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Chunelle Maria Victoria C. EspaƱol
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I am an otaku... Still a student with a goal to be a pediatrician for kids... For me,to understand the true reason of everything whether it's unnatural is a key to knowledge...
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Elementary Experiences on 2017-01-19

I studied in a private school near our City Circle as a child. That private school was built on once-an-ancestral-house that was once a cemetery lot before. Now it's already a 2 sizes of a building side by side. Now at the time of my story it was once a one sized building. But my first ghost experie...

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I kind of feel you... In my old school when were 6th grade at our old comfort room at the last stall, an entity appeared... Scarred my classmate for a week... But before she did as soon as she was escorted by her friends into our class she was shaking & crying... 2 hours later (after our class ended) she shaked as if possessed. Mama later told me that what she saw was an aswang...