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Mišel Š.
My name is Mišel I wasn\'t believing in ghosts until a faced them so I started seeking for anwsers and had very creppy and some nice experience with the paranormal. Im going to continue to invetigate since it is more a hobby to me now and not just to explain what I have saw.
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The Knocks From Another Dimension on 2017-10-08

This story begins with me and my old friend having a few beers in my mancave, being bored we decided that we should do something thrilling since this was the first time we were chilling out after he had moved out of our town. (I will not use his real name.) It was getting dark and we went to see...

The Dead Drunk Man on 2017-01-16

It was a stormy night and I was going home from a friend of mine at about 10PM and I was stopping to take pictures of the lightnings and to smoke a cigarette. I was looking around myself if somebody was coming since I was 14 years old and people who would see me smoking would tell that to my parent...