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That Cheerful Voice on 2017-02-21

Despite being raised to be rational, I choose to become a believer since I've been experiencing many things since small and of course, I don't have anybody to share my experiences since my father is extremely skeptic and my mother is somehow 50:50, but she always act like she's doesn't care. This...

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Date: 2017-02-28
[at] radish54, no it wasn't, actually I don't remember what kind of tree is that and about my username, it's just because I like mango:)

[at] midnight_flower & Randym, I think so, now I keep wondering what she want from me...

[at] veilofdarkness, this kind of warning is very common here, my grandma told me if we answer it back, we give them sign that we are listening to them and they will possibly attached to us that leads to possesion and bad lucks as they tried to feed our energy: (