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I'm a particularly empathetic and artistic person. I'm quite drawn to nature and have a fascination with fairies. (I know, childish-sounding isn't it?) I honestly can't stand to see others in pain. I always love to learn new things and gain new perspectives.

In terms of the paranormal, I've never really had any experiences. I feel like this part of the world is 'closed off' to me. (Kind of jealous of y'all, LOL.) A side of me wants to, but the other side is like NOPE because I feel like it would just rile up my anxiety.:'D Though I wouldn't mind if said entity didn't have any malicious intent...

If you have any further questions about me, feel free to ask! I don't bite.:P
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Am I Losing My Mind? My History Of Disappearing Acts on 2017-11-15

So, I am typing this on my phone so pardon me if there is any wonky formatting. My laptop has officially gone kapoot as I'm no longer able to charge it so this is really all I have at the moment. Right now, I'm particularly perplexed. Genuinely flabbergasted. Confused and kind of upset...? I kno...

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Jubeele- Thanks for the link! And that can definitely be a possibility. I've never heard of money suddenly appearing to people like that until I've read Miracles' stories! If what has happened to me is indeed paranormal, I wouldn't be AS upset if the money that was swiped were handed to somebody who needed it more. Then again, I need it as well as I'm trying to save up for a laptop to be able to do schoolwork on and then after that, for a used car. I'm practically a 'broke college student' though I'm not exactly in college yet. 😆 So it still doesn't exactly feel good when I find it disappears.

Also, an update: No more money has been taken since the last incident and after I decided to hide the money in places rather than my wallet/purse. Just recently, I opened up my first bank account and have now put all my paper money in there. So unless there are cyber-ghosties or something that are able to take money from bank accounts, it's all safe! I've also made sure that whenever I got new paper money that I say to not touch it and thank you for not touching the money I already have.
I just read about Miracles experience (s) as well as other related ones and wow! Now I don't feel so alone in this. Its crazy to know others go through something similar as well.
Oh wow! That's certainly interesting that you got $3 which happened to be the same name as Ryder. May he rest in peace, btw! ❤

That was also nice of whatever it was that took your money to give you a dollar bill to pay for the remainder of the price of your snacks! Absolutely astonishing.
I had something exactly like this happen to me! Wow, I'm so glad Myst directed me to your page. It feels so good to know someone else has experienced this. I posted a story on my experience.

The very first incident that happened was my whole entire purse with everything in it! Luckily, it came back after my mom checked my whole room upstairs after I checked myself countless times. I practically turned the whole house upside down looking for it! The money disappearances I've had however, not so lucky. None of it has come back since they disappeared.
Myst- is this the correct user?: Miracles51031 I found her by going onto your profile and seeing it in your favorite posters list.
AugustaM- the noise maker is a great idea! I'll try that. I also was kind of thinking maybe setting up a camera to see if I can catch anything when I'm not in my room/at home.

RedWolf- What a mischievous grandfather and father-in-law. 😆 I'm glad that they return your stuff back!

Lady-glow- will do! I hope so too... I just hope I can at least figure out why it's going missing and how.

Myst- Weird... I clicked the link but an error 404 page comes up.

Publicways- I honestly wish I knew what ghosts would use it for. 😂 But I find it highly unlikely anyone in my house is taking from me. I live with my parents and little sister. My parents would just ask to borrow money instead of just going through the trouble of sneaking for it and my little sister doesn't even know where my money is held in the first place. Although, I do want to set up something to record video in case there is indeed a living being snatching my things.

RANDYM- Huh, I never considered that. About whatever this is possibly deceiving me if it were taking it and then put it in my parents wallets. Thanks for bringing that to light! I am also taking your advice and will now be hiding them in various places. And see if any more disappears. Now it's not in the most obvious place. However I don't think I'll feel truly secure unless I get my own banking account and store it there... Why I say that is because I haven't signed up for one yet but hopefully will be soon! Still getting a handle on all these new adult tasks.

EmmalineTexas- I have lost my uncle last year due to suicide, but I have doubts about it being him. If it were, I feel like he would have started more recently after his death rather than later. Besides my purse coming back, the money lost has never returned and nothing else has ever happened. The house I live in is brand-spanking-new. It has been built once we bought the little plot of land along with the other houses in the neighborhood so it hasn't had any previous inhabitants.

But yeah! I really have never had any other weird or paranormal experiences at all besides these. Either I'm not as sensitive as y'all or I'm just oblivious and not paying attention. 😂 Kind of jealous because from the many stories I've read so far, experiencing the paranormal makes my life seem boring.

Even though this was years ago, this is an amazing and heartwarming story. It gives me hope that I'll be ok for whenever my parents pass. I'm especially close to my mom and losing her would be so devastating.

This story has also brought to my mind the subject of what one would do/can do in the afterlife when they die. I honestly don't know if this is even possible, but I want to something very similar to what your mom does whenever I die. 😊 I want to check in on and give signs to whoever may still be alive after my passing to let them know that though I'm not there physically, it doesn't mean I'm not there and to not worry. 😉

Thank you so much for sharing your stories, especially the ones that involve your mom. ❤