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South Africa
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Gift Or Curse? on 2018-01-09

I mentioned in my previous post (My Mum's Attachment) that I have certain gifts. I said I would discuss them in a subsequent post. I would really like your opinions and advice on these 'gifts' as I sometimes feel that they are more curses than gifts. As I have said, I was raised in a Jehovah's Wi...

My Mum's Attachment on 2018-01-09

I think my mum has something attached to her. I have always been a sensitive person and have certain 'gifts' that I believe would be stronger if I were not raised in a Jehovah's Witness household. My gifts include sensitivity to energies (both human and paranormal), some kind of precognition and ...

My Son And The Skull on 2018-01-09

About a year ago I posted a story entitled Something Tried to Attack My Son. This story also involves my son, L. After the terrifying experience in 2012, we were lucky enough to have a fairly quiet time (in the negative paranormal sense). We have had strange occurrences but these have mostly been...

Something Tried To Attack My Son on 2017-02-23

In 2012 when my son was a few months old, my hubby (let's call him R) and I lived in a granny flat detached but very closely situated to the main house. It was a tiny little flat with 1 bedroom (large enough for just a double bed and a shower for some reason), lounge big enough for a 2-seater couch ...

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Date: 2018-02-19

Thank you for your comment.

Wow, I really had not thought of that! Such a scary thought. We have had an instance of SIDS in my family before (a cousin of mine) so it really is a possibility.

Yes, my daughter will be 4 in August and is a happy and healthy little girl.

Thank you so much for your kindness.

Date: 2018-01-31
Instant favourite. Thank you, Groundzero7. What a beautiful account.
Date: 2018-01-31

My first reaction to the fridge issue was also that it must have been a humongous fridge. Lol. That didn't sit well with me so I went with the alternative. It would be great if the OP would clarify 😭.

If the OP is using the same app that I tried, the 'spirit' would have been female. The app only ever gives female names. I know I 'encountered' one with a name starting with C but for the life of me I can't remember the name. I will post it if it comes back to me.

Date: 2018-01-31

Perhaps the OP means that the friend was pushed into the outside of the fridge instead of actually forced inside the fridge. Just a thought.

Date: 2018-01-31
Hi Skull_The_Demon

Based on how you describe the app, I am pretty sure I have tried out the same one. It is complete nonsense. The answers to your questions run on a loop. If you ask a question that doesn't contain any keywords stored in the app's database, it just repeats the same answer or falls back on one of the standard ones ("Do you believe?" or "Get out" etc). It's a fun app to scare gullible friends with but it certainly is not real.

Scary story, though.

Date: 2018-01-30

Thank you for the post.
I just wanted to let you know that I experienced something VERY similar here in South Africa.

Also on a bus (the trip would take about 4 hours). We were on the highway when I saw a person further down the road flag the bus down to a stop. The Driver's Assistant went outside to check on the person and returned alone. I was sitting close to the front of the bus on the side where the person was standing. He/she (couldn't see due to the fading light) never got on the bus and never walked away from the bus. He/she simply vanished! The driver then told us that the bus had broken down and we would have to wait for the next one. We ended up spending the entire night on that bus and were only collected the next day (the trip eventually took about 16 hours instead of the intended 4!)

Very odd!
Date: 2018-01-29
What a lovely story, Mystic. I have to say that the last line sends it straight into my favourites:)
Hi Cosmica

Thanks for your post.

It is possible that your behaviour when you were 3 was separation anxiety and just a touch of being spoiled:). I agree with lady-glow. The way you behaved with the priest just sounds like you were acting out of boredom (again, a touch spoiled?). These are pretty normal behaviours in a child of 3 and I'm sure most parents can attest to something similar at some stage of their children's lives.

If possible, maybe you should ask your mum if she took you to the doctor as well as the priest. If not, why not?

Thanks again for your post.

