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Sensitive For Paranormal Activity on 2017-02-23

First of all I would like to apologize for possible mistakes in grammar. English is not my first language. This story is located in two houses because I moved a while due the divorce of my parents and then moved back to the first house for financial reasons, without my father of course. I live wi...

Breathing on 2017-02-15

This story is located in my temporary house where my mother, sister and myself would live there because the divorce. But now I am living at my house from my childhood. The temporary house was nicer because there were less bad vibes there. One night, when I was tucked under my blankets and fac...

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I've just found out that the school building next to my house (that now has a porpose as family houses) has some history. The teachers and the pupils were killed in 1934 due to the war.
They were old dressed in schooluniforms and the women was in a dress. I do know some things about the history: first there was a resting house for the soldiers and then there was an school for girls only. Then the school was burned down. This is information I heard from people in the neighborhood.
Date: 2017-02-22
Twilight1011 and JamTalkingGhosts, I would like to answer your questions after all. First I'm sorry that you had the same experience. And second: my mother was trying to calm me down and not making me more scared than I already was. And what do you mean when asking me if my sences was reacting to the darkness? And Melda it seemend like an hour, but I have had other times when ghosts would 'hang out' in my room when I was a child. And that felt like the entire night.