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A Way To Meet Your People - Tool/Meditation

I have a meditation that I would like to share with YGS and I hope the people reading and participating will be able to verify how real such an endeavor is. I suggest that everybody take part, even if you are only on the site for ghost hunts, truth and other reasons. Make sure it is quiet when you do it and that you are in the right frame of mind. If you are in a negative frame of mind, it may very well not work. Also, make sure you are in a comfortable position and that you will not be disturbed.

I always start my meditation by seeing a door, opening the door and proceeding down 10 steps. I take note of every detail very carefully, each step its material and the darkness or light around me. Count back from 10 with each step -10 9 8 7 6 5 to 1.

After this, I take time walking around and perceiving my surroundings. Again, detail is critical. If there are any obstacles that unnerve me, I see them/that as a body of light and I push it out of my psychic world. This place is made up largely of you and a bit of the truth/s about life. Continue walking down a path taking note of each cobble step until you reach a environmental landscape. It may be clear, have tall grass or be a dense forest, but, set your marker to keep walking until you reach the end of the field. When you reach the end of the field you will come to a high peak or cliff, below you will be, a river or water. The water separates you from the a new hill; it runs in-between the two cliffs. You cannot climb up or down or swim across. You will see a bridge that you can cross over. As I said the scenery is made up largely of you and a bit of the truth/s about life, so if something changes in your meditation such as, the scenery, weather or other aspects (like in mine, sometimes I don't see any water, just a deep crater/river and the two cliffs separated by a wooden bridge) it's okay for it to be slightly different.

Take note of the details about the bridge, what material is it? How wide is it? How safe is it? Take note of EACH step that you take as you cross. When you get to the other side you will see a hedge of a home or a fence. Follow the hedge or fence until you reach a gate. 0pen the gate and MAKE SURE to close the gate. Walk around studying the house or garden, until, you see a large tree. Under the tree there may be 1 to 5 chairs.

Ideally you should ind someone under the trees. If nobody has come to greet you yet ask out loud or in your mind; for a specific person you would like to see - who has passed or family member.

Note: Remember throughout the meditation - from the start to the end, that you are there to meet a guide. You have a destination!

Just a last note, when you are coming back or finished your experience - Be sure to do everything the same way that you did when you came to the place! If you do not close the gate or do something differently, it can harbor damage.

I hope you will find something in this meditation
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Psychic Circle on 2017-03-06

As you may have read in my story, "The Haunted House - The Undertaker (and Family Stories) ", for a large part of my childhood, I lived in an "actively" haunted house. I describe it as actively haunted because the house itself was teeming with a populous of ghosts, psychic activity and paranormal ac...

Grandmother's Concerns For Her Nieces Well-being on 2017-02-24

I grew up in a Catholic household, although my Grandmother had a few "tricks" up her sleeve regards practicing other religions. I remember that another YGS member described her Grandmother in a similar way to which she added, something to the effect of, "people would often come to consult her for he...

Lost Loved 0nes Or Spirit Guides on 2017-02-09

This experience happened in 2010 when I was 25 years old. My second oldest brother passed away in 2006/02/16 - it is coming up to his anniversary. He was a very handsome, charming and well-built man who everybody took a liking to. He had that sort of personality that he could "dine with Kings or for...

The Architect Who Haunts His Buildings Until Today on 2017-01-18

I had just moved into a new apartment block which was modern with spotless, neat framework and an immaculate garden. My neighbors were pleasant and good-humored young adults and we all bonded very quickly. We had the type of relationship where you can talk about absolutely anything, as bizarre and u...

The Boy Ghost - Can You Give Me A Ride? on 2017-01-16

As a rule, I do not drive at night as I live in South Africa and the crime peaks during the late and early morning hours, especially with regards to car high-jackings and burglaries. However, on this particular night, I was making my way home at around 09:30PM and driving alone. I approached a robot...

The History Of A House Is Not Dead on 2017-01-05

"The past is never dead, it is not even the past." - William Faulkner We used to live in a beautiful house atop a hill where our pool was always warm, day or night because of the open-plan layout of the garden, and it had a beautiful inlet area with deep green creepers, luscious flower beds furni...

A Spiritual Physical Encounter on 2017-01-03

I was in the middle of one of the worst times in my life. I cannot divulge the information as to why, although I know that type of mystery is frustrating and I am sorry. This what I can tell you. I was living in a house with some people in Johannesburg, South Africa and I had a tiff with one of t...

