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I have always had an interest in the paranormal. However, my interest has always been limited to reading about it and watching shows and movies about the paranormal on television. I do not want to come face to face with the paranormal... In short, I'm just too scared!

Despite that, I have had a few situations that (in my mind) are definitely paranormal. I am not that person that automatically jumps to the conclusion it's a "ghost" or "spirit"...I attempt to find a reasonable explanation for it then if none is found, I start thinking outside of the box.

I have been reading stories on this website for a long time and have always enjoyed it but never felt inclined to post anything. By comparison, my experiences seem too tame compared to others on here. Even though I feel that way, I have decided to sign up as a member and possibly post them anyway.:D
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My Grandmother's Hauntings on 2017-01-23

I was very close to my maternal grandmother and I loved her very much. I was the only grandchild out of 3 who would regularly go to see her or do anything for her. Lots of times when I would go to see her, I'd take us a meal and I'd spend a few hours with her. In the summer, we'd get a drink from th...

Evil In The Woods on 2017-01-16

It's daylight outside so I can finally relate this next experience. Honestly, I don't like thinking about it because it gives me chills... Serious chills... Every time I think about it. Joe (my ex-husband) and I had moved back to Salisbury, NC at that point and were visiting his family for Chris...

Various Experiences on 2017-01-16

My ex-husband (Joe) and I were living in a 3 bedroom home in a nice neighborhood in Kinston, NC. We had no kids, no pets, and no kids in the neighborhood... Our neighbors were the tame sort--pet store owner, retired dentist, firefighter, etc... The entire neighborhood was quiet and peaceful. One eve...

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Date: 2017-11-27
Aww... I'm so sorry for the loss of your beloved babies. I know that feeling all too well.

I had 2 babies that were Shih Tzu and Lhasa Apso mixed and they were siblings, born of the same litter. I had T-Bone for about 13 years before he passed away, and Prissy passed away this past September. She was a month shy of her 16th birthday.

I also had an experience with hearing the pitter-pat of doggie feet! You can read it here:


Once again, I am sorry for your loss. ❤
Date: 2017-11-20
I agree with Ruskin... Please do not attempt to take your own life!

It is my own personal opinion that you should seek out a medical doctor. It is possible that you are suffering hallucinations from a medical condition. Are you currently on any medications that would cause you to have hallucinations?

I would start by asking your doctor to refer you to have a brain scan. The mind is terribly complicated and any slight pressure or injury could cause you to hallucinate or hear things that aren't actually there.

Again, please do not even consider taking your own life!

It's good that you have reached out to help but don't let this be your last resort... Reach out to your medical community, as well. I know you said your husband/family think you are "mental" if you talk about what you have seen and heard but I think you should put some trust in your husband and share these things with him.

I hope you find a solution to your problems. Best wishes.
Is it possible that you had a fever at that time? Fevers, when they spike high enough, have been known to produce hallucinations. If not feverish, were you on any types of medication at the time?
Date: 2017-10-21
This was beautifully written, and you have no reason to apologize for the length of your experience. In my opinion, offering more details makes it a better story.

I'm so happy for you that you had this positive experience. Hopefully, it won't be the last for you.

Well done. 😊
I'm so very sorry for your loss. That is such a sad and tragic event. 😟
Date: 2017-09-08
If you believe these occurrences have something to do with the men you are talking to who are imprisoned, it's my opinion you should sever all contact with them. That would be a good start.
Date: 2017-08-15
I was glued to the screen while reading this! It's beautifully written and made me feel like I was nearby, witnessing this as it happened.

I'm sorry for the loss of your best friend. Hopefully by sharing this account you'll find some peace.
Date: 2017-08-13
Oh, it must be wonderful to have such caring guardians around when you need them! So glad to hear you weren't hurt badly from these incidents.

About your hair... I also have long hair that I keep a spiral perm in so I feel your pain about the knots! My solution is a leave-in hair treatment called Infusium-23. The hair salons use it and it's about 8 bucks (here in NC, anyways) at Sally's Beauty Supply or about 6 bucks for a slightly smaller bottle in K-Mart. I wash my hair in the shower, wring it out then apply the Infusium. You'll wonder how you ever lived without it... And it smells good, too.
Very interesting! To see it actually

I also had an incident that involved a strange appearance of money.

