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A Way To Meet Your People - Tool/Meditation

I have a meditation that I would like to share with YGS and I hope the people reading and participating will be able to verify how real such an endeavor is. I suggest that everybody take part, even if you are only on the site for ghost hunts, truth and other reasons. Make sure it is quiet when you do it and that you are in the right frame of mind. If you are in a negative frame of mind, it may very well not work. Also, make sure you are in a comfortable position and that you will not be disturbed.

I always start my meditation by seeing a door, opening the door and proceeding down 10 steps. I take note of every detail very carefully, each step its material and the darkness or light around me. Count back from 10 with each step -10 9 8 7 6 5 to 1.

After this, I take time walking around and perceiving my surroundings. Again, detail is critical. If there are any obstacles that unnerve me, I see them/that as a body of light and I push it out of my psychic world. This place is made up largely of you and a bit of the truth/s about life. Continue walking down a path taking note of each cobble step until you reach a environmental landscape. It may be clear, have tall grass or be a dense forest, but, set your marker to keep walking until you reach the end of the field. When you reach the end of the field you will come to a high peak or cliff, below you will be, a river or water. The water separates you from the a new hill; it runs in-between the two cliffs. You cannot climb up or down or swim across. You will see a bridge that you can cross over. As I said the scenery is made up largely of you and a bit of the truth/s about life, so if something changes in your meditation such as, the scenery, weather or other aspects (like in mine, sometimes I don't see any water, just a deep crater/river and the two cliffs separated by a wooden bridge) it's okay for it to be slightly different.

Take note of the details about the bridge, what material is it? How wide is it? How safe is it? Take note of EACH step that you take as you cross. When you get to the other side you will see a hedge of a home or a fence. Follow the hedge or fence until you reach a gate. 0pen the gate and MAKE SURE to close the gate. Walk around studying the house or garden, until, you see a large tree. Under the tree there may be 1 to 5 chairs.

Ideally you should ind someone under the trees. If nobody has come to greet you yet ask out loud or in your mind; for a specific person you would like to see - who has passed or family member.

Note: Remember throughout the meditation - from the start to the end, that you are there to meet a guide. You have a destination!

Just a last note, when you are coming back or finished your experience - Be sure to do everything the same way that you did when you came to the place! If you do not close the gate or do something differently, it can harbor damage.

I hope you will find something in this meditation
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Ghost Stories from KikiGirl

Psychic Circle on 2017-03-06

As you may have read in my story, "The Haunted House - The Undertaker (and Family Stories) ", for a large part of my childhood, I lived in an "actively" haunted house. I describe it as actively haunted because the house itself was teeming with a populous of ghosts, psychic activity and paranormal ac...

Grandmother's Concerns For Her Nieces Well-being on 2017-02-24

I grew up in a Catholic household, although my Grandmother had a few "tricks" up her sleeve regards practicing other religions. I remember that another YGS member described her Grandmother in a similar way to which she added, something to the effect of, "people would often come to consult her for he...

Lost Loved 0nes Or Spirit Guides on 2017-02-09

This experience happened in 2010 when I was 25 years old. My second oldest brother passed away in 2006/02/16 - it is coming up to his anniversary. He was a very handsome, charming and well-built man who everybody took a liking to. He had that sort of personality that he could "dine with Kings or for...

The Architect Who Haunts His Buildings Until Today on 2017-01-18

I had just moved into a new apartment block which was modern with spotless, neat framework and an immaculate garden. My neighbors were pleasant and good-humored young adults and we all bonded very quickly. We had the type of relationship where you can talk about absolutely anything, as bizarre and u...

The Boy Ghost - Can You Give Me A Ride? on 2017-01-16

As a rule, I do not drive at night as I live in South Africa and the crime peaks during the late and early morning hours, especially with regards to car high-jackings and burglaries. However, on this particular night, I was making my way home at around 09:30PM and driving alone. I approached a robot...

The History Of A House Is Not Dead on 2017-01-05

"The past is never dead, it is not even the past." - William Faulkner We used to live in a beautiful house atop a hill where our pool was always warm, day or night because of the open-plan layout of the garden, and it had a beautiful inlet area with deep green creepers, luscious flower beds furni...

A Spiritual Physical Encounter on 2017-01-03

I was in the middle of one of the worst times in my life. I cannot divulge the information as to why, although I know that type of mystery is frustrating and I am sorry. This what I can tell you. I was living in a house with some people in Johannesburg, South Africa and I had a tiff with one of t...

