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My name is Alivia and I'm 19. I've always been a sensitive and observant person, since I was a child. I often become very affected by all sources of energy, whether it be in the physical world or not. Though I grew up being abnormally interested in anything related to the idea of ghosts and spirits, it has only been in the past couple years that I've really started to connect what I'm feeling with the paranormal. If I have seen anything, it was only a couple of times. I mostly just experience an unexplainable feeling and/or occurance in some homes that I've been to, including my own. I personally believe that spirits are everywhere.

I have a "social anxiety disorder" as well, which also started in my childhood, that I'm still trying to get a grip on. The energy some people give off is too much for me sometimes, and I end up having an anxiety attack and avoiding some social situations. I'm still learning and growing so any advice will always be appreciated.

Light and love,
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A Scary Get Together on 2017-04-05

I have always had social anxiety (difficulty with talking in groups of people, presentations, crowded events, etc), but in the past few years I've thought back to some experiences that I know were different, as the anxiety I felt was incomparable. So, my family became friends with another family...

What Ran Through My Kitchen? on 2017-03-28

Over the years, my home has been fairly normal, nothing too in-your-face scary. But I mean, I've always had that weird sixth sense thing going on. When I was little (ages 4-6), I was terribly conscious of my surroundings, I was scared to death of going to bed. I was rewarded if I slept through the n...

The Daycare Ghost on 2017-03-13

For the past 5 months, I've been working at a daycare, and I've decided to share some experiences I've had there, as well as any I may have in the future. Some could be actual happenings, some may not be, but it's the compilation of everything that makes it interesting. I'm looking for thoughts on ...

Anne's House on 2017-03-09

So, this isn't a super scary story with tons of experiences surrounding it. I didn't spend much time at the home in question. Still, the place is one of many that has imprinted on my mind and I feel the need to share it. My boyfriend was temporarily staying with a family friend, Anne, who suffer...

A Sudden Passing on 2017-02-21

I want to share an interesting experience, one that occurred last year. I was working at a daycare, when the director's husband suddenly passed (suddenly as in he became very ill, and was in the hospital for only a month before he passed). The owners were shocked. The director, as you can imagine, w...

Saying Goodbye To The Ouija on 2017-02-16

This incident is one that occurred about a month ago. Everything I write here will be portrayed in the exact way it was portrayed to me. First off, I am really sensitive to energy and whatnot; Everywhere I go and every person I'm with, my senses are on high alert. It has caused serious anxiety si...

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Date: 2017-04-25
Throughout the entire experience, the thought of the paranormal was the furthest thing from my mind. It wasn't until later on when our friend mentioned what the family was going through that I started thinking that maybe the energy in the house was what made me so frightened. For as long as I've had anxiety, and for as long as I've been anxious about get-togethers, this was the only time I reacted this way or felt that type of panic. Being that the family at the time was also dealing with a profound entity in the home that was actually terrorizing them, jumping out at them, etc... I feel that it's somewhat possible that this presence was affecting me. Unless it really is just a coincidence, and my anxiety really just happened to be out of control that night at that particular house.
Date: 2017-04-25
I'm not in any way saying that I was having anxiety prior to the event because I "foresaw" the problems. I would've normally had this kind of anxiety about going to any get together. The only thing that was different was how I reacted to being in the house, which was that I felt very scared and did not want to be there, I wanted to leave as soon as possible because I was so uneasy and upset, though I had no reason for this as I isolated myself like I normally would. The level of anxiety I was feeling was unlike any other I had had before.

