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Strange Noises And Movements? Continued (part Two, Update) on 2017-06-05

So a while ago I posted an experience about my encounter with the supernatural and I have updates if any of you are interested. (I would recommend reading my previous "story" to understand everything I will mention later on.) *Link to previous story provided by editor

Strange Noises And Movements? on 2017-01-03

Around a week ago, at roughly 1 o'clock at night, I was woken up by a strange tapping. It was a fast paced tap with a tinny/metallic ring to it. I sat up, attempting to locate the source of the noise. It continued as I held my breath to get a better sense of the origins. After no more than a minute ...

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Thank you both Tweed and Force for your comments. I will take on board the idea about the camera and will inform you about the results. I know it said that I probably won't respond to the comments but I do read each one over and over so I don't miss anything.

Thanks again,
Date: 2017-01-03
This story was great, thank you for sharing!

I always like the "companion" ghost stories and I'm glad he caused you and your cat no harm.