because I still don't quite understand what exactly you are trying to characterize:
I am not trying to be oddly uptight or resistive about why you believe Carla had reason to suspect Jeff of domestic abuse. Again, *lol, I had no changes in posture, facial expressions, breath, body odor or bathing routine. In fact, the core regulations of a crisis and trauma halfway house is to monitor your ability to behave like a normal, healthy and productive human being.

Your note on quantum mechanics definitely pose more questions that answers for me. *sigh
Date: 2017-01-13
Hi toosexysof! What a fascinating story. I did a search on coming into contact with ghosts and from what I understand, there are three types of ghosts.
1. A person who passed away suddenly and unexpectedly, for example: a person who stepped on a landmine, suffered an asthma attack or a heart attack or was guillotined. The do not realize they have passed and are wondering the earth trying to understand their affliction.
2. A person who was very attached to a place or routine when they were alive and when they pass, they tend to conduct the same pattern of behavior as when they were alive. For example: If you live in a house whereby, at the same time every night you may hear footsteps, the toilet being flushed or a certain door may be left open or closed.
With what happened to you, I think that he maybe passed suddenly and did not yet process that he was dead. Maybe now, he is finally in a better place, and that is all that we can hope in our hearts for him.
Date: 2017-01-13
Hi DirtCreature! I appreciate your feedback.
Have you heard the debate that atheists have a "God Complex"? A lot of Christianity is based on restriction and bettering yourself and the world around you. Christians are not supposed to steal, fight, drink too much, gamble, glutton, murder or be promiscuous, along with an endless directory of "to do's and not to do's". The idea behind assertively and consistently conducting oneself within a healthy lifestyle is a way of fulfilling ones life with good and decent inclusion.
If you go out every night and indulge in drinking, is it not just that more likely that on one of those occasions, you will have a car accident, or argue with your wife or family? Should you find yourself involved in a car accident whereby you've killed a family, what is the result for your spiritual, emotional and mental wellbeing? Would it not be crushed, desperate and depressed? (Although, I have not experienced it myself, I hear that bad spirits feed off such energy.)
At the end of the day, if you are not practicing a good and decent way of life, you can open doors to spiritual, mental and emotional demise without even realizing it.
The Bible is one of the oldest written books in history, it must serve some purpose, if only to help guide us to a way of living that sustains life.
I am open-minded. I once heard that all religions are comprised of similar guidelines, like all of the spokes leading to the center of a wheel. I do not say, you must be Catholic, Buddhist, Hindu or other.

If you make your own rules in life or if you do not have rules, you are in a way, a God of your own destiny and some people will prefer it that way.
Hi RCRuskin & WillowWaly! Thanks for your responses. So, I totally understand your point/s and have done personal research on body language and the other ways in which we send out signals other than speech, as well as, abusive relationships; the ways in which men and women differ in the 'abuser' role and I have a little bit of medical knowledge too.
Just a few notes and questions:
Question: On your checklist - The symptoms of bruising are indicative of - I suffer/ed none of the mentioned on your list. Can you maybe further elaborate on how the list is pertinent for consideration?
Question: Quote RCRuskin on - A Spiritual Physical Encounter: "I believe one study indicated up to 90% of communication is non-verbal: facial expressions, posture, even bad breath and body odor from not bathing."
A: Neither Jeff or I were experiencing notable changes to our facial expressions, posture, breath, body odor or bathing schedule. How does this play a role in achieving solace about my situation, at that time?
B: Quote RCRuskin on - A Spiritual Physical Encounter: "Carla's concern about domestic violence was probably expressed in this manner, no spiritual force needed to really hit you."
Can you further explain what you think Carla was seeing / experiencing?