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It Might Be Dad? on 2017-02-20

This is actually the first time I talked about this incident after a few years... My father died through a motorcycle accident, I was 8 years old then. For an eight year old for me acceptance is difficult, I've already realized that things were difficult without a dad. After the burial my grandp...

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Date: 2017-02-25
[at] ambitious thank you! Yeah it is even until now we still missed him. I always think that everything happened for reason and we always pray that his soul is at peace now in God's hands.
Hello there! Good thing nothing happened to you! I remember my aunt use to warned us about this summoning a spirit. Here in the Philippines we call it spirit of the glass game. They actually played it before when she was in college and the worst thing happened is that one of her roommate got possessed by an evil spirit and we're gone totally crazy. That's why even if I am curious about how this thing work I just couldn't do it. Thanks for sharing by the way.
Date: 2017-02-23
Gosh Evelien! I felt goosebumps upon reading this part "After a few minutes later the breathing was so close it felt like it was above my face." I can't imagine myself being in your shoes I might gone crazy if I was! Good thing nothing happened to you. I have experiences before that I just totally ignore coz in our culture if you just ignore them they couldn't get hold of you if you do then you gave them the power to overcome you. But this one hell no! God bless to you and your family... Please share again if something very unusual happen. Take care!
Date: 2017-02-20
Hello Kyle, I was scared thinking about your experience coz it did happened in reality that he really slaughtered his whole family while dreaming and was sleep walking. Good thing nothing happened to you. God bless!
Date: 2017-02-20
That's really creepy. Love your story. I agree with Roylynx. Please share with us the clip please. Thank you! 😁
Thanks for sharing it is a great story. But I was actually hoping for more. I mean do you plan to help them somehow since you have this "gift"?. Hope to read more from you soon. 😉
Hey there! I loved your story. I had experienced it before when I rented a small room 2years ago. I've noticed my things we're gone but no prowlers reported or even a sign of a break in. After few days it will re-appear I was thinking maybe I just couldn't remember where I put it since I'm a bit forgetful due to stress and anesthesia since I was a kid also that time I was on leave due to a minor operation but got a major anesthesia injected to me. So I guess it's just me. But one day I couldn't find one of my belongings (sorry can't remember what is it anymore I think that was a hair clip or something) then after few seconds it was there right in front of me. So I feel like aha! What we did for those happenings is we just cursed them and tell them to go away! After that it never happen again. 😁