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US, Floyd County Kentucky. 21 years of age, mother of one precious little boy. Engaged to the father of my child. I've always lived in Kentucky. Christanity is my religious choice, not much of a political person but maybe Repulican party. I've always been a anti-social person, I love to read, and listen to music. I love the outdoors. I'm a open minded person, who tends to make my own path sometimes.
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The Disembodied Voice From The Wood on 2017-08-07

When I was younger, me, my cousin, (N) and our aunt (J) went for a walk outdoors down the holler. Well me being the curious little kid I was I walked down over the hill on the other side of the road. I got a little way down hill, and on down the hill towards my right I hear my cousin's voice. "Savan...

The Unexpected Visit on 2017-02-06

Out of all the scary and unusual experiences I've had, there is a certain experience that still haunts me to this very day, it comes to mind so clear it could seem it had happened yesterday. Maybe cause it scared me so bad? Things like that are hard to forget. I was seventeen years old, living at th...

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I was around 3-4-5 years old, she is 7 years older than me. Summer or going on fall if it wasn't already autumn, it was daylight each time these events occurred. They said they didn't hear the voice, but all of us heard something or someone following close behind us up on the hillside as we were walking out/heading back but seen no one or anything. It was physically audible. It's not like the inside of the head kind of hear but outside lol. All the baby snakes were some type of black snakes.
I can't remember exactly how old we were and no, it was not her. She was with my aunt the whole time and they both said that she did not call my name or even get loud enough for it to echo or to really reach my ears, she didn't even say none of the words that "her" voice coming from down the hill was saying. And her voice was right in front of me, in the air like someone standing in front of me but there wasn't no one around. I was under a strict guardian as a child, was never allowed to watch scary movies, no scare pranks, didn't start learning about the boogeyman until I was a teen, I also had no reason to be scared at the time. The snakes were only in one spot, wouldn't leave it, only when my aunt came out they left, then AS SOON as she went back in they came right back in the same spot. The smell reminded me of old stinky pennies, yeah some type of coppery metallic smell. The deer was a REAL deer, no costume, an actual real buck, nothing fake about it. Loll
It's me again KikiGirl! I absolutely understand how strange, unsure, and frightening this event must have been. Especially, if it's not a medical condition. Hope you are well and stay well!
Very interesting stories KikiGirl! Thank you for sharing your experiences, I enjoyed reading them. I must say my favorite was The Undertaker, it sent chills up my spine.
Date: 2017-02-11
KikiGirl, I will definitely check out your stories as soon as I reply to your comment. I would love to chat about my experiences with you! It was quite a bizarre, and a very frightful experience for me. Feel free to question me about it. Yes, she was misty, kind of transparent, I could still see my wall through her! She was blue and detailed, I could see her hand and the lines of her fingers how she had her hand held out. She shined very bright! She was the only light in the room. Sorry, kind of hard to explain such a experience. The sounds that came from her, so hard to explain.
Date: 2017-02-06
Must say, BrokenTree got everything that needed to be said and asked. Creepy story though.
Date: 2017-02-06
I really enjoyed this story. I must say, it sounds quite terrifying! Hope all is safe.
Date: 2017-02-06
I've been suffering from sleep paralysis since I've been 14. Creepy when you don't know what it is nor understand it. Sounds like SP to me, but can't be 100% sure since you've experienced something ghostly in your house. Maybe cleanse, have your house blessed, and pray.