When I married in 1997, my husband and I moved to the area where he is from. I worked in a furniture store and worked with a lady who was getting married. Even though our finances were tight, I talked to my husband about giving her a card with money instead of a tangible gift. We discussed it and settled on $40, even though it was a strain on our budget.

I arrived at a local shopping center, one of those strip malls that has a few large stores and then smaller, specialty stores. The parking lot was busy as usual, there were people going to and from the shopping center. I tend to look down to see where I'm walking when I cross a parking lot, so I knew my path to the store was clear.

Almost to the store, I was about to cross over the "lane" (that driveway that goes past the stores) so I looked up then looked back down. Two steps in front of me on the ground was paper money. I stopped in my tracks and stared at it, then bent down to pick it up. It was $40, 2 $20 bills. My first thought was, somebody dropped this... I need to see who is closest and find out if it's theirs. I looked around to see who it could have belonged to and to my surprise, everything was STILL. It was very unnerving... There were no cars moving, no people in the parking lot AT ALL... Nobody coming in and out of the stores. I had a chill run up my spine when I realized this. I held the cash in my hand and crossed over into the store I was aiming for (card store). I never saw anyone that was in the area where I found the money, so I just thanked God for His blessing and put the money in the card.

My husband couldn't believe our good luck and all I could do was just feel weird about it, lol.
Date: 2017-06-02
"We wake up the next day and Chris realizes that there's no food... I was so hungover I woke up every hour to drink from it... I was currently awake after my fifth awakening to drink from my glass and relieve myself."

This paragraph confuses me, please clarify for me if you don't mind.

1) You both wake up THE NEXT DAY to find there was no food... Of which he left to go get some. 2) You woke up EVERY HOUR... 5 times... To drink from your glass while he was gone.

How long does it take him to get food? That's five hours...
I also strongly agree with Rook's explanation, although I am FAR from being any kind of expert. I don't think it could've been explained any more clearly.

Since I was a child, I have had the uncanny ability to predict who was calling when the phone rang. Mom would answer the phone most of the time and I'd say in my head who I thought it was, then find out later I was correct.

And since you asked about experiences, I have one I'd like to share.

I do not work, I am permanently disabled so I have a lot of time to kill daily. For the past several years, I have spent a lot of time in a 3D virtual world, making friends with people worldwide while honing my graphic design skills.

One day, I was in this virtual world hanging out with friends. There was myself, a male friend (Adam), and another couple who were girlfriend/boyfriend in the virtual world and had strong feelings for each other in "real life" (let's call them Jeff and Gigi). Gigi was leaving our virtual existence and would not be back and Jeff was quite upset about it, as he felt they'd never see each other again. Adam and I said our goodbyes to her and wished her well and that was it... Or so I thought. I went offline shortly after and was doing things around the house.

Suddenly I burst into tears. I had this very strong sadness come over me and I just bawled my eyes out... I had NO idea why and quite frankly, it scared the beejeezus out of me. I immediately called my then-husband Joe at work to make sure he was okay--he was fine. I called Momma to see if she was okay, and she was. I asked her to call Daddy at work to make sure he was okay. She called me back and said he was fine, and asked what was happening.

I explained to her how suddenly I had this intense sadness come over me and how I burst into tears and couldn't stop crying. After we talked, I hung up the phone and it seemed to dissipate shortly thereafter. This baffled me for two days, I just could not figure out what had happened.

A couple days after this experience, I saw Jeff in the virtual world and was making small talk. I remembered how sad he was about Gigi leaving and suddenly had an idea... So I asked him about what time it was that she logged out of the virtual world for the final time. He told me and I went on to ask him if they had a really big emotional scene and he said they had...

By the time I got through questioning him, lol, I had come to the conclusion that somehow I had picked up on his strong sadness about her leaving. It was really strange for me because Jeff and I were friends but not that close. I don't know why I would've felt what he was feeling but... The time frame he gave me was about the same time I had broken down in a crying fit.

As far as the "movie" that you saw when you sat in Todd's seat, I also feel like it was not something you "caused" to happen... I agree with what was already said about the strong emotions that Todd was experiencing was basically ingrained on the seat, and you just happen to be a receiver.
Date: 2017-02-15

Honestly, Bigfoot--or anything "beastly"--was not the impression I got from what happened. With the way that the wind kicked up, the sudden rustling of the trees, the coldness... It felt so evil. The impression I got was something spirit-like, since I could not see anything and it just *sounded* like something was jumping from tree to tree (plus, the trees swaying).

