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Gorgeous Day - Paralyzing Fear on 2017-01-26

I have told this story very few times to very few people. This is the only paranormal experience I have ever had. Thankfully. I was a junior in college at Mississippi State University. One Spring Saturday, I left campus to drive 25 miles away to the small town where the girl I was dating was at ...

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Manafon1 - no, they were not psychic impressions of other people.

I was shown quite clearly who I had been, people in my past families and places I had lived. I was shown the progression of all those lives from one to another and how that progression ended at this one with the 'me' I am now.

I was shown that someone in my current family (my maternal Grandmother) had been my child about 6 lives ago. She and I had always been particularly close when I was a child and when I was shown we had been closely related in that previous life, our special relationship made complete sense to me.

You may indeed be at the end of your cycle.
Manafon1, to say it would be a long story to tell why I am convinced of reincarnation is an understatement. To type it all out would amount to a novelette. And frankly, it's just so powerful and personal for me, I don't care to share details in a public forum.

The summary is that from the age of 10 - 12, I had a large number of powerful experiences/flashbacks to multiple previous lives. These were intense and smacked of absolute credibility. They were the most powerful, influential experiences in my life.

And just FYI, these occurred before I had heard of reincarnation. It wasn't a concept to me until 'the evidence' was displayed to me very clearly and personally. I remember at one point I saw a reference to reincarnation sometime a couple of years after my own experiences and thought, "Oh! So this is something other people know about!"

Let's just say to have those experiences and then get up every day, be a normal kid, ride my bike to 5th grade, etc. Made for an interesting, thoughtful childhood.

Some of the things I learned in these experiences: to be racist or sexist is to be ignorant. I was various 'races' in various lives and both genders. Our bodies are just temporary vehicles of consciousness that we 'wear' like clothing for each lifetime. Our human essences (souls?) are inhabitants of these temporary bodies and are essentially all the same stuff as everybody else.

Whether you 'wear' a male or female or black or brown or white body is basically a coin flip. We're all human beings.

As far as 'moving on' is concerned, I know that's going to happen for me, so probably all of us. I was shown quite clearly that this current life is my last turn on the human wheel. I was not, however, given the knowledge of what is coming afterward.

As far as ghosts/paranormal entities are concerned (like the one I encountered!) my thought on that -- which could of course be wrong -- is simply that some people are so traumatized and or emotionally unable to move on, that they somehow resist 'recycling' and hang around as disembodied life-forces for long, long times. Just a theory on my part.

So -- when I was 10 - 12 I was given the knowledge and certainty of reincarnation. Then 8 years later, I 'met' the column of smoke in the Pilgrimage house. Two very powerful and very different experiences. I've had no similar experiences in the rest of my life. I just know that -- ghosts/entities are very real. I would no more touch a Ouija board than a live cobra. If you open a door - well, you don't know what will come through it.

I also know I've been here before -- and since I'm probably not special -- that's probably the common, human experience.
BrokenTree, I don't 'believe' in reincarnation, I know it's an absolute fact of human reality.

How I know this so absolutely is way too long a story to type.

But, your idea that the entity in my story might have known me previously is not something I had considered. Worth pondering.

Yes, I am originally from Mississippi. My family has been there for a very long time.

And yes - I've been a huge Vonnegut fan for years.
I have not researched the house or the owners. I never knew the address, my girlfriend just directed me there. Remember, this was not my town I was familiar with, this was hers.

I'm pretty sure she told me the names of the owners (then), but I forgot that. This was many years ago when I was in college and I haven't lived in MS in many years.

I've told that story to three people in my life who I was pretty sure knew me well enough to know I was not crazy.