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A Way To Meet Your People - Tool/Meditation

I have a meditation that I would like to share with YGS and I hope the people reading and participating will be able to verify how real such an endeavor is. I suggest that everybody take part, even if you are only on the site for ghost hunts, truth and other reasons. Make sure it is quiet when you do it and that you are in the right frame of mind. If you are in a negative frame of mind, it may very well not work. Also, make sure you are in a comfortable position and that you will not be disturbed.

I always start my meditation by seeing a door, opening the door and proceeding down 10 steps. I take note of every detail very carefully, each step its material and the darkness or light around me. Count back from 10 with each step -10 9 8 7 6 5 to 1.

After this, I take time walking around and perceiving my surroundings. Again, detail is critical. If there are any obstacles that unnerve me, I see them/that as a body of light and I push it out of my psychic world. This place is made up largely of you and a bit of the truth/s about life. Continue walking down a path taking note of each cobble step until you reach a environmental landscape. It may be clear, have tall grass or be a dense forest, but, set your marker to keep walking until you reach the end of the field. When you reach the end of the field you will come to a high peak or cliff, below you will be, a river or water. The water separates you from the a new hill; it runs in-between the two cliffs. You cannot climb up or down or swim across. You will see a bridge that you can cross over. As I said the scenery is made up largely of you and a bit of the truth/s about life, so if something changes in your meditation such as, the scenery, weather or other aspects (like in mine, sometimes I don't see any water, just a deep crater/river and the two cliffs separated by a wooden bridge) it's okay for it to be slightly different.

Take note of the details about the bridge, what material is it? How wide is it? How safe is it? Take note of EACH step that you take as you cross. When you get to the other side you will see a hedge of a home or a fence. Follow the hedge or fence until you reach a gate. 0pen the gate and MAKE SURE to close the gate. Walk around studying the house or garden, until, you see a large tree. Under the tree there may be 1 to 5 chairs.

Ideally you should ind someone under the trees. If nobody has come to greet you yet ask out loud or in your mind; for a specific person you would like to see - who has passed or family member.

Note: Remember throughout the meditation - from the start to the end, that you are there to meet a guide. You have a destination!

Just a last note, when you are coming back or finished your experience - Be sure to do everything the same way that you did when you came to the place! If you do not close the gate or do something differently, it can harbor damage.

I hope you will find something in this meditation
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Lost Loved 0nes Or Spirit Guides on 2017-02-09

This experience happened in 2010 when I was 25 years old. My second oldest brother passed away in 2006/02/16 - it is coming up to his anniversary. He was a very handsome, charming and well-built man who everybody took a liking to. He had that sort of personality that he could "dine with Kings or for...

The Architect Who Haunts His Buildings Until Today on 2017-01-18

I had just moved into a new apartment block which was modern with spotless, neat framework and an immaculate garden. My neighbors were pleasant and good-humored young adults and we all bonded very quickly. We had the type of relationship where you can talk about absolutely anything, as bizarre and u...

The Boy Ghost - Can You Give Me A Ride? on 2017-01-16

As a rule, I do not drive at night as I live in South Africa and the crime peaks during the late and early morning hours, especially with regards to car high-jackings and burglaries. However, on this particular night, I was making my way home at around 09:30PM and driving alone. I approached a robot...

The History Of A House Is Not Dead on 2017-01-05

"The past is never dead, it is not even the past." - William Faulkner We used to live in a beautiful house atop a hill where our pool was always warm, day or night because of the open-plan layout of the garden, and it had a beautiful inlet area with deep green creepers, luscious flower beds furni...

A Spiritual Physical Encounter on 2017-01-03

I was in the middle of one of the worst times in my life. I cannot divulge the information as to why, although I know that type of mystery is frustrating and I am sorry. This what I can tell you. I was living in a house with some people in Johannesburg, South Africa and I had a tiff with one of t...

The Haunted House - The Undertaker (and Family Stories) on 2017-01-03

The Haunted House - The Undertaker My story begins in the company house that was consigned to our family by my Father's job in Botswana, Gaborone in the 1990's. I was about 5 years of age when we moved in and about 11 or 12 years old when we left. I say that it was the beginning of the para-expe...