The Haunted House - The Undertaker (and Family Stories) on 2017-01-03

The Haunted House - The Undertaker My story begins in the company house that was consigned to our family by my Father's job in Botswana, Gaborone in the 1990's. I was about 5 years of age when we moved in and about 11 or 12 years old when we left. I say that it was the beginning of the para-expe...

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valkricry, this was a fascinating account of the Christmas Spirit, if I am saying it the right way? I feel a bit embarrassed right now because I have to admit that I have been reading over your 'whopping' 32 stories on YGS over the period of the last 3 weeks or so. I think, I mainly read your experiences because you have a bundle! And, because you are a moderator. Your many accounts sparked my curiosity, (I hope nothing bad became of the cat!).

I wanted to tell you that no more then 15 minutes ago, I read your most recent submission/account "The Last Duet" and as fate will have it or how things turn out, the very last story/experience that I ended up reading is this one - "The Christmas Spirit - My Mother's Story". (Sorry, I wrote the whole title feeling over zealous!) It is just so... Precious? Mysterious? Fascinating... What is the right word? That you happened to publish the story of your songs, as I finished reading all of your accounts, finishing with The Christmas Spirit - My Mother's Story.

I am not sure if this is coincidence? Or a message? Evidence? But, I surely feel blessed, in some way.
Date: 2017-03-26
valkricry, thank-you for sharing your memories with us. I loved this story because it illuminated the happy and somewhat tranquil times in your life. I must say, I was not expecting your two older sisters to give you such a surprising answer as to their concern and inquisitive demeanor while watching you sing.

This is a beautiful story.
Date: 2017-03-26
Elina_ghostly, thank-you for writing up this experience even though, it was your Brothers experience.

Ever since, I started reading peoples experiences on this website; I am beginning to realize how many people have paranormal experiences in India! There is a lot of talk about jinns and curses, and stories about people who encounter a spirit and later, they suffer a very high fever! I was always fascinated by jinns, but, I knew very little about them. As far as I knew, jinns could grant wishes if decided so. However, now I have read more then 10 stories where a person says that they encountered what they thought or other people thought was a jinn and later, the person was very ill or suffered fevers and colds. In other stories, a person is cursed by somebody who maybe, thought the person had wronged them somehow, out of jealousy, failure to pay to family or was a witch and later, the person was ill or suffered misfortune!

I have read about 100 stories on and at least 10 stories were about spirits dressed in white/jinn who run towards a person laughing and later, the person suffered a high fever. That means, 1 out of every 10 people!
SleepyOwl, thanks for telling us your stories!

I really wish that I could hear the story about the little girl from your Grandmother. I have so many questions like;
* Did she really see this little girl and go to her family?
* What did the little girl's family say to your Grandmother? Were they happy that she had come to speak with them? Were they upset, thinking it is impolite to talk about their daughter who has passed-over?
* Did any of the little girls direct family dream about her?
* How did your Grandmother know the little girl? Were they friends?
* Where did they put the box of shoes? Did they do a ceremony? Did they put the shoes somewhere special to the little girl?
* Did something happen so the little girl asked for shoes? Was she buried without shoes? Did something happen?
* Did someone, a priest or something like that tell the parents how to deal with this situation?
* What did the parents say about your Grandmother's last dream where the girl was happy?

The second story, I am also a little bit confused and have questions but again, thank-you for writing up these experiences even if they were not your own experiences. In the second story, the man who was deceased was trying to offer your Aunt money through a dream... So, she could not accept the money in this world, correct?

Sorry for all the questions! Thank-you for keeping to the point and putting in as many details, as you can remember!
Date: 2017-03-20
Rajine, thanks for sharing your experience! I definitely have absolutely no explanation for what you saw! It is so creepy!

Absolutely, I am adding this story to my favorites! It raises so many questions and it is so bizarre! True horror story!
Date: 2017-03-20
Aliviashae, thanks for writing about your experiences at the daycare center.

From what I can gather, you are experiencing some very strange, awkward or odd feelings, at times when you are at the daycare which makes your feel a bit uncomfortable, alert or watchful and maybe involves a little bit of discomfort. You seem to be a person who is usually quite sensitive to out-of-the-ordinary, unearthly or spiritual occurrences.