Secondly, I actually did not "mingle" with anyone. When I first got there I was anxious. I told my mother about it (while she was still inside) and she told me to go upstairs with my brother, and I refused because I was scared. I stated in the story that my only other options were to go outside with the rest of the people, or sit inside by myself, (where there were just a few people) which is what I did, and I did not talk or associate with anyone the whole night. I felt rude in doing so but like I said, I thought I was building up to an anxiety attack (though It was in every way more intense than usual and very frightening). I sat by myself in a corner of the living room and didn't go outside or anywhere else once, nor was I next to or talking with anybody.
Date: 2017-04-18
I understand that she did state that she didn't experience the accounts first hand. I simply meant that SHE says her family experienced these events, and her family also recollects them and says they happened. What I wrote sounded like I did not know she wasn't there (but I did in fact read the story so I do know this). I was actually trying to point out that she's obviously heard her family talk about and relay these events from THEIR firsthand accounts, and she has now also shared how she was told it happened, which is why I feel it has probably had a decent (and probably frightening) affect on her ownself, due to nature of the events. That is all.
Date: 2017-04-18
I am truly sorry for the comments you have gotten on this post. It is really offensive when people try to literally come out and say this story is made up or embellished, and to even make a remark that your mother didn't seem to be acting very "motherly". They even went as far as to say the words "alcohol-fuelled domestic violence"! I would be very offended.

You clearly didn't come on here to submit a post just to be critisized and questioned. These are obviously events you and your family say you experienced, and I'm sure they affected you greatly, so I am very sorry for the insensitive comments. Asking for clarification is one thing (which you so politely gave), but them making such profound assumptions was completely unnecessary.

Thank you for sharing your story and I'd advise you to research similar experiences, as I have read accounts like this before. There is also a story on here titled "Whirlwind In The Master Bedroom" that I think you should check out.
Wow! Great story.
In my opinion, spirits like these aren't as complicated as you may think. After all, they are just humans that have left the physical world. You don't necessarily need to ask them to show you a sign, as they have done so plenty! And if it is as common as you say it is, I would simply wait until the next occurrence and use that as a way to acknowledge their presence. Simply say "Hey, I know that was you. I know you're here and I respect that you choose to be here, as do I."

As far as actual communication goes, even though it is obvious these spirits have developed a good level of manipulation, speaking can be a hard task, and even if it's not, it's hard for you to hear it. I would purchase some EVP recording devices and other things as such (if you really want to get into it), because that way you could ask questions and you never know what you might catch! These devices allow you to meet them on their level.

It is quite obvious that they WANT you to notice them, and they probably haven't been spoken to in who knows how long, so I imagine they have plenty to say! So your odds are fairly good. Good luck!
It is in fact a very uncomfortable place to be. I have actually read your stories, and the experiences from your childhood definitely stood out to me, I can identify with the feelings you described. Scary indeed.
While reading all these comments, I got the users mixed up and addressed the idea of cleansing the house in my reply to Shelbyloree's comments.
My mom is close minded when it comes to these things, and I don't think she'd even go as far as to hear what I have to say about it.
Whatever this presence is definitely loves the environment. My mom and stepdad are very intense people, and there's plenty of negative energy to go around.

I did tell my mom about how my boyfriend heard her voice in the house when she's not home, and that's when she brought up how the toys used to go off in the middle of the night, and she also said that over the years things have gone missing out of nowhere and never turned up, and it has driven her nuts. Unfortunately that was when she cut off the conversation, I think she started thinking too much about everything and it scared her. She definitely doesn't like the thought of the paranormal, and me trying to sage the house would make it all to real for her. As far as her tantrums go, if I were to suggest a ghost being the problem, she'd probably bite my head off.
I don't intentionally choose crystals over other things, I have my beliefs as well and I do also use my religion as a source of protection.

Crystals are a product of the earth, and even though they aren't "living", they still house an abundant amount of energy and it radiates from them. When I say they "guide me", I mean that I clear my mind and whichever crystal stands out to me (or draws me to it the most), that is the one I use next, and I place it on my grid wherever I feel it should go. I have no proof that they really do possess healing properties (though they are very popular and there's plenty of information on the topic), however I choose to use them anyways and in my opinion they do work in this way. If it is just a placebo, than so be it, they still make me feel better!