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Manafon1 and RANDYM, thank-you for delving further into the idea of reincarnation and the points that you've raised, all seemed to somehow, resonate 100% with my belief/s, even though these ideas are personal and through such a perspective.

I wanted to comment on the theory that RANDYM put forward which had to do with a spirit "choosing" a particular time at which he/she will return, and Manafon1 I believe this intertwines with your thinking that the world is a dilapidated, on-going catastrophe on many levels. I had an experience which clearly stayed with me for many years as a young child, but, I never discussed it with anyone until I was an adult. I will discuss the "debunking" of this experience, later on if you have questions after reading. I clearly remembered flying at lightning speed over an incredible distance, upon reaching a house, I clearly heard a ladies voice say, "this is a family, would you like to be part of this family?" I was then, planted invisible in my parents kitchen at about 07:00 AM and I could see my brothers playing and my Father came in shouting/joking and went around the table and put his arm around my Mother. I was completely invisible, no interaction took place between myself and the physical, and I intuitively understood this as my "predicament". I have to be honest that, at the time of agreeing that I liked this family, I had absolutely nothing to base it on except for my feelings and what I was witnessing;
I thought things like, "the boys are laughing, they look happy", "look how the Mom and Dad smile so kindly at their children" or "that boy is laughing, oh! The other one is pulling his shirt and tugging him about the table!"
But, for a start! Nothing like;
1. What does life entail? What will be expected of me?
2. What will my obstacles be in life?
3. Will work and income be a challenge-factor in my life?
4. How long will I be here for? Can I leave if I do not want to be here?
5. Will I suffer in life?

I admit, if something had happened like my Dad gripping one of the children and screaming at them, I would have been horrified and upset and most likely, said no. Later, I don't know whether it was weeks, months or years, I found myself flying through the sky again and as I got closer to the house again, the speed slowed down. I realized now that I was headed for earth either way, but, I could turn off my path to another house or family if I wanted to, but, without the previous-knowledge gained from watching the family.

I realize now that I am incredibly young and naive spirit with the experience/s to back about that much up. I don't know if it was because, I died young? Or... I honestly, don't know why my knowledge about everything is so minimal. I think, I waited thousands or millennium years to return to earth and I do feel that my reluctance played a role in this endeavour.

I have been hypnotized and could find no evidence of past life/s. The earliest memory, I have been able to "bring-through" was very recently, towards the end of last year and it is simply a desert-like earth (I don't see for very far, maybe 1m x 2m) and a huge rock hitting the earth. I did a "spell" to see my past life, and I saw what looked like a "wolf". I searched and searched the internet which said, it is incredibly unlikely to have been an animal in a past life.
Note: The spell, I discussed before, did have the words "oracle of the lunar light, show me now your second site" which I believe may have been some sort of... Spell to do more with wolves then past lives, but, the internet said it was a way to see your past life.

In conclusion, I do believe that the spiritual realm - The Ultimate Reality of the Spiritual Realm and Occupants are;
1. Responsible for overseeing the good of the world;
1.A. Therefor, it falls on a spirit as a responsibility and duty to return at some point. This may be to learn or to "take-in" the earth and its changes or for other reasons.
2. Are absolutely working in a hierarchy as described as God the Father, The Angels and Saints, Jesus et cetera (or religion/s and their Gods);
2.A. I do not have "how" this works. I do not have much information on this point - These answers, I believe, we will only attain in the spiritual realm. However, the ultimate reality of the spiritual realm and its occupants are not singular or individual, nor do they see or go about doing things this way. The connection and divine or "higher-consciousness" were responsible for the spring-of-life or primordial soup and all life on this planet. And, subsequently are responsible for the upkeep, deliverance and preservation thereafter.
2.B. For the factors as discussed in 2.A. I do believe, there is a realm where our loved ones exist. I also believe this because of my near death experience. Some spirits, if not many, will go to this place at the time of their death. Whether it is an interlude between coming back or a permanent thing, I cannot say.
2.C. God, The Angels and the "higher-consciousness" beings are not merciless or cruel. They will not send a soul back who has been through enough or who does not want to return to this land because they see and feel the explicit violence, degredation, poverty, hunger, illness et cetera. Why did I have to return? I am not sure what lesson I missed?...
But on the other hand, I don't believe that a person must be a "perfect" and "all-knowing" human being in order to go to the eternal spiritual realm of happiness (with our families in heaven).
melodie31293, what fascinating, scary and somewhat sweet experiences you've had!