The Haunted House - The Undertaker (and Family Stories) on 2017-01-03

The Haunted House - The Undertaker My story begins in the company house that was consigned to our family by my Father's job in Botswana, Gaborone in the 1990's. I was about 5 years of age when we moved in and about 11 or 12 years old when we left. I say that it was the beginning of the para-expe...

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TheParanormal_Cat, thanks for sharing!

You know? What you are saying or proposing is not all that crazy! Lot's of people claim to have seen a ghost or been touched. If it's bothering you, you need to tell it how you feel. Just say like..."I don't like being touched, please leave me alone", you don't need to be full force agro about it! You can try say it in your head or you can say it out aloud.
Date: 2017-05-06
tonichi, thank-you for sharing your story!

When I read the title of your story, I really thought something awful was going to happen! But I must say that by the end of it!? I was laughing with you and the "spook" ("Spook" a slang word used in South Africa for a ghost or spirit).

It seems that you, your siblings and the spook ALL had a secret joke!
Date: 2017-05-06
brotcrow, you must really haved loved her from the begining to stick with her through all of that! You must be soulmates!
What do you mean, she didn't have eyelids? It was all white? Do you mean that her eyes were rolled-backwards and so... You could only see the white of her eyes?
I'm sorry to pry more, but, weren't there any other signs?! I know, she was waking up in the early hours of the morning but wasn't there anything else? I can only imagine how frightening it is for such a young and pretty lady to turn into a person who can shout like a man and as the same strength!
Date: 2017-05-06
Hi vala, thank-you for sharing your stories.

It's been very difficult for you, all of these very bizarre and explainable experiences (I've read your first story tonight, too) and I just felt it necessary to tell you that I am 1 (ONE) person on YGS who decidedly chose to share my experiences because;
1. The memories or events really bothered me! These experiences which happen in people's lives which are emotionally traumatizing and cannot be reasonably explained.
(Even years after it was over, it still plays in the back of my mind like a bad horror film that I was the unknowing participant being taken advantage of).

2. To share difficult experiences with other like-minded people: It was not easy to explain or discuss with normal or regular people who look at you with this "WTF"? Or confused expression! Some concerned and good-meaning people try and understand or offer you piece of mind by trying to relate to little bits of it but, actually, cannot possibly give you a sense of relief because they have not experienced it on a personal level, themselves.

3. To find answers! I don't know how many times, I've used the words "unexplainable", "bizarre" and "confused" since beginning this comment.
When I said in point 1 that it really bothered me, the memories or events: The feelings of being frightened, baffled and bewildered were such powerful sensations that it was like, those feelings remained with me no matter how long after the experiences/events. I would go over the experiences again and again hoping that I would be able to; shed light on the situation or better understand what had happened in reasonable terms. It doesn't matter if you've already spoken to 10 people about the event if you don't feel like you've come to a resolve, conclusion or understanding of it; the questions just keep circling and repeating, as do the terrible emotions. If coming on to one more website and finding "someone" or an answer or a person who has studied this, and I can find answers? The hour/s of typing up the O/P is worth it!

When I started out this comment, I mentioned that I am 1 (ONE) person on YGS who has experienced some things that were difficult to forget and extremely hard to let-go-of. Most people or a lot of people have experienced the same thing, much like you! Not the exact same experiences, but, experiences we wanted to share because it had a particular meaning to you and because you want answers. I want you to know that you are not alone, many people have stories like this! They are just not prepared to share them for fear of being ridiculed or labelled "strange". At least, you were brave enough to try and work out an equation which seems unworkable, and look for answers within the unknown.
Date: 2017-05-06
lambdachi0108, thanks for sharing your account/s with us.

As there is no pictures attached, I assume that you are still planning to submit them? I really hope you do because it would be phenomenal to see and discuss with you!
Hi Tweed, thanks for your account!
I wanted to say a few things at first like, "oh, could the lighting in the studio be a bit different to other lighting within the house and outside and then adding a number of additional possibilities (ie. Being tired, sore eyes, concentrating for long periods or time, being distracted, stress etc) for maybe a quick glance at the clock not being right but then, I had the weirdest thought and I "KNEW" exactly what I wanted to write:

Strangely enough, I've been watching "The Magicians" season 1, at the moment. And at this one point, this group of magicians manage to turn back time by fifteen minutes. He explains to two of the girl characters (call them actress A and actress B) that they've been working on manipulating time, as for each one of the people in their group, it holds a special desire ie. One lady has cancer, one man lost his child and so on.

