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I am a fifty two year old woman who is first generation American. My parents are both from Europe. Mum from England and Dad Germany. My Gran is from Ireland. I have grown up with stories of the woman in our family as "white Witches". These woman were the midwives and healers of their times. They did not practice black magic. All of the woman in my family were said to be empathic and very sensitive.
I was a very spiritual person since I first went to church as a young child and on into my early 20's. By my Mum's side of the family anything strange or supernatural is taken in stride and deeply discussed all around. By my father's side I was taught by faith not to mess with the supernatural so I tend to look for explanations before I look at the spiritual/supernatural side of things.
I am now in my 50's and I am exploring my beliefs and finding that I am more open to new thoughts and ideas than ever before. I have had experiences in my life that I will eventually share on this site. Thank you!
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It Wasn't Supernatural... Or Was It? on 2017-08-20

The year was 1970. I know this because this happened when I was in kindergarten. My family Mum, Dad, two brothers had all moved in to a brand new 4 bedroom ranch style home in Huber Heights Ohio. We had an acre of land that had once been farmland. Our home was built on a single street with homes on ...

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Hello Ghostofme,

Thank you for sharing your experience. I truly hope you are able to maybe help the little spirit find peace. I believe she really is trying to share her story of what happened to her.

If you do a cleansing or other ritual that does help the child and the haunting stops I would be very grateful to hear about it. Welcome and Be well.

I just read this account last out of the three stories you shared with us. I must say they seem foreign and unbelievable and yet so do aliens, mythology, angels, science fiction, ghosts, demons and thousands of other things big and small! That has never stopped me from reading everything about them that I can!

I've never been to the Philippines but I have had a friend from there and he was a very interesting, nice person. We never discussed any of those things... Because they would have been conversations I would not forget!

I hope you keep contributing stories Coldsoul I enjoy your accounts.
Be Well,
Ann 😊
ColdSoul, I am very sad that I find myself not believing in your story. It is just to far from anything that I can... And yet I wish I could because it is a very sweet and whimsical story.
It reminds me of an old story where a male human goes into fairy land and falls in love with a fairy and they stay young and beautiful and in love. One day somehow he returns to the real world and he is so very old and never finds his way there again.
It also reminds me of a book series where this girl is brought into this alternative world and is loved be a male fairy. She has powers and adventures. It is a pretty good series. I'll try to remember the name of it.
I enjoyed your story anyway and I thought it was well written. Thanks for sharing.
Be Well,
I truly enjoyed reading about this beautiful, haunting place. I am going to look up Lonavala as well. I can't wait to see it.
I somehow can't help thinking that if it was your GraUnc that contact you with the whistles and the taps that he was not trying to make you ill.
I believe that at times just being in contact with the supernatural can have different affects on us... I've heard of fevers and delirium following spiritual contact or following spiritual rituals.
Maybe, and I know I'm reaching here, the possibility that maybe your GraUnc was trying to pass to you that he was in a state of fever when he went out on the rocks, slipped and fell and hit his head.
Either way, it sounds like you have some beautiful memories to fill your soul. Be Well.
Date: 2017-09-17
Hi ElectroCutieWitchpyre,

In 1963 I also lost my brother, he was full term and died due to the umbilical cord strangling him as he was being delivered. Not long after him I was born in 1964 and would have suffered the same fate as my brother if not for the quick actions of a young resident who cut the cord from my neck thus saving me. (as it was I lost valuable oxygen leaving family and my doctor to worry about my future).

My brother may have visited me before I even knew about him in the form of my "imaginary" friend.
(read my first contribution to YGS for about that encounter).

Either way, no one would talk to me about my brother either, then one day my Father told me about him telling me bot to speak of him to my mother.

Anyway, I appreciated reading about you, your brother and Grandmother. Thank you for sharing!

Be Well,
Ann 😊

Hello, I'm late to the game but I wanted my turn at bat so to speak... I find your experiences very interesting. I also admire that you have been able to keep some humor with your comment of not doing battle naked.
Like you, I am also unnerved by my experiences with the unexplained even though I have not went through anything compared to what you have experienced.
I find that I am obsessed at the same time with most things supernatural and mysterious. I desire to understand what happens to us after we die on this earth and even more so to understand just what in the heck I'm supposed to be doing here... Thank you for sharing.
Be Well,
Date: 2017-09-14
Hello Ghostmachine,

I read your ghost story and really enjoyed it. I am wondering about the history of your dorm. Do you know anything about it or have the name and location?

It would be easier to figure out what visited you in your dorm that night if there was some records of the building, lands and people.

I do not know what is was but from your story it does not sound like it was something bad... More like the friendly old school ghost checking to see that you were alright being all alone in the dorm that night.