When I was reading your story, the first thing that popped into my head is that he could possibly be your spirit guide! I don't know much about guides, just, that they are supposed to lead you throughout your life, help you through good times and bad and are, specific, to your journey as a human being and spiritual soul. I referred to a guide who is, also, of an incredible height and build that my psychic friends have acknowledged and pointed out to me in my story; "Lost Loved 0nes Or Spirit Guides".

Usually, a person will have more then one spirit guide and up to three, but, it varies from person to person. It appears you have a very dominant, determined, accomplished and experienced guide, among other characteristics, too which is why I feel that you may see him, while, you don't always see your other guides. Also, maybe the connection between you two is highly significant which makes your communication more effortless than with other guides or ghosts.
I would also like to add that although, I added my post as a consideration as to the likelihood of reincarnation as part of human life, I do not have the answer as to whether; one reincarnates, moves on to a spiritual plane which is eternal or something else.

On an additional point, I do feel it has a lot to do with the person. As a Pisces, according to Linda Goodman, I am supposed to have lived each star sign in a complete life cycle and be on my last life as I have attained "my" lesson and "graduated" spiritually. However, I am honestly one of the most naive people and have much to learn in life! In addition, this debate leads on to the philosophy that people/spirits are existing on different levels of consciousness and have been, throughout time. Meaning, it is a natural course for some people/spirits to reincarnate, some to move on to a spiritual plane, others to experience circumstances which have not yet been clarified (ghosts et cetera) and other idealogies and elements, theories of contingency/ies.
To Everyone on YGS addressing the topic of past-lives or reincarnation... Wow, it actually sounds quite intimidating when you put it that way, um, I would definitely like to share my thoughts, too!

I was raised Catholic and never had any reason to believe that I had lived a previous life or in reincarnation; no memory imprints, dreams or strange feelings, or anything really substantial which would make me feel that reincarnation may be a factual, occurring or re-occurring, component or circumstance of human life. When I first heard of reincarnation, I absolutely believed it to be preposterous, complete nonsense! I didn't understand how people had even come to believe in such an absurd belief?!

However, I had a near death experience in my mid-twenties which drastically changed my point of view. Initially, I experienced what many experience when first dying which is an uncomfortable, sortof, unreal, confusing blackness or darkness. Subsequently, I flew up and out of my body. Now, I could not see my physical body while taking this journey, nor did I make an effort to check; do I still have arms or legs? I just flew up and while doing so, I felt an absolute bliss and peace which correlated with a feeling of eternal joy. I was resuscitated or 'brought-back' before I got to meet any person, spirit or saintly being.

I do remember, at this point, pondering heavily on the likelihood of what would have happened next. The thing that seemed 'most' likely to happen, would be re-incarnation! Not immediately, I do not know what process would happen in between; would I meet a spirit or saint first? Would they discuss my life as it was on earth? I don't know... But, being in that form, that form or 'ball' of energy... And, thinking about the emotions that accompanied the journey at-hand, made me think, it would be most likely, I would fly into a tree or baby or what ever! And, "my" cycle of life would re-begin.
Rajine, this was a very intriguing and spooky story! I find it so sad that they never found out what happened to her son, very sad indeed. Maybe, he was trying to give a clue about what happened to him? Or, maybe it was a residual haunting?

I do hope your Uncle was okay, in the end. Please do share more experience if you have?

Thank-you for sharing this with us!
HiddenWriter, this is a fascinating and frightening story! I can only imagine how scary it is to be told that when you were a child, you made a promise to love someone or "partner" with someone later in life. I think, a big reason and what made a huge difference to the situation is that you do not recollect this person or the promise. It means, you made that promise when you were too young and "innocent" to fully understand what arrangement was being made which makes it incredibly unfair, and that is not allowed.

Thank Goodness you were able to find the right help and sort the problem out, although I do hope you manage to sort out the issue with seeing your previous house.