Dialogue (to the effect of):

Actress A: "Time manipulation!? But, there is no... No way!"
Actress B: "Yeah! That's... Not even possible, is it?!"
Man doing explaining: Nods
Man doing explaining: "Well, that's what we've managed to do!"
Man doing explaining: Laughs
Actress A & B: Squealing
Man doing explaining: "Actually, we're trying to make contact with something or some one..."
Actress A: "But! To be able to do that!"
Actress B: "To be able to f$## with time!?"
Actress B: "You'd have to be -"
ALL &Pause
Man doing explaining: Nods
Man doing explaining: "A natural, born time witch..."
Melda, thanks for submitting!

You have been on this site for as long as me (if not longer), and you have written and submitted incidents and experiences which "do" relate to paranormal activity, other unexplainable and bizarre occurrences et cetera. Your history clearly has these experiences which are paranormal and extraordinary, so, I feel that if you think and feel that this incident was paranormal or "non-physical" in its nature, it most probably was even if there is reasonable explanations for the events.

One of the animals (ie. Kitten or dog) could have been hungry and overturned the kibbles. If it was a cat, it makes sense that the parrot was also upset as there is a chance that the animal made a few attempts to bring down the cage, barked or meowed or conducted other predatory-prey behaviour which set off the poor parrots nerves. The slippers are also strange but could have been missed the first times around or dragged out by one of the pets. The stench in the bathroom could have been whatever the animal looking for food found! And lastly, the part which does have me a bit baffled... The open doors! I think, this might also be a mistake of the animal looking for food or a place to hide (expecting its owners home to deliver discipline when they see what the animal has been up to in the bathroom). Still, the open doors worry me, wind maybe?

All that aside, I do believe you Melda because you have been around this type of spirituality all of your life. If any person could tell, whether it be by; instincts, intuition or experience, it is you.
Nephylim, thank-you for sharing your story.
The first thing, I am going to say to you is that I am a very honest person (which sometimes comes across as 'blunt', 'too honest', 'gullible' or 'manipulative'.) I felt it necessary to tell you this little piece of information before I comment because I wanted you to know that I am being honest and to 'take-it-from-whence-it-comes'.

Firstly, the very first instance I came across your screen-name (which was maybe, 2 to 4 weeks ago), I immediately felt drawn to you. Maybe, it's because something about your screen-name "Nephylim" resonates with me. I don't know if I have the correct meaning of it, I probably don't but I don't want to google it right now, as my point is the "connection" and "familiarity" and "fondness" that I felt, at the time.

Secondly, imagine my surprise when reading this story to find out that you are from South Africa! And, so am I! I didn't know of any serious paranormal investigators working in South Africa so I definitely feel kindof happy and 'blessed' that you are/were around.

Lastly, I have considered doing paranormal investigating but I am not very knowledgeable et cetera about how to go about it safely and the different aspects, and approach. I am, just, a 'sensitive' person and it has lead me down many roads which I was unprepared for, but, ended quite fine. I don't know if that will be the case if I went into paranormal investigating without the proper foreknowledge and tools.

Regards your story, the main issue that rang-the-bell for me was the amount of times you said, "bad decision number 2" or "poor decision" or "I didn't think it was a good idea". Although, we do not have enough information to give you a proper "answer" or "reason" for the level of negative/bad energy within the house, I think that your intuition and instincts clearly put to you that something really awful was in that house.

Obviously, you have a gift (or gifts) which guide you with messages, 'bless' you with divine knowledge, 'help' you through situations and also, 'tune-you-in' to (psychic) or paranormal situations. I feel, this is an Ace in your hand.
Date: 2017-04-27
Aliviashae, you put down your thoughts about the incident very well. Thank-you for doing so because it cleared up some things for me.

As a fellow anxiety-suferee, I thought I could help put things into a perspective which was more in line with normal then the paranormal.

Anxiety is an unpredictable illness and chronic, at it's worst which means it is something that one suffers with daily and it includes multiple side-effects, reactions and secondary psychological components, ranging from mild to severe.

