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I am 26 years old and from Southern Illinois. Little bitty town I'm sure nobody has even heard of. I absolutely love ANYTHING paranormal. I may be into aliens a little more than ghosts, but I love to read and watch anything paranormal and do at least once a day. I have two kids, one 4 years old and one 6 months, and one step-daughter that is 8 years old. My 8 year old loves to watch 'ghosty' stuff with me, and sometimes my husband, but nobody else will and a lot of my friends think I'm nuts for believing such things, but after the things I have seen and heard you would probably believe too.
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Was It My Best Friend? on 2017-03-15

I have been a little apprehensive as to if I should share my stories or not, as they aren't anything too serious, but I have decided to anyways. This happened to me in April of 2007, I can not remember the exact date, but remember it was 8 months after one of my best friends had passed away. I l...

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Date: 2017-10-04
This is a great read! I'm actually from Southern Illinois myself and have been to Garden of the God's and it's absolutely breathtaking isn't it!? I have heard many stories of the caves there being haunted, but unfortunately I have never seen or heard anything there. I was wondering though, when the old man at the registration cabin told you to watch for bears, coyotes, and snakes was he being serious or joking? I have definitely never seen or heard of any bears around here, but I also haven't been there in years so I may be mistaken haha! We have tons of coyotes and snakes though, especially where I live! Thanks for sharing your story, I loved it! 😊 😊
Date: 2017-03-24
RCRuskin, I honestly have no idea what he was trying to tell me unfortunately, but he looked happy so that makes me happy as well 😁
Date: 2017-03-24
Oddly, it didn't post my whole comment for some reason.
Biblio, the bible verse you speak of I never looked at it that way, that makes total sense! That has definitely made me see it from a different perspective! I also enjoy reading your stories as well!
Date: 2017-03-24
Thank you everyone for your condolences, it means a lot!