I feel, for some reason, at this specific moment in time, your sensitivity is heightened, intensified or enhanced. This happens to many people, and it happens for a number of reasons; for example, You are happy working with children and this is an avenue which you have an intuitive understanding of which makes you more receptive to your surroundings, or, you are going through a time in your life whereby your gifts or sensitivity are naturally developing and changing, or, you have been through or are going through a period of time (maybe a big decision or change was involved) which involved a lot of emotional build-up in your life and a change of heart which is sometimes difficult, but, can also be because of a good event ie. News of a baby. The reasons why, a persons sensitivity is heightened is discussed and debated in almost every forum; psychic-forums, astral-forums, paranormal-forums, spiritual-forums and many others too, but, I have never had the luxury of hearing a studied para-psychologist describe in detail the exact reasons for it. So, it is left for you to figure out what brings about this sensitivity and flourishes or amplifies it.

With the above in mind, I can believe that there, may be, something other-worldly going on at the daycare center. I will be honest that the encounters you've mentioned doesn't give us much information to consider and analyze which is why quite a few people choose to keep a journal of events and record everything that happens. Let me give you the more common or well known encounters which you said is happening. Goings-on such as;
A. Feeling eerie and off feelings about a place. Feeling watched or uncomfortable.
B. Feeling that the place has a particular energy, in and of itself that you feel is immediately distinguishable.
C. Hearing noises which seem to be coming from a source or place, but, upon inspection, there is no movement or everything is still in place and a culprit cannot be found. For example. The pantry experience.
D. Seeing the apparition of a person in a room, but, upon investigation of the room, area or place, there is nobody in the room.
E. The Christmas decorations which is activated by movement is a good example of a ghost or spirit (maybe), which does not have the ability to make contact with you or communicate so it does little things every now and again, which is actually quite innocent, and it draws your attention to it. You did say, it could be faulty, but, this is an example of a type of activity which could be investigated to be real, paranormal activity.

You have mentioned several times that you don't feel the encounters are negative or malicious, and this is a good thing, especially, with your sensitivity in mind. Also, I have told YGS members many times and many people agree that your intuition about such matters; spirits, energy, ghosts et cetera can offer you information about what is going on. In a nutshell, what you feel is usually correct. So, I would definitely note what you said when you thought, the ghost or what ever it may be is just lost and confused and longs to do normal tasks like other people.
Hello YGS Members! Hi Santosh! Thank-you for taking the time to review your Mothers encounter and write it up for people to check, analyze and question.

Is it so impossible that an apparition can partake in a conversation or action with a person for second, moment, day or term, period of day? How many accounts are listed on YGS, in which, the apparition appeared in solid form and full colour much like, a human being, while, the apparition seemed oblivious to the human being/s in the vicinity and continued on with the task that interested it? (Note: We can, to a point, exclude residual hauntings). This poses the question, does an apparition need the attention, acknowledgment, engagement or interaction with a human being in order to be fully visible or take solid, human form? No, it appears apparitions can at any time, (with the right conditions), can take and appear in full solid form. So, we have no idea if the station-man apparition appeared in his solid form to other people on different occasions and if, he could only do this at certain times, for example; the early morning hours on particular moon cycles.

If the station-man apparition was to roam the station every year, on that date during those particular hours, we can naturally assume that he would appear in solid-human form for a duration of hours (as this was confirmed as his appearance by Santosh's family). Perhaps, Santosh's Mother's resemblance to his daughter created an interest in communicating with her, as the longing to communicate with our lost, loved ones will naturally be a part of his being departed and unable to see her. In regards to the questions about him departing the train at Dombivali station and then vanishing; his longing to return home, will also naturally be a part of this being an apparition, and confusion which is why he had not yet crossed over.

So, it is not so inconceivable that he appeared in full, solid human form for a duration of hours.

I also think, Manafon1 said it completely 100% correctly when he said, "I think it is very possible that your Mother had a paranormal encounter but in the telling and retelling over the years, it either picked up a lot of embellishments or had a few added in your telling."
Again, I would like to add that it is a possibility she had a paranormal encounter. I can in no way say, she absolutely encountered a ghost.
There are many possibilities in this story to consider, some support that Santosh's Mother did indeed encounter some sort of apparition, ghost or spectre. Other possibilities and questions will discount or oppose the encounter as not being paranormal.

It is very difficult to come to an understanding when the Author did not have the encounter, himself. Simply, because he cannot possible recount all of details accurately and with definite correctness.

