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I am a career PGA Club Golf Professional. I am a accomplished Teacher of the game of Golf. I am in the process of a publishing a book on my golf teaching methodology. I have one US Patent on a golf product, and have several new golf training aids that I have designed, and ready for US Patent.

I have no background in ghosts, the paranormal, or anything that would have made me experience the events that occurred to me over the years. I try to keep an open mind to the unexplained in our Universe. I have been told that because of this Spirits may be comfortable with me, and may see me as a doorway. I was told, by a paranormal specialist, to be very careful about being over welcoming at the onset of a future possible event. It is difficult to share the stories with others because, naturally people will think that I am "crazy". So, like many others I have kept the experiences, mostly to myself. Until now...
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A Silent Scream For Help on 2017-01-26

Please note that this is not a ghost story, but more about the unexplained mysteries surrounding our "Human Senses". I do not proclaim to have any gifts along those lines that would make me different from anyone else. However, the events in this story are true, and raised some obvious questions that...

The "departure" on 2017-01-18

The story that I am about to share with you began on a Thursday, I believe it was 3/12/16. I am not a paranormal enthusiast, nor do I proclaim to have any special gifts that would explain the circumstances that found me. I do not suffer from any medical maladies such as Bi-Polar Disorder or any othe...

Feeling "pressed Down" In My Bed While Sleeping on 2017-01-18

I am a healthy adult male, and I do not suffer from any medical maladies such as Bi-Polar Depression or related Anxieties. I have never been on medication, nor I have I ever been prescribed to be on any medication for these symptoms. I can remember (3) times in my life where this event happened....

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Date: 2017-02-04
Hi Babygoatpuller,

As I said to Rook, safety had to come first. We did resolve the problem, but the golfers were not very happy at all.

I guess if the train derailed once a week and ended up, tipped over, in your backyard the Railroad would be forced to do something about it? Just kidding, and thanks for your comment. Mike
Date: 2017-02-04
Hi Bluemer04,

Thank you for your comment, and glad you enjoyed the story. Unfortunately, Anna did pass away from natural causes many years ago. She would be over 100 now if she were still alive. Thanks again, Mike
Date: 2017-02-04
Hi Desertmoon,

Thank you very much for your comment. I am glad that you enjoyed it. Mike
Date: 2017-02-04
Hi Argette,

I actually did not think the story would get posted because it is not a ghost story. But, it did. Thank you for your kind comments. Mike
Date: 2017-02-04
Hi rookdygin,

Your feelings about the golf course being there before the homes is exactly how all the golfers at the club felt. However, safety always comes first. We did resolve the situation by changing over to a "Camen" golf ball. The golfers did not like it, though, because the ball only travels a short distance before falling harmlessly to the ground.

Thanks for your kind comments. Mike
Date: 2017-01-31
Hi Caz,

I know it is hard to believe. I would have a hard time believing it too. However, I did take the advice from some other members, and sent the story to ASPR in New York City. I have asked for their help in assessing this event. I hope they respond. If they do, I will post their comments.

Thanks, Mike
Hi Arabella,

Thanks for your insights on SP. It was explained to me, in detail, by others on this web-site. Now I understand it all much better.

However, while my first two incidents fall into the category of classic SP, the third one was very much different? It had a little more going on than the first two? So, on goes mystery. There was a definite element of the paranormal.

I guess we will never really know. Thanks again, Mike
Date: 2017-01-30
Hi Sweetsunshine1800,

I did sort of stumble upon this web-site. When I saw that you could share your own experiences, I joined so that I could finally write about it.

The few people I tried to explain it to did not believe me, and thought I had gone off the deep end. Even the doctors at the hospital thought I was nuts. I guess I can't blame them. If this encounter is rare, it needs to be looked at by some experts.

I took the advice of Manafon1, and Tweed and sent the story to ASPR in New York City. I promised to post any feedback that I may receive from them. Thanks for your comments. Mike
Date: 2017-01-30
Hi Sweetsunshine1800,

I did sort of stumble upon this web-site. When I saw that you could share your own experiences, I joined so that I could finally write about it.

The few people I tried to explain it to did not believe me, and thought I had gone off the deep end. Even the doctors at the hospital thought I was nuts. I guess I can't blame them. If this encounter is rare, it needs to be looked at by some experts.