The house is still very uninviting and I do still sense this presence, but nothing else has really occurred since this post. I really don't know what the source of everything is, I do have a theory, though it is somewhat far fetched.
Hello Integrist,
I started collecting crystals about a year ago when I learned about how they can be helpful in absorbing negative energy and returning it as positive, which was groundbreaking for my anxiety. They also just emit a strong and natural vibration/frequency that makes the area around you feel a lot more positively uplifting and energetic (I charge them in the sun/moonlight/or leave them out long enough for both). I also clear my mind and let them guide me, I set some of them out however I feel necessary in a geometric grid/pattern. I have about 50-60 crystals.

As far as the paranormal stuff goes, I do get uneasy and such depending on what's going on. I just don't allow myself to get unbelievably scared and frightened because unfortunately, fear means power for negative entities because they feed off that energy. You as an individual emit your own frequency and it plays a huge part in how things turn out.

Thanks for commenting!
Hello, great story!
It's possible that while this recent spirit could just be a part of the history of the home, it could also be attracted to or drawn to you due to the fact that it's fairly clear (from what I've read) that you possess a certain amount of sensitivity. What's important is that you understand that you have all of the control, so long as you remain positive and calm. You can do so now, or if anything else does happen in the future, simply comment on the presence of this energy so they know that they have been heard/noticed, and respected.
This is an amazing story, but a sad one as well and I'm very sorry to hear of what you went through.
I too feel bad for the spirits residing there, as it doesn't seem there was a whole lot of positive energy to draw from. It definitely seems as if they were trying to offer their assistance by giving you a warning, I also believe that this spirit could probably sense your heightened ability and knew you'd be able to hear them.
I can describe a very similar experience that happened to my friend (Abby) at the high school that I also went to before I graduated. To be honest, all the bathrooms always made me feel uneasy (the whole school did, actually). One day she was in the bathroom alone (she was happy because she's self conscious and only goes if it's empty). She was in the stall and heard the stall next to her open, the toilet flush, and then the stall open and close again. Anybody that knows her knows she gets absolutely petrified over anything. She immediately felt scared because of course she didn't see anybody, and whoever it was didn't even latch the stall shut, and any normal person would. Abby practically flew out of the bathroom in tears, where she finds her friend whom was waiting for her outside the whole time. She asked if anyone came in or out and she said no. In my opinion, I think a lot of residual energy can be trapped in a place like this, especially surrounded by the active and lively minds of the youth. It's almost as if the ghost knew she'd react the way she did, much like the friend in your story! Thanks for sharing!
Date: 2017-03-23
Hi there!
Thank you for reaching out to me and I hope my reply helps you at least a little bit.

Quite honestly, my anxiety is something I believe will always be a part of me. I've only been able to cope with and manage it, not eliminate it completely.

Learning how to respond to what you're feeling, as well as transforming your anxious energy into such that can be useful, makes a world of difference.

There's no off switch, though I have learned how to halt my negative thoughts before I act on them and allow them to really get to me. I still have anxiety attacks, but I had to come to terms with it and understand what triggers them (as well as what doesn't) in order to improve and reduce the occurrence.

It is very likely that you as a person are experiencing a transition in your life, where the spiritual properties and different aspects of your mind and soul are becoming stronger and more apparent. I highly recommend that you research, as there are plenty of people who have also experienced this (even hundreds of centuries ago!)

Whatever you do, don't stress! This is your journey and struggle means progress!

Much light and love,
Aliviashae 😊
Date: 2017-03-21
Hi kikigirl! Thanks so much for such thorough feedback.

I've had anxiety since I was a young child; I had my first panic attack when I was 4 or 5. By the time I was in middle school, I understood fully on my own that I was extremely sensitive and easily overwhelmed in regards to people and social situations.

Throughout high school I struggled. I tried multiple different medications, therapists, whatever. Nothing worked. I only improved once I sorted through my emotions (which ones were mine and which weren't) and learned more about myself, and how greatly I am actually being affected by the positive or negative energy of my surroundings.

It's only been in the past couple years of my life that I've connected what I'm feeling to the energy and aura that each human being gives off, as well as the energy and aura surrounding individuals that are in spirit.

