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The Black Shadow&red Eyes on 2017-03-06

I have been reading stories in the site for a few days now and I wanted to share my experience. Well, for many years, I think since my early teens, I have had what I think is called sleep paralysis. Sometimes while asleep I feel like I can't move or think that I have gotten up only to see myself in ...

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After reading your comment I cane across this story
Not much of a personal encounter and more like an urban legend
Take care
Also, in my coment I did not say they were stories of friends of friends, just some experiences of close relatives and first hand recounts and sure I can vouch for them. However, feel free to delete my comment, I saw this was the op's first story and I wanted to encourage her so I realise I might have not said anything meanigful
Btw, I am a she
Valkricry, ok I'm sorry, I guess I did not know that, ill keep that in mind
Well nobody here in YGS will accuse you of making it up! I personally have never had real ghost experiences when awake but I know of people who have so I will post about those soon! Now to your story, she was probably a good ghost who has guarded you and your family. Find something more about her and if u can help her move on
Thanks for sharing
Hey Santosh, thanks for sharing your story! I too think it was a friendly ghost who did not know he was dead. Perhaps your mom or grandfather should have helped him move on. Nonetheless it was a realy scary story
Kiki and Randym, thank you for the replies and thank YGS for the site! It is nice to discuss SP with people who suffer from it.
Kiki I cannot tell if the ghosts you saw were helpful but regardless I wish you never see them again
Randym, I have had SP for years and I have gotten used to it. It is still scary but not as in the beginning. This episode I posted happened just once and it has always puzzled me if it was part of SP or smth else, that is why I posted it here to see if other people have experienced smth similar! Nonetheless, I would be most happy if it was not paranormal
Best regards
Date: 2017-03-08
Hey zzgranny, your story really scared me because I too have seen the shadow hat man and I already submitted my story which is yet waiting to be published but I forgot to mention that he too was standing near my bedroom's door. Have you found anything else regarding this entity and what does he want?
I would be thankful for any response
Woww, I jus posted a story about a black shadow with red eyes and cowboy hat which is yet to be published. The difference is I am not sure if I was awake or dreaming when I saw it because I was having a sleep paralysis episode. 😕