I actually had a nightmare once of a wraith-like figure that swerved through my parents' home. Nightmares are not something I have frequently, in fact... Rarely do I ever have one. The ones I have had were very frightening. I only remembered this I felt the need to write it down and recently came across the written paper. I think (without re-reading it) that I had turned it into a story for English Lit class...anyways...the same terror I felt from that nightmare was the same type of terror I felt that night when I was out with the dogs.

It's not a regular occurrence for me to be faced with an evil feeling in the woods or yard, lol... But all the same, I have a fear of something attaching itself to me and I'm unable to defend myself against it or getting rid of it. I'm just thankful nothing bad happened that night.

Thanks for reading and commenting.
Date: 2017-02-15

I also believe the man walking through my home was passing through... I feel like if it was residual energy, he would've been a repeat occurrence but nothing else ever happened there.

I don't like walking over big things like the big furnaces, either. If you're walking on it barefoot or in socks feet, it hurts to walk on it. Also, there's that eerie feeling when the grate "gives" that you'll go plummeting into the bottom, so yeah... I totally get that, lol.

Thank you for reading and commenting, I'm glad you enjoyed it. 😊

Thank you for your condolences.

You are right, death comes when least expected and yes, they are free from earthly woes...

I suppose I am in the "bargaining" stage, never considered that angle before. I do wish I had the opportunity to make things right with my brother, but... Even if he had not accepted anything I had to say I would still be at peace over it because... At least I got the *chance* to try and make things right. That would ease so much of the guilt I feel today.

I initially sought grief counseling because every time I talk about Momma or Junior I start to cry and cannot stop. I went into a depressive state and was there for a long time so I sought help. After starting to work with a therapist, I realized there is more I needed to deal with... Even my therapist said, "Wow, you've been through a lot!". My main goal is just to be able to mention them without the waterworks flowing, that would be a huge accomplishment.

Thank you for your suggestion about the candles but that is not something I would do. My nieces and nephew and my former sister-in-law's family go to Junior's grave and add all kinds of junk to his stone to "memorialize" him. It adds up to making it so junky and I don't need to add more "junk" to the world... I hope you don't take offense, it's just not my thing.

Thank you for reading and for your kind words.

Not a strange suggestion at all, I'm pretty open-minded about most things. I am of Christian faith, and I do pray quite often and HAVE... Asking for peace in mind and heart and asking for help in resolution of my emotional turmoil.

I'm not a Brit (Southern gal, here) but I do drink hot tea, lol... Coffee does strange things to me that you don't want to know about. 😆

I have actually already done what you've suggested. At the time of my brothers death, I was leaving home daily to go to Mom & Dads home to receive guests and just be with the family. My parents were a mess, especially Daddy. Daddy and Junior were best friends and I think it was harder on him than it was for Momma. I tried my best to hold it together and be strong for them and when I got home every night, I would just fall apart. Every day for a week I sat on my sofa and talked to Junior about how sorry I was for everything that had transpired between us, etc.

That ended one day when this happened...

At the end of my sofa and against the wall is a wooden bookcase, it's about 4-4.5 feet tall. It's heavy and a real solid piece of furniture and has mostly books on it. It does not wobble at all and the floor is not warped (cement floor under the carpet). On the top shelf of the bookcase sits the electronic unit for my cable TV. It's about the size of a VCR and also sits solidly, no wobble to it. On top of that unit, I have a framed photo of my brother with our cousin. I have checked several times and the frame sits solidly and also not wobbly.

One day when I was talking to Junior, the framed picture of Junior and our cousin fell to the floor. I stopped talking and just sat there, stunned. I was in an emotional state but was trying to figure out what just happened. I picked it up and put it back in it's place and waited to see if anything else would happen. It didn't.

Here's the thing... The frame sits in the *center* of the electronic cable unit, on top of it. In order for the frame to have "fallen" from the unit, it would've had to have been on the edge of it which it wasn't. I am absolutely certain of this. In order for the picture to have fallen off, it would've had to have been pushed. This is when I checked the solidity of the bookcase. It simply does not sway or move.

