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Denise Imelda Domoney
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South Africa
I was raised in a seaside town in the South Western Cape, South Africa. I no longer live there but still have relatives in the town.
I have worked in the legal field for most of my working life (not an attorney).
I love books, animals, beautiful gardens and flowers but cannot do much in the garden anymore as I have a back problem.
Paranormal activities, such as feeling, hearing and seeing ghosts or spirits are also part of my life on an irregular basis. I am not psychic (as far as I know) and certainly not a medium, although I have had dreams which in a matter of months, or a year or two, actually take place.
I love this site and have been reading people's experiences for about three to four years and have considered putting my experiences out there but have always lacked the gall to do so. Now that I have finally registered I think it will be more of an incentive.
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The Man Bites Mommy's Pants on 2017-05-16

After all my supernatural childhood experiences, I really should have known better. We moved to a small city, Kimberley, in 1975 when my eldest child was seven weeks old. One of my husband's numerous business transfers! We bought a very old house, built in the late 1940s, which had been beaut...

Pop on 2017-05-09

Fergie's latest submission "House Sitting" spurred me on to recount these events. Throughout my life I have had very vivid dreams which on many occasions have actually become reality. I also tend to get flash images of people and events. When I see people, for whatever reason, they seem to appear...

Creepy Events At My Neighbour's House on 2017-04-26

This specific neighbour passed away during 2005/2006 at the age of 72. We had been neighbors for close on 20 years at the time of her passing. She and her family lived directly across the road from me. I used to call her Em, although that was not the name she was normally known by, simply my name fo...

My Son Who Refuses To Believe on 2017-04-07

Firstly, I realise there is a great possibility that this story will not be published. It basically relates to one rather uninteresting incident and my sceptical son. My second born, Kevin, who now lives in Missisauga, Canada, is a total unbeliever in virtually anything spiritual and this makes m...

Unusual Introduction To A Ghost on 2017-03-09

I have been spurred on to relate this experience by members of this site who have felt electric, static charges in the presence of the paranormal. I had always thought this to be highly unusual but taking their experiences into account, it seems not to be so unusual at all. I lived in a mining to...

A Beautiful Warm Experience on 2017-02-22

I would really appreciate opinions from readers. I don't know how to personally interpret this experience. All I know is that it was wonderful and left me teary-eyed. When I recently joined YGS my intention was to relate my paranormal experiences as they happened from childhood onward but I am mo...

Pull My Eyebrows Out In Terror (2) on 2017-02-15

This is the continuation of my first story. If you have not read my first story please do, if of course you feel inclined to do so. It might put things more into perspective. Fortunately, as explained in my previous post, by this time I had stopped pulling out my eyebrows but my fear levels remai...

Pulled Out Eyebrows In Terror on 2017-02-14

This is my first post to YGS. It has taken me a while to submit this story as I was not sure how to put it all together. I was very young when all my supernatural experiences began and it is difficult for me to write about occurrences which span a number of years of childhood horror and to keep it a...

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Jubeele - No the Big Hole in Kimberley is not on the world heritage list, as far as I know.

Regards, Melda
Date: 2017-10-03
Val - What a beautiful story!

You were so fortunate to be able to tune into the elements of the forest and to notice Chaska. He obviously looked after Josh, or who knows where he would have ended up?

Yes I'm sure most people would have put it down to a child's vivid imagination but having followed the little dark image and obeying orders to leave a trail, you knew better.

I really enjoyed this, more food for thought. It makes one think, less panic and more concentration can at times be all it takes to sort out a mess. Of course it helps being psychic as well 😊 Not that I'm psychic, but you certainly are.

Regards, Melda
Jubeele - Thanks for reading.

I haven't asked Craig whether he remembers, he was only about two at the time. Actually I should ask him, possibly he remembers a little about those days.

Thanks for the link to Kimberley Australia - very interesting. Kimberley in SA is renowned for The Big Hole, which is the largest man made mine in the world. Actually there's a lot of very interesting history attached to the town.

Regards, Melda
Puthy - I wonder, do you lithp? No big deal, jutht curiouth.

Date: 2017-10-03
I think that possibly "beavers" is supposed to be "behaviors". We can all guess until the cows come home 😆

Regards, Melda
Jubeele - I don't believe that this was a harbinger of any sort. I think it was something which simply happened. Why? I don't know.

We have numerous myths and legends regarding harbingers of death, warnings, etc, especially amongst the African tribes. Generally speaking the white population tends to go more with the western beliefs.

