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School Ghost (bathroom Ghost Con.) on 2017-04-20

If you read my BR ghost story, well here are other creepy things happened at the school. One day I went to print something. I walked really slowly, giving it time to print. When I got to the printer, it wasn't there. So I waited. And waited. And waited. It still didn't print. I even checked all t...

The School Bathroom Ghost on 2017-03-22

This is my first story on here. I've been on this site reading all the ghost stories so here it is. Sorry it's short and I hope you enjoy this. All this happened in fifth grade. I went to the same school for a few years but this is the first "ghosty" stuff that happened. Anyway it was really ...

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I'm also curious what the red liquid. That's really creepy. 😨 😨
The lights were on. 😲 What I meant was the walls were dark. And there was only like 5 lights. I did make another story. The school ghost (bathroom ghost con.) 😁
I was always scared of the BRs because they were a dark color. DARK COLOR WHY!?😕
Also other things happened at the school. Creepy things too