I remember, on one occasion having an anxiety attack while driving and one of the posters on the side of the road started melting and swirling into different colours. For the longest time afterwards, I wondered what created such a bizarre occurrence and if, in any way at all, it could have been paranormal. This episode was mainly psychological which was strange, I can't describe it very well but my mind was racing, thoughts like "why are there so many cars around me, are they here to do something to me?" "I have to pull over otherwise I am going to crash but I might still crash any way". Again, this episode seemed to play more on my mind while suffering the rapid heart beat and inability to breathe.

Other episodes seemed to somehow intensify my emotions while suffering the paranoia and fear.

I am, just, trying to point out that anxiety is a difficult illness to work out and understand. You cannot make "blanket" rules for all anxiety sufferers. It is not precise, identical or clear-cut (perfect & specific).

All that I am saying is that it is a possibility that you were suffering anxiety as a person who does so.

Thank-you for sharing your story and I empathize greatly with what you've been through. I hope, over time, it will improve, (as mine did and I am very fortunate).
SQRSAGA, I see that there hasn't been any posts further so I wanted to check in with you. I will try and answer your questions to the best of my ability, and I will also illuminate some of what you've said so that other people can answer your questions with more understanding.

1. "I should have directly asked for more information and knowledge about demons."
Please don't think that I am criticizing you, but, I just have to say that when I read this message, I think that your curiosity is leading you down the wrong path. The definition of demons are a source or agent of evil, harm, distress, or human demons such as addiction, depression or childhood trauma. Demons are a subject which is quite hideous, nightmarish, frightful and frightening!
They are horrible creatures, "a source or agent of evil and harm". They are here to lie, trick and deceive people. AND, their intention is to hurt, attack and destroy you.
1A. Why did you decide to ask about demons?
1B. Are you going through something to do with it?
1C. Is there anything that's happening or that you're thinking which makes you think that you need help?

2. "I don't necessarily enjoy talking about them, researching them, or anything. Mostly because it just makes me feel a bit uneasy. Which also leaves me to believe perhaps there is a demon'.
If you are a sensitive or have any sort of spiritual abilities, you are open to ALL things; bad AND good. Just because you feel something out-of-the-ordinary, it does not mean that it is a demon. It could just be a ghost of a lost little girl who is very confused, scared and alone = And you are feeling her feelings. Just because you feel 'something', don't immediately think that it is bad.
Also, YOU have the ability to put more of your energy into positive and good thoughts, rather then, bad thoughts = And, this will change your energy (and the 'other' energies around you). You still have a good amount of control over your own life, provided you don't put yourself into a bad space! You have to choose very carefully because if it was a demon, the consequences and repercussions would be more awful then you can imagine.

3. "Also anytime I asked "Bella" something in my minds eye a little girl with long straight hair about the age of 6 or 7 appeared behind me and seemed to just stand there or try pushing me. "
Like I said, if you are a sensitive, then you will pick up on different spirits and stuff. My friend can see ghosts and she just goes about her business, she hasn't researched a lot about it but she accepts it. When she sees one, she just says "oh okay, there's one of those ghost people that I can see and other people can't" and she goes about her business. She doesn't interact with them unless for some reason, she has to; like, one appears to her and asks for help and she absolutely knows that it is just a harmless, confused and sad 'ghost'.

4. "My friend also had protection, most likely from her guides and her grandfather who watches over her."
Protection from Guardian Angels and guides is great if you can, actually do it! This is why, a lot of people have suggested Rooks method to you.
4A. Will you try and use Rooks Cleansing method?
It should stop all of the bad "things", energies and whatever from entering your house and being able to do anything unfriendly to you.

Lastly, it seems that you were the type of person who always had certain 'gifts', but now that you are older, you are becoming more interested in it. You want to understand it. That's fine. But, just remember to CHOOSE-CAREFULLY because there is a BIG/HUGE difference between good spirits and bad spirits, and good/light magic and bad/dark magic. You really don't want to go down that road, trust me.
SQRSagaXx, thank-you for sharing your story. I feel so bad for you and yet, I also don't know how to feel about it. At first, I thought maybe you wrote this story because of something else that was going on that you needed help with but you didn't want to say what had happened, so, you put it in the best way that you could. But now, I feel as though almost nothing in your story is true and you just made it up. Tell me if I am maybe on the right path? You've been on this site for a while, you've seen people recommending Rooks cleansing method but you didn't feel right about using it until he said you were allowed to?

