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Woman In The White Wedding Dress on 2017-02-07

My name is Deano I am 32 years old, married, and work as a scaffolder for a small company in cairns far north Queensland Australia. I moved here from a small country town at the top of Victoria called Mildura roughly 8 years ago with my then girlfriend of 3 years. I have always been very skeptical...

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[at] RANDYM hI Randy Thanks for you comment, I will go out soon and post up some pictures of were I saw her and the old cemetery near there... Just hard to get time off work. Maybe some names on the tombstones may lead me to a potential woman?
Hi [at] Tweed no there is no re enactment around this area There just cane fields and a few horse paddocks... Nothing really at all. When I turned around to go back to see if she was ok and she had vanished there was no where for her to hide... And it must have been no more than 50 seconds from when I saw her to when I went back... When I get some time I will post a few pics up for you guys 😁
[at] Sarsem hi there, I would love to investigate this further and I am so happy you contacted me threw this site... I am so curious and want to find out who she is...
[at] Zaruje Yeh I think that if it was night time I would have been frightened. Ryan my mate who saw the same woman in the white wedding dress saw her at night and he said that he was frightened and did not turn around...
Hello [at] Zaruje Thanks for your message... Where I live it is incredibly hot, So seeing a woman in a full wedding dress wearing no shoes walking alongside a main highway is just not herd of in cairns... I will always remember her face she looked distraught and upset. When my girlfriend said did you see that woman in the wedding dress well I knew then I was not imagining things... This is the only encounter I have ever had with something that I believe is not in this world...
Hi [at] abbykay_luv I have tried to find out more info about the woman in the wedding dress however not much is out there, one thing That I did not mention is that there is a very old and no longer used cemetery right near the lake were my friend Ryan spotted her. It is only a few kilometers from the road where I saw her. I can get pictures if u would like?