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The Fair Lady, The Voice, And The Impersonator on 2017-01-17

This is entirely true, it happened to my step Mom about 4 years ago. There was a day she awoke with a terrible pain, she couldn't move her legs for the entire day and the next day also. We tried several medications but nothing worked, we tried taking her to the hospital, she spent several days there...

My First Encounter With A Jinn on 2017-01-12

This happened in Gombe, Nigeria. I was like eleven when I decided I wanted my own personal room, I have been sharing a room with my elder brother who's one year older than me. I lived in a three bed room apartment with my two siblings. My sister was having her own room, me and my brother were sharin...

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Its just not natural for you both to be friends, it comes with consequences. Just be careful.
Thanks for the compliment. It means alot. And I will surely do some research on clairaudience, I do hope its common.

We also thought of that. I can say that you are somehow right.

No, she wasn't pregnant at that time. But she has been suffering from High blood pressure.
PoliexterLy, naaa... What I meant was 'thirsty' please not 'tasty' Its a mistake.
' I hope you're not a cannibal '
Certainly not. Do they even exist.

Yeah it all happened in the same house with my previous story.

'Why would it be necessary to wake up your father only to go to the kitchen?' well I forgot to mention she was carrying a baby when the thirst thing happened. She always wakes my dad up to get her whatever she needs after we have all gone to bed.
Bear with me please, English is not my first language.
trentinray, thanks for your response. I really had wished for it to be something explanable but it isn't. I know what I saw. And so many things happened after that. This is my first post I will soon publish the rest.
lady-glow, thanks for the response. The separate apartment was part of the apartment allocated to my dad. Its more like a guest house. In Nigeria most government and rich men houses have what we call a BQ (boys quaters), some allow their maids and servants to live their, whilst others use it as guest houses.
Ours was just empty, its within the compound that's why I was allowed to live there. The compound is completely fenced, and you can only hear the music when you are inside the compound. There wasn't anything such as rent and utility bill for a government house. And lastly there wasn't any possibility of a break in because we were having two armed police men as security guards.