The reason that I feel so bad is because I relate to you, a lot (your story). A lot of people (seem) like he/she was trained or he/she knew the psychic community or had someone to show them the way, they all know how to do this and how to discern that and how exactly something should happen step by step... But, I didn't have any of that too! It's difficult to answer questions which to them seem easy! Look, I am not saying that telling the difference between a little girl and a demon can't be a tricky business (if it is tricky), and someone said "oh, your friend shouldn't just have a pulling in her chest, she should feel a deep connection with the person on a physical level" - Um... What?!?!?! What do you mean?! What are you talking about?

The one thing, I can tell you is that if the "little girl" said, we're playing a game of hide and seek and then, you say okay you'll find her and she answers, I'll find you! I kindof get the feeling that the humour isn't nice humour, it's kindof... Mean. It makes me think, maybe she is mean. I would stay away then and I wished I stayed away from the beginning.

I hope you got all the help you wanted, and attention you've been looking for.
Anno_Domini, thank-you for sharing your experiences.

The segment which struck me as extraordinary was the bed-shaking! Now, some countries do have earthquakes, volcanic activity and plate or seismic-activity, but, it would be difficult not to notice and include if the story was about beds shaking. In addition, other items would also have to be shaking, damaged, falling and bumping together or completely destroyed in such an event. A person who is sleeping on his/her bed cannot experience bed shaking without there being movement present. Very strange, indeed.

While reading, I had the most wonderful thought! Isn't it fantastic in this day-and-age that one person can put down his/her experiences at a specific location which thereafter, other people who have had the same experiences or would like to share experiences, comment or agree can also contribute to the record!? Just to think that many years from now, an uncountable number of other people, Juniors, Lieutenants, civilians et cetera may just read this?! Perhaps, some of them will have an experience or story to share which will reveal these experiences as truth.

I thought about recounting each section, but, as most of the apportionment can be attributed to normal ongoings, I thought it unnecessary.
Date: 2017-04-19
Aliviashae, can I ask you a few questions:

1. Are you saying that you had the anxiety before the evening because of the paranormal activity during the evening (you somehow "foresaw" the problems)?

2. Are you saying that your anxiety IN the house was due:
A) the "apparition"?
B) the houses energy?
C) the event with your brother?

The reasons I am asking you this is because I suffered from horendous anxiety, at a stage. I was on anti-anxiety medication for anxiety and then, panic attack medication just in case, I had a panic attack during the day as well.

I found, when I started experiencing severe anxiety-attacks (especially severe not just, a light anxiety with irregular breathing and heartbeat light-headedness etc) that my senses were heightened. This was possibly due to the increased adrenaline during an attack.

Perhaps, this incident was purely because of anxiety which you regularly and unfortunately suffered, but, for some reason, you remember it very well as your feelings were out of control and almost obscure, esoteric or mysterious. I feel that your feelings which you had during the anxiety of feeling out-of-place, oppressed and victimized which were then, intensified and heightened by the adrenaline in your bloodstream... All came together and increased the thoughts, ideas, fears and possibilities for you. Ideas like "I feel completely out of place", fears like "I am not wanted here! I don't know by who or by what, but, I feel unwanted, I feel attacked." And possibilities like, "this is just SO much worse, what could be causing me to react like this? This is not normal. This is abnormal. Something is wrong." This mentioned and coupled with your parents providing you with an answer, no matter how strange it may seem or extraordinary, at least gave you an answer. The answer, at least.

The anxiety that you were having still, at least, gave you the ability to walk outside and inside of the house WITH people around you. It didn't completely stop you from being in the house. What I am trying to say is that if you were in a position to move around the house and somewhat "mingle" with people, your anxiety couldn't have been so bad. And, you wrote this post because you said that you have a long-history of anxiety but, very particular, incidents stand out for you. In your mind, these incidents are illuminated and well-recalled.

I would like to say, I do believe that anxiety can be linked to psychic phenomena, but, I just don't see it in this case.
LeavingSight, okay! So... I am going to tell you something a little bit different here. I read a little way down the comments and I can see that many people used their comments to provide you with the side of the story which seems normal and not paranormal at all. On the flip side, I am going to tell you what I think, makes your story a little bit out of the ordinary.

