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Accident But A Strange One on 2017-09-21

This incident has happened recently. Although I neither saw nor felt anything unusual myself, I was very much a part of this strange incident. It was in the month of December 2016 and I was visiting my home town in North Bengal. My flight landed at Bagdogra Airport around late afternoon. From Airpo...

Being Followed By But No One Was There on 2017-02-14

In around 2013-14, I was working for a company which was into hospitality business and had many star resorts all over India. I used to go on official tours to these resorts as part of my job profile. These resorts were always outside locality and in scenic yet secluded or forested surroundings. This...

She Wanted To Make Her Presence Felt on 2017-02-08

In the beginning of my career, I was posted at a small town in south Indian state of Tamil Nadu, not very far from Bangalore. We used to stay in an employee's mess provided by our company. It was a three-bedroom bungalow next to a hillock. The locality was a less populated one and nearest neighbor w...

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I cannot confirm what the driver saw or felt as I myself was sleeping. What amuses me is the fact that it happen at almost the same location as the original accident.
Date: 2017-02-18
We all know that, what we see is interpreted by our brain giving us an understanding of the scene. But our brain can get tricked in many ways resulting in strange experiences. Brain interpretes keeping in mind the past experiences. There is a TV show named 'Mind Games' I suppose in history channel or discovery which deals with this subject. This show has shown through lot of experiments that it is not difficult to trick our brain. Only what is needed is right circumstances. Please try watching the show. It can be helpful to explain this kind of experiences.
I only stayed there for a period of six months as I got a better job opportunity elsewhere. I really don't have any contact with people who might have access to that bungalow
There was a bomb blast in Ganeshguri,Dispur,Assam, in 2008-09, in which many people were killed. After that incident, people living in the area and even people travelling through the area at night, started hearing voices asking for water or help. The locals arranged for a water tank, filled it with water and left it at the spot of the blast as offering for the souls of the dead. They continued the practice for years. I don't know whether they still do that now as I have not visited Gauhati recently.