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Black Dog Of Arrochsr on 2017-03-13

My name is James, I am 43, I live in little town on the west coast of Scotland, last year my girlfriend of 29 years and I decided to get married. We wanted a very quiet honeymoon so we booked a log cabin in a very serene little town called Arrochar up north. The first night was Halloween 2016, my ...

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Date: 2017-03-20
Throughout history there has been many sightings of black dogs. I too have saw one recently in a log cabin in scotland

I was with my wife on honeymoon, early hours of the morning on the first night, which was halloween, I was woken by something grabbing my leg, I looked towards the bedroom door and saw a large black dog standing on its hind legs, it made a gesture to me like beckoning me towards it. I froze for about 5 seconds then shouted at it and it just disappeared.
I was a sceptic but now the more I hear of these stories from all corners of the world the more I believe
Date: 2017-03-13
Hi cricket, I had been woken by something trying to bite or grab my leg in scotland, when I turned to see what it was I saw a big black dog on its hind legs, it gestured three times with its paw beckoning me towards it.
I shouted at it and it just disappeared.
I was a sceptic but are now swaying towards believing. Hearing your story... Maybe I'm not mad, thanks