Firstly, I totally get why you included the dream that you had a week ago, and the heading spells out what you're trying to say clearly: "Demon Possession?!?! Including Crazy Creepy Pasta Type Dream". You feel there is a connection between the dream you had and you speaking a different language, and the connection is not the nice kind. I had similar events to you growing up so I can tell you what I think is going on here.

Certain people are much more "in-tune" with paranormal vibrations or out-of-the-ordinary vibrations, some people call it "psychic" or clairvoyant or "gifted". Now, because of stories like creepy-pasta or the grim reaper and so on, everyone in society kindof' thinks that it means, you will always come into contact with something bad. That's not true, at all. Being that kind of person just means that you can maybe, see auras or heal people or that you have some sort of gift. And, it works both ways. You would be open to good stuff and bad stuff.

I think, maybe your dream was some sort of warning or it could have been something else, but, the episode where you spoke a different language could have been good. Sorry, I can't remember where I read or heard this, but, speaking in hebrew, particularly and especially is a sign of good, like in biblical stories and religious stories, the hero would get a sign from God, a higher being or angelic being and suddenly, he/she would be speaking in Hebrew. Hebrew is the language of the bible, and I'm not sure but like, originally, the ten commandments was written in Hebrew. I have heard stories too, where people who spoke Hebrew were chosen prophets of some kind. And in the other stories, people would speak Hebrew to combat dark-forces etc. (Obviously, none of these people had never learned to speak Hebrew).

A lot of the time in the stories, in the end, the people involved could never say for certain "oh yes, he/she did speak hebrew definitely!" Just that, they would say it sounded like an eastern language, maybe arabic or hebrew (in fact, the way you said it was exactly the way that I've heard people describe it). And these people became like... Prophets and really important spiritual and psychic figures.

Remember, there is a good side and a bad side. Both will try for your attention and combat for your attention. I can tell you that normally, if you are somehow being attacked by the darker-side, the good side will show you a sign, full-on help protect you or also do something to make you aware. You sound like you know a little bit about shielding and protecting yourself, you need to focus more on that. You need to focus on the side which offers you protection, security and happiness etc not like, the bad side which is plain bad.
jasmine08, oh my word! The moment you mentioned "fiddling in the bushes", "hunched" and "pointy ears", my stomach did a full 360 degree flip! One of the first things that popped into my mind was some kind of leprechaun or creature of the sort who grants wishes should you have the moxie to bag it! (moxie to bag it - translation: courage and wit to manage to catch it!)

Literally, I held my breath waiting in anticipation, while the anticipation and excitement escalated, all the while hoping that you would say the secret words and the magical-creature would either; hand you 10 bars of gold or grant your deepest desire or your most secret wish!

Then you said, "my family always told me" and I expected you to say something like, "there is a secret way to greet these magical-creatures and thereafter, you say these words..." Oh, my God! To actually have stumbled unexpectedly across the path of a lepechaun, pixie, gnome or elf-like creature during this journey of life with the additional knowledge of the secret utterance which will award you with a most prized donation! It is really mysterious and baffling!

Your story had me hooked! I have heard that leprechauns or elves are, in honesty, not the most desirable creatures to look at, and that they are not the warmest, kindest or politest creatures either with an added side-order of tenacity! We can all dream that it is the opposite way, though.
Date: 2017-04-10
littlebow320, thanks for your response. I know that you probably feel very alone and confuzzled about all of it. Sometimes, we feel getting answers or just, sharing the experience will give us peace of mind.

Thank-you for sharing your experience, again.

Aaron94, thanks for sharing your experience! I know that you have had a lot of questions put to you about your story and mainly, about the way that you wrote and described your experience. I think it's because if this is indeed a true story with 100% accurate and true details, then it would be an amazing and astonishing encounter and perhaps even truly paranormal. The only thing that made me doubt your story was the number of times that you said, "I have never seen it for myself" or "I don't know for sure as I have never been in that area for myself, but, Donnie said..." It makes it sound like Donnie could have made it up and I don't know for sure if Donnie was being honest or trying to scare you or make you believe in something?

If it was a paranormal experience, it sounds to me like he could have been a German Doctor escaping the armies who rounded them up after the holocaust. Maybe, he continued his practices after the war or stored some important information there? Again, we will never know because although you said, you thought the answers would be in the cabinets, you never explored the cabinets for yourself. And although, Donnie saw the picture of the man in the attic, just, like you described, you cannot say for certain that there is a picture of the man in the attic!