I took the advice of Manafon1, and Tweed and sent the story to ASPR in New York City. I promised to post any feedback that I receive may from them. Thanks for your comments. Mike
Date: 2017-01-28
Hi Kikigirl,

I don't know if I responded to your comment. But, I know that I do not have your experience in such events. I have read your stories, and you seem to have the gift. If I did anything to help those spirits find their way, it was by accident. I was a fumbling keystone cop.

Thanks for your comment, and I will keep following your stories. Mike
Date: 2017-01-27
Hey Manafon1 and Tweed,

I sent a detailed letter to ASPR as you suggested. I explained everything. I expressed that their area of expertise, in the interest of science, would be greatly appreciated in this matter.

I will post all correspondence if I receive any? Thanks, Mike
Date: 2017-01-27
Hi Elrond,

I have never heard that some cultures equate the "thumbs up" sign as being equivalent to the "finger" sign. That would certainly explain the sad reaction.

As far as drugs go, I do not take any. Lite Beer is as far as I go. I did have a blood test done at the emergency room immediately after everything. The doctors thought I was on drugs too. But, there were no drugs or alcohol in my system.

At the request of a couple of other members in the comment section, I did just contact ASPR. I sent a detailed letter asking them if they could take a moment to shine some light on all of this.

I will post any information that I may get from them. Thanks for your comment. Mike
Date: 2017-01-27
Okay Manafon1 and Tweed,

Everything is up to date with regards to responding to comments here. So I am going to leave for awhile, and try to get in touch with ASPR as you have suggested. I will let you know how it goes. First I have to drop some acid. Just kidding. I will touch back later. Mike
Date: 2017-01-27
Hello Manafon1,

Well, I just addressed Tweed's hypothesis. And, I suppose that something like that can happen. However, I personally, have never read of, or heard of, anyone being drugged by food at a restaurant. That kind of thing can dig a little into your overhead can't it?

There was no restaurant at the motel. Maybe the local Deli, or McDonalds, was running a special promotion on some new recipes that I was not aware of? I was not out dining out, and certainly was not bringing food in from any kind of establishments that you have mentioned.

As I stated to TWEED, after the ordeal, I took myself directly to the emergency room. The doctors suspected drugs or alcohol as the culprit. They did a full blood test checking my liver, and kidneys.

They found no drugs. Everything was perfectly normal. However, the geniuses did send me home with a prescription to be put on drugs, and a $3,000.00 bill for the one hour visit. I threw the prescription in the garbage on my way out, and I am paying the bill over time.

Thanks for your input, Mike
Date: 2017-01-27
HI Tweed,

Well, I have stated that I would even have a hard time believing all of this, even after my experience. I have been asked if I "Tripped Acid". I explained that while do have occasional acid indigestion, I find that Alka Seltzer works just fine for me.

I'm sure to many it sounds like I was on some drug or hallucinogen. However, as I stated in the story, I took myself directly to the emergency room. Of course the doctors figured the same thing as you. So they did a full blood test checking my liver, and kidneys, etc.

There were no drugs in my system, and I was perfectly healthy. However, the geniuses then wanted to put me on drugs. I threw the prescription in the garbage on my way out.

So, there were no drugs. It might be easier for me to think that there were. Thanks for your input. Mike
Date: 2017-01-27
Hi Manafon1,

I did feel drained after the incident or "dazed" as I described it. I was very concerned about my eyes because after the event, I was still being shown graveyards even with my eyes closed. One of the mean spirits did say "that's where you will be someday". And, if I could not rid my eyes of those kinds of visions, then I would have been heading to my early grave sooner rather than later.

I did have a little trouble finding my way to our local hospital. It was only 10 minutes away, and I found myself driving in the wrong direction against oncoming traffic. The drivers were blinking there lights at me. I was wondering what there problem was. Then I realized I was going the wrong way. So, yes I was drained, and confused to say the least. But, I did manage to turn around, and find my way safely.

As far as the Asian ghost mistaking "my thumbs" up for giving her the "finger", I described what I saw. I have no knowledge of how ghosts see in the dark.