Did it feel friendly? Either way I think I might have freaked out a bit if it happened to me!

Thanks for sharing and I look forward to reading any other stories you might have.

Be Well,
Date: 2017-09-12
Monkeynavigated, Hello,

This is a sweet ghost story. I hope Dot is through with the colic now. I enjoyed this story; simple but it makes you think.
It amazes me how children, babies and animals can see things right there in the room with us and most of us can not see a thing.
I am going to read your other two stories here in a minute. Just wanted to dash a quick note to you to tall you I liked your story.

Be Well,
Ann 😊

P.S. Can someone please tell me what the little +2, + 1 and + 3's beside the top of some people's comments on here means? Also, what do the Karma points mean? I could use all of the good Karma I can get!
I'm sure it has been explained on this site somewhere, but I am too sick and lazy to try and fine it on my own tonight... 🙄
Hello Allicat,

I want you to know that I am so very sorry about your little girl. I lost my youngest son 12-21-16. So I can relate to your anguish and pain. It really feels surreal, like this is my new reality now? I see my son often and I had 2 dreams about him.

The first dream was pretty awful. I won't go into it right now. My second dream was really positive. My son walked up to me out of no where and I don't think he talked but he held me and I kept saying "Come back to me" and how much I love and miss him...

I think there is a strong need to know they are okay after passing. I did all kinds of things to try to find out if he was safe and out of pain now.

I have very little of my son's belongings and notebooks. He wrote about everything and it was really pretty awesome. I feel attached to them like his belongings are sacred right now.

I can't imagine how our family is going to live in a future were he in not physically there. I feel SO much guilt that I did not do enough, That I could have done things differently.

Since I've calmed down from the initial shock and zombie mode, and the I have to make sure they are alright phase... You start to breath again and function more like a person than a zombie.

I have felt him around me, but I have not seen him while I'm awake.

You have to go through all of the grieving process. Feel what you feel and do not feel ashamed about any of your grief.

You will be able to start to let her go but in your own time and your own way. Like all things it takes time.

I do not like the sound of the spirit in your living room at all. Like everyone said... Cleanse you house and do what ever you have to do to feel safe and heal again.

Be Well,
Greetings thatqueenb,

I read your story and if I understand it the house your family built is the same house built new on the plot of land...

Have you had a chance to read up on the plot of land your house was built upon? I've read several stories and books where they talk about the land itself being the source of the trouble.

The people your father saw could be from the land... But the thing that screamed in your sister's face almost sounds like maybe she saw this creature on television, movie or something. A bad nightmare perhaps?

After ruling those things out... I am sure I would be severely freaked out if I were anyone in your family.

I have a question. In your sister's room, why a shrine to Buddha? Just wondering.

I hope nothing else happens to you or your family. There are several authors on YGS that can give you some real advice. I just want you to know there are people out there who care.

Be Well,

Hello, I've read your other stories on here and really found them interesting and well written. I enjoy hearing about how young gifted persons like your daughter start out and how their families support them.

Jamospollypop said "I don't think it is the house it's both of you." I really have to say that I agree.

I enjoyed this very much. Look forward to reading more from you.

Be Well,
Ann 😊
Dear Cas,

This story sounds like one I've read on here before... I do not remember the advise everyone gave him/her... I am not any kind of expert but I know enough to become bothered when I read your account.

I do know that it does not take much to open the door to dark energies. The more you let them into your life the more they destroy it. The seduction can soon turn to horror.

I see that you are seeking help. I feel like you are telling us that you want help and rightly so.

I know some of the things that I would do but I do not know the proper things to tell you and leave this to some of the more knowledgeable contributors. Rook and Lady-glow, Melda... Are a few that come to my mind.

I hope this is some help to you.
Be Well,
Ann 😟
Hello Shelbyloree,

Thank you for sharing The Elephant Story with me. I have heard a story sort of like that before... But in a different context. Your telling of this story really helped. I appreciate it!

I did not see that you had sent me a message until today because of some other issues keeping me away from this wonderful site.

Shelbyloree, I am about too read all of the things you have submitted to YGS.

I look forward to reading your submissions!
Be Well,
Ann 😊
Hi Lady-Glow,

Thank you for taking the time to comment on my story. I am so happy that I have a place to share and read and learn! I have read all of your submissions and I completely enjoyed them! Thank you!
I've experienced some other things in my life but nothing like Blinky! Nothing so comforting or positive.
I look forward to reading more from you too!