Date: 2018-01-26

Wow! Your mother sounds like she is very talented! Your father must be a VERY stubborn man to remain a nonbeliever after that driver episode with your mum.

That viewing she had sounds appalling. I am not surprised that you are both traumatised by it. I don't think anyone would ever fully recover from something like that - especially a mother with a son.

Thank you very much for all of the effort you are putting into helping me orientate myself. I cannot express how grateful I am to finally have some worthwhile input and advice. I can finally feel that I am in good company:)
Date: 2018-01-26

Thank you for your kind words.

You are right. I just need to be patient and explore my abilities as much as possible. I am beginning with meditation and I am sure that will help me straighten things out.

Thanks again.
Date: 2018-01-26

It's really great to hear that someone else shares the same ability (ies). Even though it sounds like neither of us knows what the heck we are doing (lol), it's still great to not feel alone!

I'm sorry that you had to sacrifice at least one of your abilities. Are you at least happier now?
Date: 2018-01-26

Thanks. I have already posted in the Psychics area. I haven't checked to see if it has been published yet.

Does your family accept their abilities or are they like mine and push them aside?

I agree that it is a very useful tool to have. I just wish I had more knowledge on how to control it. I would really love to be able to use it to help people. Even in a small way.
Date: 2018-01-24

Thank you very much for your comment. I will definitely follow up on your suggestion.

Thanks again:)
Date: 2018-01-23
Hi Melda

Thanks for your comments and questions.

I think that my mum is of the opinion that all entities are ghosts (spirits of dead people that have been left/ or have returned to this plane of existence). This, according to her religion, is impossible as people are DEAD after they die. We lie in the ground waiting for Jehovah to resurrect us at the time of Armageddon. Therefore, ghosts cannot be real. In short, I think she doesn't believe me because she CAN'T believe me and has closed herself off to anything other than her religion.

Honestly I have no idea if it could have been more than one entity. It is obviously very possible. There is so little to go on and each experience is so different that it is difficult to find anything common to each experience. Unfortunately I was not aware of my own sensitivity at the time. It is only now that I am more open to these things. I wish I was more aware of my sensitivity then as I could have tried to 'feel' if there was more than one.
Date: 2018-01-23

Thank you for your comment and question.

The only change I noticed in my mum was related to her religion. She became more and more fanatical. It is difficult to tell whether or not her obsession (yes, her fanaticism has reached obsession level) is due to her attachment or if it is simply by free will that she has thrown herself into her religion so deeply.

I also can't tell if her faith is the reason she won't talk about it or if she is totally unaware of the attachment. I'm afraid I can't give answers to those questions as it is a topic that I can't speak to my mother about.
Date: 2018-01-23

I think it is very possible that I inherited the sensitivity from my mother. I think, due to her religion, she has blocked herself off from whatever 'gifts' she may have been born with. She is very sensitive and caring so I would not be surprised at all if my abilities came from her.

Thank you for your comment.
Old_Dude, you are one of my favourite posters. Your posts are so gripping and I LOVE the historical aspects.

Date: 2018-01-19
Wow, Old-Dude. What an excellent post!

I did some digging on the Fort Malden Insane Asylum and found the following:

" Dr. Fischer was the head physician for the course of the asylum when he started at the age of 25. Dr. Fischer would take 20 male patients from Toronto who were the "most industrious and quiet". These patients would be used in the process of turning the fort into an asylum such as putting in fences to contain the patients when they arrive. One major attraction for Fort Malden is that when all of the patients arrived, there was two of the original 20 that vanished without a trace. " -

Adds to the atmosphere of the asylum, doesn't it?

Some nice pictures on that site too.

Note to self: ALWAYS pay attention to the Empath warnings!

What a beautiful and sad post. My heart really goes out to you and your family. I'm glad that Angel is in a happy place.

Date: 2018-01-17
Straight into favourites! I'm so glad that you found your son. Losing a child is every parent's worst nightmare. Thank goodness for Chaska.