An awesome experience to share, very personal, emotional and individual; thank-you for sharing with us. Best luck in your future.
Green4life, it sounds like you ended up in a house with more paranormal excitement then you bargained for!

I am quite intrigued with Tweeds explanation that it could have been somebody scaring you;... The spikes, pictures that your Sister had of the little boy, movement on the bed and foot steps or eerie feeling like somebody is in the room with you.

However, I can relate, and I know this is a one-in-a-million experience, to being pulled by my ankle OFF my bed. So!... I am with you on that one... Pretty much scaring you out of your skin!

I'm happy for you if you are no longer experiencing things and that you've moved out of the house. If you feel you need to sleep with the lights on or tv on, I suggest you go ahead and do so, when your at home any way.
Date: 2017-02-21
Kyle_Zahney, no, man! You can definitely not want to go back there! You come from a religion that actually takes these types of things seriously - and you are so fortunate! Because, so many people would have nobody to turn to if something like this happened! If they told their Priest or Counselor, "oh, I saw a black figure and now, I am having dreams of killing my family", it would NOT turn out well for them! Even, if it REALLY WAS a spiritual attack by a demon or spirit or ghost or something like that!

Maybe, it targeted you because you were in its area? Or, maybe it was for another reason; and it had seen you before and made itself known when you were alone. You were also in the right state of mind for it to get under your skin because it was dark, raining and there was lightning, you would be lonely, afraid, vulnerable, confused, disorientated. So, it's much easier for it to get into your mind like that then say, if you were praying at home or working out, you would feel strong and comfortable at home and it wouldn't be so easy to "break you", and get into your mind.

Whatever the creature or spirit was, it was definitely malicious and evil. You are so fortunate to be one of the lucky few who got out of this type of situation or attack without anything worse happening than already happened. You should stay away from that area as much as you possibly can.
Date: 2017-02-21
corpseguts, what an interesting and scary story!

I think the others covered a few of my suspicions:

* It was not the little girl. Maybe, being that sort of area where people are always bringing their family and kids around, it sees this as a suitable or "believable" form to take, when conducting contact with people or teenagers. It could have also been responsible for the death of the little girl, even moreso would make it "familiar" to her shape or form?
* There was more to the little girls death. Maybe, it was malicious or intentional, and because of this "something" dark was cooked-up? Maybe, a spirit trapped there by such a horrific and untimely death filled with vengeance and menace or ill-intent?

I also believe that spirits can appear in what ever form or look like anything! A demon, an Angel, a lost little girl, a fox? And, so on... So, there is a chance that you are trying to identify something which is actually, fiction or not real; made-up by your mind or friends, or by the creature. Why would the creature "hide" its identity or how it truly looks? Well, in this case, the spirit first tapped your friend on her back to get her attention. This means that its original intention MIGHT have been to approach your friend without her being afraid, scared or horrified? So, it took on the "appropriate" form of a little girl, but, it is still a little bit disfigured because it is an unnatural force! Sometimes, the creature does not have the ability to completely change or "mask" its appearance. That is how it happens that you see what looks like a little girls body... With a head or face that does not belong on it! However, when your friend "ignored" it, she aggravated and offended or "displeased" it. At which point, the creature became infuriated and exasperated with getting your friends attention and simply, through her down the hill. Whether the creature KNEW that she would land in the water and be safe? I don't know... Was its intention for her to die? Or, just, in a frustrated and bittered reaction, decided to do that to her...

Which ever the case, the ghost or spirit was mean, ill-spirited, resentful or angry. And, maybe the creature or spirit looks exactly as it appeared to you or maybe, it looks completely different?

I also wonder, why did it choose to target your one friend, particularly? Was it just, because she was alone? So, getting her attention or doing its evil-little-deed would go much smoother? Was she in the "right" area where the spirit/creature regularly visits or its home, and so naturally they stumbled upon one another?

Or, is it for another reason? Was there something about her that "made" her a target? Was she "sensitive" or maybe, in-tune / part-psychic? Or, was it because she carried around with her something that it related to - a secret, an event in her life, pain, a death or something else?
Date: 2017-02-21
Evelien2001, thanks for sharing your experience! This must have been a terribly frightening experience! I don't know what I would have done. Unfortunately, I do not have any idea at the moment as to the cause of the breathing. But, I am relieved that it only occurred on the one occasion or two nights and then, it was over for good!