One detail that does stand out in my mind is that Mumbai station is not busy around 04:00AM. I live in South Africa, we are also a third-world country. I can tell you that there are people going to work, trucks and other transport operating from 03:30 AM. Living very close to a highway, I have the additional experience to know that it is many people. This is an example of a story-retold and also, a story being told from another persons perspective. There may have been a few people on the train, and perhaps the ghost simply did not touch or bump into them, but, the Author (re) told the story as he understood it to be correct - that there were absolutely no people on the train.
snowflakes211, thank-you for sharing your experiences! Just, hearing your story brought up all kinds of emotions for me, sometimes, I felt bewildered, intrigued, frightened and other times, I felt sad or humored. I just could not help thinking to myself, "how long has it been since you've had a clock-stopping paranormal experience?!" I am not sure, if you will understand the humour? I suppose, it is more of a quirky thought.
Azraa, thank-you for sharing your experience. I hope this is something that becomes easier for you or eventually, ends altogether!

Regards, seeing things while having SP, I just commented on another thread saying, I have seen and experienced the exact same as you during SP. I did not see a cowboy, but, I saw two figures "ghost-like", as well as a shadow. I could not figure out if the two "ghosts" were part of the reasons or 'helping' the shadow to get me or if they were completely separate on their own? Or if they were actually maybe, trying to help me in some way.
Date: 2017-03-10
luckdragon, thank-you for sharing your experiences! Firstly, I am adding your story to my favorites!

Well done for having the back-bone and receptive frame of mind to reach a settlement. It must have taken a lot of fortitude, steadfastness and courage to mitigate and keep up a harmonious relationship with the invisible tenant. Your story reminds us that not all spirits are bad, some are quite willing to work with you and cut you a break if you can do the same.
Twilight1011, thank-you for sharing your story. I wanted to comment on the topic of SP or something paranormal. I have been a little bit psychic, all of my life. When I was really young, between the ages of 2 and 7 years old, my immediate family including my brothers and some of my other relatives would always ask me to wish them luck to gamble or go with them to gamble ie) buy a lotto ticket, scratch a ticket what ever. My Mom is incredibly lucky and I think, I got it that way. In my twenties, I could watch any sports game i.e) soccer, rugby or golf and immediately, foretell the final score or winner. I became so used to it that I would, turn on the tv and see a game on, think to myself "okay, Western Province 3 and UK 15" and fall asleep. The next day, the broadcasting stations and radio would confirm the outcome. I don't want to go into too much detail/s about in which ways, I think, I show psychic ability or anything like that, I would just like to get to the point, but, in order to do so, I need you to understand that I have a "switch" which doesn't always work exactly right (sometimes, I know things nevermind if I wanted to know or flipped the switch, and other times I am psychically dead-as-a-doornail).

Back to SP, in my mid-twenties, I had several bouts of sleep paralysis. My memory is hazy and vague so I don't have a lot of details about each episode on hand. SP is not something I could ignore, as soon as it happened once or twice, I thoroughly went through each aspect of what had happened to me. While reviewing the occurrences, I realized that although I don't see anything when it happened, it doesn't necessarily mean that there is nothing there. So, the very next SP episode when I awoke, unable to move and feeling pinned down, I closed my eyes and 'flipped the switch'. At this point, I saw a large, very large, about the size a small bear, dark entity moving on top of me using whatever means it had to keep me pinned down. It was not very clear and I do not remember what exactly I saw, just, that it confirmed that what I was going through was a spiritual (please excuse the word) or psychic "constraint". Not just, it is a brain chemical which temporarily causes paralysis.
zzsgranny, this was an amazing encounter to share! I haven't heard many EVPs so I my attention was naturally on that aspect. I wanted to note the following on your tracks. My speakers aren't very good, but, this is what I think, I could make out of the EVP recordings:
Note: After all of your recordings end, I keep hearing talking, possibly you guys after the recording ends. Is this normal?! Do other people hear the mumbling and talking, afterwards also?

Http:// - You say, you could hear the word "what". I think, I made out "what are you doing here?"

Https:// - After your question, "are you one of the guards or prisoners?" At 0:44, I hear very quietly "one of the guards, definitely".
And then, at 1:18, I hear the words, "Jacob Mare, hello." I was astounded to hear this as Jacob Mare is/was a street in Pretoria which is very close to the Pretoria Prison. It is well known for policing, criminals, criminal activity, illegal immigrants who dabble in such, and the prison. The street names were recently changed because the names were from pre-democratic times or apartheid, see the link:;*
You will see Pretoria Central or Pretoria prison on the map, not even 5 minutes away!

