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Uneasy Around This New Little House on 2017-06-05

I came to the point where I pretty much believe in paranormal and supernatural, although I haven't had very much experiences. To make my experience much clear, I have to give a little background. Ok, so I went to my boyfriend's house for a few days. In the same yard there are two houses. The...

Scary Building 2 on 2017-03-14

I was reading some stories from across this site and I read one about a black apparition and I then remembered something that happened to myself. I wrote an encounter about an abandoned building and this is what happened near that building before the other encounter. I don't know how I did not rem...

My Uncle's Encounters on 2017-03-09

I am very excited about this site. I mean, most of the stories just seem so real and I am just happy that I found out about it and that the people here comment and are trying to help. Like I said in my previous stories, I had some such encounters. And my memory does not work very well because I am g...

Scary Building on 2017-03-06

Firstly, I want to say that I very much believe in another world, one where spirits exist, where demons lurk in the dark and where everything is possible and I also believe that those entities can contact us or mess with us even though they can't whenever they want to. I have a lot of encounters a...

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Date: 2017-07-15
Hi jayejay
The majority of romanians, as you probably saw if you spent time here, are Christians. Holy water is present in almost eveey home, esoecially in the rural areas where people are more connected with the Church or superstitions even though the Church tries to convince us to not let ourselves be guided by some superstitions. The Holy water is for blessing our homes, for keeping the negative entities or energies away, the salt pretty much the same because salt is considered to not let spirits or other entities cross it, I mean as when you spread a salt line at your door for example, it is believed a spirit can not eneter that door. The holy oil is used for protection in some cases, for some procesions involving ill people and things like these. The grave dirt... I don't know because I have never met a person who has something like this, but I think that probably it is considered to do the same things as the ones the object above are supposed to do. And Romania, at the time my grandparents were young and older times, was a country where tradition, superstition, even witchcraft and religion were the most important things, even though this was controversial because Church does not generally recognise witchcraft or suoerstition. This thing was kept alive by the rural areas.
We had already ate. She just considered we didn't eat enough and that's the reason she came to us. We are not little kids. 😜 Anyway, as far as I know, they did not experience anything extrordinary. His mother used to feel uneasy in the house when they first bought it but as time went by, this feeling went away. One of my friends told me that she knows, I din't know the source though, that there are spirits who don't like new things or people in their 'homes'. Before them, the house was occupied by an old lady who also died there. Maybe the uneasiness me and his mother felt are connected. Maybe at first ut was because his mother was new here and more sensitive and now, maybe it is because of the new house... I don't know. I understand the supposed spirit though. If I was her/him, I don't know if seeing my house used by somebody else would make me happy
Date: 2017-05-08
Hi. Your story reminded me of something I heard when I was little, maybe 7 or so. One day, I visited my grandma and decided to stay at her place for the night. At around 7 pm we went to visit a friend of hers and they talked without a stop for a couple of hours and I was really bored so I asked my grandmother to go home. After another hour or so, she agreed. So at about 10 pm we reached home and knocked at the door because my grandfather had locked it. My grandmother was intrigued by the door being locked because my grandfather was very courageous and wouldn't worry about someone getting in or things like that. The thing is... He didn't answer. After some time he finally appeared to the door only because my grandmother kept knocking. And he was very surprised to see us, almost like he forgot we were not home. My grandmother then asked him what's wrong and he said that while he was home alone, somebody kept knocking and everytime he would go check, there was nobody. And then my grandmother told us that we should never open the door in such situations because something would happen to our faces. She was referring to some kind of entity or something that just keeps wandering at night, knocking at doors and straggle (if that's the word 😕) the faces of those who open their doors. That's a local belief I think that she heard when she was little.
Date: 2017-03-14
A goat walking on his hind legs... Ok, so I don't think he saw a goat. Of course, it was a rural area and people have goats there but trust me, no one would let his goat out at night. They put them in some closed place because you know, there are people stealing animals. It happened to my uncle that someone stole his horse so...
In my country, we are used to keep holy water in our homes. That was not alcohol.
About a so called investigation in the house. A lot of people avoid that house but they prefer not to bother investigating it. The milk container was not suspended by something as there was no wall or anything 'material' near it.
And even though these encounters were not mine, the help I refer to are people's opinions. That really help me in making and idea about what a certain thing could have been.
Thank you for your comment.
Date: 2017-03-08
The reason that made me say skeptics are more unlikely to have such encounters is that if you refuse to believe in something, you will find a thousand ways to discard that thing. You will simply close your eyes, and it is logical that with your eyes closed, you won't see a thing. I hope you understand what I am trying to say.
I really examined the logical explanations. The walls of the building are really strong and trust me, such a sound as a bird being attacked or flying or any other small animal as larger ones don't exist, could not make it from the attic to the seconf floor. I mean, I was barely hearing what my friends were saying and they were close to me. It was a powerful noise.
About the breaking part for which I have been criticised. The building is sort of noone's property and I must admit that the vandalizing part was really wrong but at the time, as a thrill seeker and a rebelious explorer, it didn't seem a wrong idea. Thank you for your comments ❤