JamTalkingGhosts, as you are writing an essay on a supernatural childhood, I might have an interesting story for you, but, your profile page does not have an e-mail address? If you want a little bit of an angle, I can tell you a bit about myself!
hawkseye12002, thank-you for responding to my comment. It is absolutely fine to cry as much as you need to and take plenty of time/as much time as you can to yourself to work through this. You seem like such a honest and emotional person, in a way, it makes a person passing that much more difficult as it is already an emotional experience and we cannot understand why the person had to pass-away, death is truly nonsensical in so many ways.

When my Brother passed away, I did the same. I cried every time I mentioned his name for 3 years straight. It is just, so unexpected, unfair and bewildering that we can't understand, conclude or verify the way it works, only, that it leaves us demolished and saddened.

The grief cycle made an incredible difference to the way I felt. At least now, when I felt depressed, I suddenly realized "I am very, very sad and, it's because my Brother passed away and I am in mourning".

My Brother was fit and energetic, he did body-building and played rugby (American Football is the equivalent in the USA). He had a big, red punching bag situated next to my bedroom window so when he would work-out, I would hear him on the punching bag. One day, shortly after he had passed, I was lying in bed depressed, crying in my pillow, and I started thinking... How unusually quiet is it? I don't hear the punching bag that used to drive me nuts! I would wake to this "doof" "doof" "doof", but now, it is just... Silence. I remember wishing so hard to hear it, so, I would know that he is at home, working out, and that he is alive and he is okay. I closed my eyes and wished and wished because I felt/thought that if I heard the punching bag, everything would disappear, it would mean that; he had never passed away, we had never had a funeral, I had never lost him and he was still alive and okay. The whole ordeal would reverse or... Cease to exist. So, I understand when you talk about denial or bargaining. Just - please, please if I hear him then this would never have happened. Just - please, if I hear him then it means that he's okay and he's come back and I can talk to him and spend time with him.

One of the good things that I can tell you about somebody passing is that it is in your hands how to go about deciding how to deal with it. Not initially afterwards, no then you are in a lot of pain and shock. But, when you finally start mentally processing that he/she is gone and you realize that your feelings are normal, many people have gone through this and there is help available to you in the form of friends, family and support groups. Many psychiatrists and psychologists have worked on methods to help people like us. Also, what I realised is that nobody can "make" me feel - something. My Brother loved me very much and our "bond", our "relationship" is what matters and absolute, at the end of the day. After my Brother passed away, some of my family said that I didn't show enough emotion. Meanwhile I was showing a lot of despondency. But, I never let what they said upset me because, I know exactly how I felt/feel; what he meant to me and what I feel/felt while going through it.

My Mother does the same bargaining that you do. They had an argument before he left that day and later, passed away. I was with him for the time before he left. And... I can tell you with certainty that; DEFINITELY; what ever problems, anger and disputes or grudges my Brother and Mother had, he absolutely loved her and cherished their relationship until his dying day and after that, forevermore. It is "us", the ones who are left behind that struggle and worry about the old 'fight' or disagreement/s and ask the same questions again and again. They, 'the people' who are gone, only see the truths in life with clear vision & 20/20 hindsight, And he sees how much you worry about him and cry, and wish for an opportunity to resolve things. He knows this, and he is in a better place and at peace.

But, he does not have a way to give you peace or talk to you, so, you give him peace by being at peace because then he knows you are okay. He would not want you worrying yourself or doing this to yourself, he would want you to be happy and know that he is safe, happy & peaceful. If he could talk to you, this is mostly likely what he would say.
Jennilou87, I don't think that he is still here, but, I can tell that you feel that maybe he is, for some reason. I've been reading your stories since your post "His Coffee Just Vanished" and I must say, that I am beginning to believe that maybe, there are genuinely gifted people who have the psychic ability to receive messages in their dreams, afterall... Much like, other people who have;
Clairaudience - message/s etc through hearing
Empaths - message/s etc through emotions
Precognition - message/s etc ability to perceive future events
Scrying - message/s etc through a medium ie. Crystal ball and detect or receive specific information, and so on.