It gets really difficult for people to "iron out" or smooth out a story and understand it fully if the Author doesn't have the facts.
Aph_Iloilo, thank-you for sharing your stories with us, it's nice to know people or a person is not alone in facing something so difficult to "get"/comprehend.

I understand that when somebody answers your question/s quite directly with "a sex demon" or "ghost", sometimes, you feel less inclined to believe them or deal with the problem any further.

The first thing I can say is that you are not the first person or young lady who has had such a frightening, yet comforting but unnerving experience. For some reason, some people are a little bit more receptive to their surroundings and in a way, can even change the way things work or the way the house and its energy feels around them. It is really important to try and do things that keep you happy and feeling strong. Good energy; happiness, love, comfort, joy, peace, good will, honesty, patience, trust, strength, faith, blessings, courage, hard-work, the environment plants and flowers et cetera and enjoying that breeds more of those feelings. It works the same way with the bad. A person who is happy and strong will bring more of this into their life. A sad person or upset person will usually bring more negatives. I always used to wonder about these marking phrases like, "be positive!" "Be proactive!" "Be The Best Version of Yourself" and so on... I used to wonder if it actually, really changed anything at all. Now, that I have seen how many people are in bad situations because they are put in those situations or can't deal with them, well, it never has a good outcome.

I do hope you will try Rooks cleansing method (as he gave it to you below). Also, my little bit of advice is try and do something you really enjoy with your time; take up a hobby like painting even if it's abstract, learn how to do graffiti or how to do cool logo/s and stuff, dye your hair a colour that suits you (if you're allowed to), choose a new nail colour or get some cool posters for your room! You can re-invent yourself. (It is not against the law and everybody is always changing and growing, you don't stay a mouse forever, you are a human and we change and become better people!)
aj_star, thank-you for coming onto YGS to share your story and ask people to read it, evaluate it, speculate on it and help or offer support as far as possible, if indeed, you encountered a malicious spirit.

The first thing I would like to ask you is how old are you? The way in which you describe your experience, the words you use and the maturation of your fears and how they were exploited make you seem much older then a teenager? The ghost that you describe, I am not familiar with, I am sorry. Your description of scaly bluish hands and yellow eyes sounds very frightening. Maybe somebody else knows what this is?

You asked, why did it happen to you and not to the other children? You can never know for 100% certain that the other children did not experience anything, at all. Maybe, their experience/s were just less frightening like something going missing, something that they didn't notice or something that did not effect them as badly as you. For some reason, according to your story, the ghost chose to make contact and interact with you, he/she physically pushed you but he/she did not touch the other children. The very first reaction that you responded with was fear and such was it that the ghost decided or understood that this is how your relationship works now. I know, it sounds strange but not all apparitions are ghosts, it can be any number of speculative paranormal phenomena. Also, the way in which the apparition chooses to interact or communicate with you is also speculative, we do not know for sure why it would scare you more then once, we just know that it understood "HOW" to scare you and did so, repeatedly.

Keep the "Lord Hanuman's" locket close by and follow the instructions of your Mother. This seemed to work and of course, no one wants to see you in any sort of problems again in future.

I hope my English was easy to understand. 😁
Date: 2017-04-09
littlebow320, what an intriguing and frightening experience. Most of us came to YGS www.yourghoststories.com because we had experienced something; an event, experience, made contact or witnessed something unexplainable, extraordinary, frightening or unbelievable which led us to think, could this be a real paranormal encounter? What did I see? Why did I see it, is there something I am supposed to do, like help? Or did I simply see something that I can't explain or don't ever want to think about, again?

There has been much discussion about shadow people, and I am no expert. The most important thing is to think about the experience very carefully and then, "feel" your way through it. By this, I mean your intuition, feelings and thoughts play a tremendous role in translating paranormal ghosts/spirits or encounters into a story, you might understand in the end.

I wish I had more information for you, but, I wanted to leave you in the comfort and knowledge that you are not alone, other people have had similar experience/s and you are, most likely, not going crazy. You are lucky (some might say), to have experienced the one encounter, only. While, others seek it out - sometimes it works very well and sometimes, it does not work at all and the "project" is unsuccessful. If you do experience anything like this in future, YGS has a list of paranormal investigators and other help and support groups in different areas on the site.