Regards, Melda
Date: 2017-10-02
Jubeele - It was probably the young lady trying to be helpful, producing a light and offering comfort so that you could get your much needed rest. On the other hand, it could have been something/somebody else entirely. Very nice story 😊

Regards, Melda
eloisa28 - Thanks for the explanation.

I'm afraid I'm the wrong person to ask about opening the third eye. Hopefully one of the other members will comment on that. Have you googled it?

Regards, Melda
roylynx - Do you know what? I don't actually care whether this "do-gooder" is a helpful spirit or not! I like to believe that he is. Many strange things happen that our little human minds can't comprehend.

Loved both your accounts about the A$$ kicker 😊

Regards, Melda
Jubeele - I looked for so many ways to explain these events logically but up to now I still can't.

This wasn't a case of just a few things being out of place for which a human being would usually be responsible. It was the way in which it was done and that horrible feeling you get when you realise that something evil has paid a visit. It was no longer there when I arrived early in the morning but the house had this dark pall hanging over it. If you are sensitive to picking up these vibes, you will understand what I mean.

I rushed back home (just across the road) to fetch my husband and even he was astounded. I've always known that there was "something" in that house but never had the feeling that it was mean, so I had no qualms about looking after their house and animals when they were away.

After the scary event, I refused to go into that house on my own. Either my husband or my daughter and her boyfriend, at the time, had to accompany me. Fortunately that was the only occasion that I encountered that meanie in their house.

Well, that's about the only way I can explain it. I don't run around looking for ghosts behind every door because they're seldom there! In fact I'd be more frightened if I found a human being lurking there - to my mind they're far more dangerous 😨

Regards, Melda
Jubeele - Yes that was certainly a nasty piece of work and I'm sure it's sole intention was to terrify me. Needless to say, it succeeded.

After that incident I never slept in my sister's room again. I would only go in there during the day if I had no choice and then I zipped in and out within seconds!

Regards, Melda
L-Melb - Nice to hear from you again.

Something definitely messed with my PC. I can't actually say I felt any static. I don't know whether you have experienced the presence of a spirit, not necessarily seeing it but you feel the hair at the back of your neck starting to rise, as well as a weird cold feeling down your arms and back, almost like goosebumps.

I believe the cats saw this entity and it scared them, which is why they bolted. They were only kittens at the time.

I'm almost convinced that this was my neighbour who passed away a number of years ago - it would be typical of her 😆 She knew I believed in the supernatural but she didn't believe at all, so maybe she was saying hey, you were right after all?

I don't mind at all if you prefer to find a logical solution - I normally do the same. It's only when I can't find one that I shout ghost!

Regards, Melda
Jubeele - Thanks for your comment. Yes this particular son of mine is quite the joker. I'd love to present him with a cup of coffee and see him turn a whiter shade of pale 😆

Regards, Melda
Jubeele - Thanks for commenting.

Yes the poor guy! As a family we were so used to that zinging mirror that eventually we took no notice of it. At one stage I actually thought that it was my father looking for attention. At least that was one thing that the whole family experienced 😆

Regards, Melda
Date: 2017-10-01
Sanguirina - I don't believe that residual spirits change, however I would like to hear some other opinions regarding that.

Regards, Melda
Date: 2017-09-30
Sanguirina - What a very interesting experience, for you and your great-grandfather.

It seems that the man was totally unaware of your presence, so it sounds like a typically residual event to me.

Regards, Melda
Jubeele - Ask Tweed - at one stage she had a brownie. Perhaps she rents him out 😆. She also lives in Australia!

Miracles, I apologise for going off track here 😊

Regards, Melda
Jubeele - Thanks for your reply.

We have a few very unsavoury meanies in South Africa as well, for which human parts are also apparently used but I view them as myths and legends created by those who practice the dark arts to scare the living daylights out of their enemies. (See tokoloshe on google, as an example) I'm not suggesting that evil spirits are never evoked, they obviously are.

I know that evil spirits can become attached to humans but I honestly think that some of these otherworldly demons are given unnecessary "credit" for some of the rather scary things which happen.

Regards, Melda
aisyah - If such a thing as a toyol actually exists, whoever summons it to do their nasty work must be very evil and very, very sick!

Regards, Melda
Sanguirina - Talking to your spirit guy was a very good idea.

I've had a resident ghost since 2004/2005. Whenever he steps out of line I tell him very calmly that it is not acceptable. He obeys me. Perhaps I should phrase that in the past tense as I believe that he is no longer here. I plan to publish this experience very soon (if it is accepted by YGS).

But yes, the good guys will follow the boundaries you set but every now and then I think they want a little extra attention - I mean, who doesn't?

Do you think that there might be more than one entity in your home? Perhaps you should consider that possibility.

Regards, Melda