Your stories seem to have an element of authenticity / and conscientiousness that is direct, genuine and undeniably true. If so, you are very fortunate to have the ability to conduct this delicate task/procedure and you've retained the ability throughout your life. It is a difficult situation and task because death is a sensitive and emotional experience. You are so lucky to be able to know with certainty that a loved-one who has passed is okay and furthermore, receive specific messages with important meaning, while, other people will never get an answer/s or have complete confidence in their loved-ones peace.

You are truly fortunate to have met with him and to know that is okay, and his love and concern for you went beyond the boundaries of this life.
Jennilou87, thank-you for sharing your experience! This was a sincerely touching and powerful spiritual account. It is so incredible that he managed to make contact with you to share such an affectionate and sentimental moment; He obviously cared very deeply for you and treasured the bond between you. You must have shared a protective, truthful and caring relationship.

Some people miss loved-ones who passed away for years and are never able to really know if he/she is okay or happy, but, your friend planned his meet with you just so you would know that.
Date: 2017-02-17
svvar, what a bizarre and intriguing story! It was very strange that it seemed to happen suddenly and then, just stop. Honestly, I can tell you that I have had similar experiences, where I watched something on the internet or a movie and afterwards, maybe saw 'something' or felt uncomfortable, frightened and nervous. Although, nothing has ever touched me! Sometimes, it was just my imagination taking over, but, I do believe that once a person becomes aware of the spiritual realm, and that awareness supersedes just psychologically being aware of the unseen, but also, physically and emotionally, you can "attract" a nearby spirit/s who now can, and will, making themselves seen/heard/felt.

It could be a friend or relative who wanted your attention for a short time. Otherwise, it seemed to be a spirit or ghost which was not so attached to you on an emotional level because once you made it clear that you did not want it in-and-around your space, it left. It is a good sign that you are operating in a positive and clean awareness and consciousness, that there was minimal negative spirits that felt it necessary to gain your attention.
Miracles51031 I didn't not follow guidelines I asked why I was receiving so much negative feedback. I also said that the criticism is quite nasty so...
Tweed people reading this are probably going to get confused so I would like to explain the below: Tweed kept joking around with me and he/she was being very light-hearted. I believed that Tweed wanted to make a bet with me so I asked him/her to provide more details. That's all it was.
Tweed! You really know how this is all done? I know now that I will never beat you.
Tweed I will come back to you on that one. Do you have a particular wish in mind?
Date: 2017-02-14
valkricry, then it is, indeed, a very mystifying, peculiar and awe-inspiring event! I would have surely been behaving quite the same. And, the cops did not hear the mirror shatter? They probably thought that a burglar had tried his luck. I must say, valkricry, I have not one answer that can rationalize or explain your experience! Maybe, in 10 years, somebody will come onto YGS stating a similar story at which we all say "AH-HA!"
Date: 2017-02-14
Jennilou87 I really do think that you should take to heart and consideration what Roylynx has just explained. Doing spells leaves much to be desired. 4 example, on an occasion I wanted to see my previous life. So, I looked up a meditation on the internet - it said to look into the mirror with a candle in complete darkness, and say something to the effect of, "oracle of the lunar light, show me now your second site" - so, I am thinking, second site means previous life - C00L! So, I started doing it and for a while nothing happened and then, suddenly, I started growing these whiskers and hair... My skin is crawling, I cannot describe. It was not delicate, graceful or neat - I really looked like American Werewolf! Luckily - only in the mirror. So, I ran outta there! Thinking back I realized that the spell misguided me totally - it was probably a spell to become a werewolf or something - you know? Lunar light and so on. So, don't trust spells and things, unless, you are a seasoned, skilled and studied professional with a lot of support from a religious group, as well as, intellectual group to see if it is, in fact, safe and true!

Like Roylynx said, most spells don't end up well, especially, by a new person practicing a religion who has not yet deciphered and fully translated the material and literature that you are working with. We serve this as a warning!

There will be plenty of time to do such things when you are wise and experienced with regards to those things in your practice!