Once I gained this clarity, everything that I've felt throughout my life in a wide variety of different places suddenly made a whole lot of sense, and I was able to start recongnizing and acknowledging it.

With all of that being said, I found it very easy to understand and confirm your (very accurate) interpretation of my experiences at the daycare.

Thanks again! Much light and love,
Date: 2017-03-20
I often really wonder about the kids at the daycare. Unfortunately, I work in the nursery so I don't spend as much time around the older kiddos, aside from in the mornings but I will keeps my ears open! I also really wonder if any other workers experience anything or have heard their classes say anything interesting. I'd love to ask but it's a fairly profound thing to suggest a ghost at the daycare lol, not everybody is used to or comfortable with such things.

I've never felt anything negative in regards to this energy (which I have felt before towards something else, so I know this feels different). Likewise, it also hasn't made me feel as uneasy as I have felt before. I can't say the same for the other two workers I mentioned, though they feel awkward about anything to do with the paranormal (I wanted to talk about it a whole lot more than they did!). I wish I knew more about the building and its history. It simply makes me feel extremely curious as to who this spirit may be, and how I could help them in any way.

Thanks for your input!
Date: 2017-03-20
Thank you for reading and commenting! I too think it is pretty odd of an occurrence. If you're a spirit in your demention of the world drawing energy, why use it to scope out the pantry for food you can't eat? 😆 I think it's just residual and this ghost probably really wishes it hadn't passed on, and wants to do normal things a person would. I really wish I knew about the person who actually lived in the building when it was a home.

Seraphina, thank you I'm glad you liked it! I will definitely post anything else I have to share in the future!
Date: 2017-03-17
Thank you for commenting and reading my stories! I'm glad you liked them! The entity was in fact the way you interpreted and described. And it definitely was disorienting lol!

I agree that the way the encounter occurred was partly due to my mindset at that point in time. The entity was definitely surprised to see me, considering I never really had to go around the back of the house like that before. Not to mention, I totally had an extra kick in my step, I was trying to avoid the exact thing I saw! It was almost as if I knew it was there! As soon I found out the front door was locked, my reaction was "Oh dear God, please no." Even approaching the gate to the back yard felt like the slender man video game, where you have to explore and hope you don't run into him.

I really don't know exactly why the entity was there, and I wish I knew more about the house, but it does seem as if this energy was basking in the negative environment.

Anne's daughters were in fact very affected by her condition, and who knows how toxic their relationships ended up, considering their decision to distance themselves.

Thanks again for your input,
Date: 2017-03-17
Thank you for commenting, Shelbyloree! Your experience sounds unnerving, especially being that you were pregnant at the time! Yikes! Glad you were able to counteract it with positive energy:)

I also feel that Anne let the home consume her, considering she spent almost all of her days on the couch. I know for a fact the entity had to have been affecting her; I'll never forget what I saw and the way I felt there.

And yes, I'm assuming due to her mentality, she was probably unable to really gather the energy to accomplish any home improvement (unless you were to include the times she turned on all the lights).

I think altogether the home was a low vibrational environment, and that it too could have contributed to the feelings her children associated their mother with. I continue to pray for them.

Much light and love,
Date: 2017-03-11
I'm glad to hear someone else has seen something with a similar description. I wish I had used the word smoke because that's exactly what it was like. The smoke looked like it was a continuous cycle of energy thoughout itself.
In regards to the other point you made, I also agree. Whatever this was, was simply there. It was attracted to the negativity, but it wasn't out to cause harm or anything. The only time it really caused concern was when I thought it was trying to hitch a ride with me, possibly looking for more energy to draw from? Who knows, but I don't think this entity was technically "evil".
Date: 2017-03-11
Yes, it did seem like we completely caught it off guard. Which makes sense because I was walking at a semi-fast pace, since I was nervous about going back there. It turns out I had a good reason to be, considering it had probably just manifested seconds beforehand. I only saw this thing for a second, it seemed to flee as soon as it laid eyes on us.