Be Well,
Ann 😊
Hello Randym,

Just had a chance to see your new comments. I must say I found them very informative and thought provoking. (at least for me!) Once again, thank you. I find it heartwarming to think my brother Charles might have been looking out for me. It is certainly a special memory for me!
The idea of the spiritual world is newer to me and it makes me ask if there is life after death than does reincarnation play a roll in it? Or is it just a spiritual realm? (I don't mean "just"as in not of impressive magnitude but as in only if that makes sense?) What of God and life in other solar systems? Why is there good and evil/positive and negative?
I feel like there is finally a place to explore these questions and ideas! I am very curious!
One last thing Randy... I really enjoyed reading your own story. I'm interested in the very concept of you contacting your Mother in the Spirit World. I think it was beautiful how your Mother made you feel so incredible!
I have so many questions! I am sorry. I do not expect or even ask you to respond to all of my queries Randy. Thanks again!
Be Well,
Hi Miracles51031,

Thank you for the advice. Good to know. I actually knew how long ago this story was posted. I have been going through YGS and reading all of the new posts, if I like the post then I read every post that person has submitted. When I run out of those I pick a topic or state/country I find interesting then read all of those.
I was working on Georgia when I came upon this entry. It disturbs me to see or read about abuse. I left a comment in case she ever came back to look at the advice and comments.
I knew it was a very long shot. Still did it. I will more than likely do it again. Actually, I think I already have.
I really appreciate you taking the time to give me some advice! I have a feeling not many people will comment on my posts because I tend chat a lot.

Be Well,
Hello Randy,

Thank you for commenting on my experience. I was very nervous trying to write about it, and describing events from over 30 years ago. One thing for sure. I never forgot that event in my life. Ever.
The only relatives that were not alive at that time were my brother Charles who had died shortly after he was born and my paternal Grandfather also Charles. (my brother had been named after him) The rest of my grandparents were still alive at that point in time. I never knew either of them though and Charles was a baby... Can a baby feel concern for a sister he never met?
I guess it could have been any number of people on my Mum's side.
Either way, I am not psychic so I did not think I could see a spirit...
Randy, I must say I am very sorry you, your wife and your twins went through Leukemia together. I am glad you chose to share with your girls about it. Information often makes fear more manageable I have fund over the years, and you seemed to know at that time. Not knowing what was going on only made me more afraid and made me blame my sister for loosing our family.
I imagine that must have been a horrific time in your lives, yet you seem to have gotten through it since you said to this day she is still very protective of her. I am happy for you...
Again, thank you for commenting. I never even considered my brother before... Could it be? I guess my Grandfather is still more likely.

Be Well,
I understand what it is like to live with abuse and the totally bad environment it creates. It is toxic. It is destructive and sooner or later it will affect you. The thing is you can let it control your life or you can not allow it to run your life. The mind is very powerful and it can create situations to protect you from all of the stress you are going through.
With that said you can do things to protect yourself. As Clever210 said you can do a cleansing in your room. You can protect yourself as well by working to get out of you mother's ex abusive husband's house. Strive to stay away from negative people in your life. I do not know what to tell you to do with any psychic powers you might have. I do know you can mentally surround yourself with light and good energy. You can reach out for help for you and your Mon. There are people out there who will help you. Check with your local hospital.
Be Well,
Date: 2017-08-15
Dear val,
This story means a great deal to me. I really love your writing anyway but this story touched my heart like no other. I lost my youngest son Dec. 21, 2017 from a heroin overdose. I did not know what to think would happen to him in death. I was devastated about it. His life had not been what I would have wished for him.
Since his passing I have felt him with me at many moments. I believe he has played some gentle pranks on me and I feel him when I am watching tv on the couch. (I have had many health issues so I'm on the couch a lot) He and I used to watch tv together and he would always make me laugh.
Still, I was not sure if any of that was real or if it was wishful thinking...
My younger brother goes to a spiritualist and right after Pat died my brother went to the spiritualist and "spoke" with Pat. Pat said many things but he also said he was free now and was with family.
Still skeptical... I went to a psychic. I was told Pat was on the couch with me when I was watching tv. He said Pat saw me release a balloon into the sky the night of his funeral. He also said Pat wanted me to have his green notebook. I had no idea how to find this because he was all over the place before he died. At last I told my brother in California this and he was like "I have his green notebook in my garage in a box of his things. I just saw it the other day".
My brother sent it to me but I have not had the courage to read it yet.
Anyway, your story and the gentle way your son interacted with you really touched my heart. Thank you Val.
Be Well

Date: 2017-07-28
Dearest Tweed,

Hello, I have never experienced anything like her Fireball. Nor have I experienced anything lighting up. However my older sister insists that she had experiences with alien beings. She has some experiences that freaked me out. I never fully believed her as a teenager but as I got older I kind of wonder... She has kept to the same stories. They never waiver or change facts.
I really am interested in you and your Moms story. I'm about to explore your other contributions on YGS. To you and your Mom be well.
Ann 😊