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United Kingdom
I've had a few experiences but I mostly like reading about other people's as they give me inspiration for my writing.

Signed up so I can finally post one of my experiences.
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Clicking Tarot Cards on 2017-01-05

This is long because it describes a couple events over about a year. I'm a 19 year old female from England and I was celebrating my 16th birthday when I used the tarot cards. The rest takes place months and then about a year afterwards. It was about midnight; my friends (about 5) were sleepin...

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Date: 2017-01-11
Hi Rook! Sorry I don't know if I can directly reply to comments.

I thought about looking up how to cleanse the deck if it was possible, but I'll be honest when I moved it out of my room I promptly forgot about it. I also figured that if I accidentally caused it what good would cleansing it do if I only messed it up again in future.

The clicking is hard to describe as it had a wooden sound, but not heavy in the way that dense woods creak. Imagine tapping lightly on the top of thin hollow wooden box with a long nail; that's all I can describe it as. Hence why I mistook it for my radiator for the first few nights.

Your theory about why Temperance appeared is intriguing as I've had some events in my life that have screwed my relationship with myself and others. Do you know anywhere I can find out more/how to prevent it from interrupting divination in the future?