When the "Host" Ghost presented himself to me for the last time. He stood by my bed, over me as I was laying down, with is left hand on his hip. He had a warm smile on his face. He then extended his right hand to me, and waited for me to take it. I extended my right hand to his. I could not feel his hand, but placed my hand according to his. Our hands moved up, and down in unison. I believe that I was just following his lead. It was a normal handshake. He was a human presence. His hands, and body were in clear human form. He was the one in color too. There were only two others that appeared in color that early morning.

Some of the ghosts that stayed in the dark during this event, did come to the side of my bed to say "goodbye". At least, that's how I interpreted it? Out of the 9 or so that came, only about 3 were women. The women offered to kiss my cheek, and then offered their cheek to me. I returned the gesture. The other male ghosts either extended their hand to me, or just gave a nod as they passed by. I could feel no touching, only a "going through the motion" of the gesture.

I was curious about your mention of the word "telepathic". While I stated that there were no words spoken. I seemed to understand everything being said to me beyond reading lips. Is this what you mean by telepathic?

I will contact the ASPR. And, to answer your last question "did I ever drop acid"? You are the second person to ask me that. Aside from occasional acid indigestion, I would not really know what "Acid" is? I never did it, and I did not know anyone that ever did it, or at least they did not tell me about it. Alka Seltzer works fine for me.

I would like to clarify something that caught my own eye while reading my account. The event began at 2:45 am and ended with the ghost's departure at 4:45 am. I miscalculated. The event lasted 2 hours, not 3. I never was good at math.

Thanks very much for your input. I appreciate it. As I have said to others, I would have a hard time believing all of this story too. Even after what happened to me. All doubts are completely warranted.

I am an accomplished expert in the game of golf, not the paranormal. Why these 13 or more ghosts came to me instead of there own family, and friends is a sad mystery to me? They should have been elsewhere, don't you think?

As I have said to the other's, luckily this is the only ghost story I have. I do not have anymore lined up. I do not have any semi-regular sightings of family, friends, etc. So I am all tapped out. One like this, in a lifetime, should be enough for anyone. I will not welcome any second chances should they ever present themselves again.

I have submitted one more true story, but it has nothing to do with ghosts. It's a story about the mysteries surrounding our "Human Senses".

If you have any other thoughts please let me know. Thank you for you time, and knowledge in this particular area of science. I have none. Mike
Hi Wish-not,
Thanks for clearing that up for me. That makes more sense. Mike
Date: 2017-01-26
Hi Hawkseye12002,

I have replied to everyone that had a comment, and will continue to. I have answered every question in detail. If there is anything else I can share, let me know. But, I think I covered it all. Luckily for everyone, I do not have anymore ghost stories. I am all tapped out. One in a lifetime should be enough for anyone.

I will focus on your stories. Thanks, Mike
Date: 2017-01-26
Hi Argette,

Envisioning Richard Simmons, in my room, really would have been a horror story!

I can see him now in his shorty shorts having all the other ghosts "Sweaten' to the oldies". I would have left for sure.

Thanks, Mike
Date: 2017-01-26

I forgot to answer your one last question. The Inn that I stayed in was fairly modern. I grew up in the Brookfield area, and there were no stories of anything out of the ordinary ever happening there.

After the event, I did go to get my morning coffee in the office. I started to share my story with one of the young gals that worked the morning shift. The night manager that I had initially called that night, was in the back of the office, and heard us talking. She immediately came out to the front, and politely stopped the conversation.

I understood. It might be bad for business if the Inn got a reputation for being Haunted. During my brief conversation, the gal at the counter mentioned that it might be cool to send some local paranormal investigators to check out the room. That's when the night manager came running out front!

Nothing more was said. I personally feel that the incident was random. I stayed in the room for weeks more with no fear or feeling anything negative.

However, there is one more thing that I forgot about. The following night I went to bed at my usual 10:00pm. I should have no problem falling asleep, because of the activities the night before. I closed my eyes, and again there was something fluttering under my eyelids.

It appeared to be an orb. It was slightly orange in color. I immediately sat up in bed, and said, "If that is any of you guys coming back for a visit, you are not welcome! "Go away, last night was enough"!

Whether it was an orb or not I do not know, but I wasn't taking any chances. I laid back down, and my eyes were clear.

Thanks for your comments. I hope I answered your questions. Mike