Http:// - Just before you guys say, the door just shut, I can make out faint whispering. I can't tell for sure, but it sounds like, "I was... A... AT" the "AT" sounds like a person hyper-ventilating.

Http://'t-wait-solitary - "We can't find that page. A report has been sent to our tech team, and they're looking into the problem. Please check back in a bit." Awwww, damn! I was looking forward to listening to this one, too!

All in all, I think you were extremely fortunate to have experienced such a trickerous terrain with a full history.
CCKitty, thanks for sharing your story! Absolutely! That house looks haunted! I think, in the old days, people were more involved in witch-craft and pagan practices etc. I blame the distractions of today, or credit them, TV, Play station, Shops, Movie theaters and even, work as to the reasons that people have distanced their interest and enticement with such endeavors.
Date: 2017-03-08
CreepyWednesday, thanks for sharing your experience. When I first read over your experience, I definitely agreed with you, it was paranormal. However, the readers and comments have brought up a few good points and especially, in old houses, creeks, thuds, whistling, thumping, swooshing and rustling can be attributed to a number of things and accounted for. You did mention that because you are open to these types of things, you grasp much more quickly a spiritual or paranormal occurrence. Some looking into the houses history might provide some answers.

P.S. Just a pointer, as a person who is 'sensitive' to these types of things, rather don't go into a house you feel is haunted or has paranormal activity and break or damage its property. Because you have clarity of sight, you will be the target when things turn South - just like you sense "them", 'they' will sense you.
Date: 2017-03-08
sherm784, wow! What a mind-boggling and baffling experience! At first, I also thought that he was attached to the woman; a past relative, friend, someone she had helped or a guardian spirit or spirit to guide and assist her throughout her life. But, through your impressions, deduction and intuition, you came to the opinion that he was an apparition from past events, located in the buildings area. Often, our intuition presents innate or divine knowledge, whether metaphysical or physical, and we can get our best idea of what happened through these senses.

At the time that it happened, you said that you thought they were together, the lady and the man? If so, when did your viewpoint change? Did you look through some history about the buildings which seemed to be significantly related to your experience? Were you just mulling over it and so, you came to that conclusion? Sometimes, the crux is in the details and working through them.
Tyre, yikes! Well, I am pretty freaked out! Fun fact? How many people have prayed something to the effect of "God, if you are real, show me now and I will always love you and do right by you"? And, nothing happens! Okay, but, the bible says, "Faith is the evidence of things unseen".

However, I will be honest and tell you that this story sounds a little bit unbelievable! I am sure that your light bulb went out, I'm just not sure if it was because you challenged you-know-who. It could have been like you said, "proof of there being a devil, demons, evil spirits, etc."
Date: 2017-03-06
AugustaM, thank-you for sharing such a personal, comforting and emotional experiences. I was sincerely touched by the story about your Grandparents! I do believe that ghosts understand if a person is afraid or scared and will retreat. Particularly, if the ghost is a family member who is looking over you and that is genuinely not their intention.
Tweed! Oh, my Gosh! The Afghan Hound is so adorable, I am sure that I have seen such a show! Biblio, I had a look at the spaniel breeds you mentioned, also, so adorably cute! Animals are just too cute for words!
Between all you guys, I am going to end up adopting a pup any second now! 5... 4... 3... 2...
Rajine, thanks for sharing your experience! I do not know much about Hindu customs and religion, but, I was wondering if there is such a custom to "appease" or please the God/s whereby, you prepare a meal or water and offer it? In the old Egypt, Pharoes etc were buried with gold and other items so they would have "bounty" or offering/s upon arrival in the spiritual realm. Some people believe, a person will give the offering to a spirit at the crossroads which oversees entering "heaven". If the person has nothing to offer, they will wonder aimlessly throughout the underworld or invisible world. I think, this concept was recently used in the movie, "Gods of Egypt".

I am not very familiar with this theology, but, I do know that some cultures believe it.
Date: 2017-03-05
fauzi17, oh my Gosh! Your story was crazy frightening and spooky!

Your story reminded me a lot of this story by CallMeD: "My Biggest Regret" -