That was the last time that I sat and talked to Junior. I can't say for certain it was a paranormal event, I just simply do not have an explanation for it.

Thank you for your kind words and suggestion.
Biblio and Myst...

I am sitting figuring out how much I want to reveal in regards to your comments.

Biblio, you hit the nail on the head--it's pain. I don't want to and never have wanted to admit that. But your words hold so much value to me right now, and here is why.

I'm in grief therapy right now... Not for Granny, who passed away in 2006 but for Momma (passed away June 28, 2015) and for Junior, my brother (passed away August 8, 2013).

I hold a lot of guilt over their deaths due to a couple of things: my brother and I were estranged at the time of his death over something that was a misunderstanding on my part. I never got to reconcile with him and he died in a single vehicle car accident.

I also hold a lot of guilt over Mom's death because, as with Granny, I did not go to see her in the nursing home. She was in a nursing home for about 1.5 yrs, where her health declined. The nursing home was a little over an hour away from me but because I drive an old, unreliable truck that I was afraid to drive over there. My dad basically lived there with her, he came home once or twice a month and did laundry, etc... I checked the mail and kept an eye on the house in general while he was gone. I found every excuse in the book not to go over there because I just did not want to see her there. She was my best friend... We talked every single day on the phone.

The day she was moved to hospice I finally caught a ride with my aunt and uncle and went to see her. That evening, I left her about 7pm and 12 hours later she was gone. My dad kept saying, "She was waiting on you to come before she died..."

Can you imagine the guilt that has plagued me over these two situations on top of not seeing Granny in the nursing home? I felt like a coward because I was not able to face up to what was happening, and I didn't take steps to visit any of them to make things right. I should have made things right between me and Junior and I more than should have went to visit Granny and Momma.

So, thank you both... Biblio and Myst... For your comments... Because you are making me look at the problem dead on--no pun intended. That will make grief therapy more productive.
Date: 2017-02-12
I guess it's apparent the OP does not speak English very well so in reference to the question

"...Then try to take out my pen (using this word to avoid rude things)..." Does he mean genitalia?

...I would assume "pen" is short for "penis". He DID say "Then try to take out my pen (using this word to avoid rude things)."
Tweed: I read the story link you's interesting that the poster had the same sort of experience.

I don't have a lot of knowledge about "scrying", but isn't that when someone deliberately seeks out information/images by using a mirror or glass? Deliberately being the key word...

Granny's experience with the moving picture (and the author of the experience you provided) did not "deliberately" go looking for this... So would this still qualify as being a type of scrying event?

As far as her reconciling with what happened... I don't know if she ever did or not. When she would tell me these stories of hers it would always be in her "matter of fact" voice... With little or no emotion. In those times (she was born 1911), life was harder than it is today. They didn't have the electronics and such we have today so it's not as easily dismissed as being "oh, someone is playing a trick on me with their phone/image projector, etc" I don't know what her deep and intimate thoughts really were on what happened... I never dug that deep when she told me the stories. I do know that life was... For lack of a better word..."stringent" for her. Growing up with strict parents, she had little freedom as compared to what we have today growing up as children. She married young to a man that was a little more than twice her age and spent her life taking care of him, especially when he had a stroke and was an invalid while she was pregnant with her second child. When he passed, she found out the business they had was bankrupt, basically... So she came away with 2 children to take care of and no way to do it. Life was harder for her than it had ever been at that point, so in all, she had a tough life from start to finish. So to her, I guess the moving picture event was just another thing that happened and maybe not something she would dwell on so much due to the other things in life she had going on. She did tell me on occasion that there was a lot she couldn't do because they were always on restriction. I feel like that had a lot of influence on how she looked at things... She didn't dwell on a lot of things because she knew it wouldn't do any good, anyways.

Thank you for your kind words, I'm glad you enjoyed reading my submissions. Thanks for commenting. 😊
BrokenTree, I am sorry for your loss. Best wishes to you and your family.
Hi Biblio:

Thank you for the detailed explanation... It is always good to hear the explanation of the reasons why what someone said is true or false instead of just saying its wrong or right... So thank you for that.

I did love Granny very much and it was very difficult to see her go through this, and that's one reason why I didn't go to see her as often as I should have once she entered the nursing home. I am a coward in that regard... I just did not want to face what was happening.

Thank you also for your kind words and for commenting.