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Alexander Loken
United States
Hello, my name is Alex. I am 26 years old and live in Minnesota. I am a paranormal investigator with the group St. Croix Paranormal. We have a local television show which is also published on our YouTube channel. I have been to a lot of very active paranormal locations and experienced many strange things. I am fascinated by the paranormal and enjoy reading about other people's experiences.
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Searching For Souls At The Haunted Ashmore Estates on 2017-03-09

Ashmore Estates was built in 1916, and was a fully functioning facility until the late 80s when it closed its doors for good. Originally, the land was part of the Coles County Poor Farm, which was home to the poor and mentally insane from 1857 to 1869. The conditions were terrible and there were 32 ...

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Hey it is not a problem. Thanks for everything you do! So be patient and the picture will be added eventually. If you can not wait, as I said you can check out the YouTube video of this investigation and the picture is in that as well.

Thanks everyone!
Thanks for commenting everyone. I will try to get the picture posted. I e-mailed it but it was not put into the story for whatever reason.

As to intelligent responses not all the deaths were during the period that the building was used as a psychiatric hospital. Many were when the building and land were used to house not only the mentally ill but also the poor and those with nowhere else to go. We were told stories about a doctor jumping out a window but I left those out of the story because I have no proof of that.