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The Wide-eyed Girl on 2017-07-21

The bedroom I was staying at in high school was avoided by relatives and helpers that came to stay before I moved in. They claim to get horrible nightmares about a woman in that bedroom. I personally never had any, and all my nights there had been comfortable except one particular night in 2008. ...

Hello Goodbye on 2017-07-17

Back in 2010, I was attending a university where I made several friends. I grew closer to one girl, G (first letter of her name) and naturally, we took a lot of pictures together. The numerous pictures of us saved on her phone was seen by her 5 or 6 year old nephew and he developed a curiosity towar...

Invitations To My Closet on 2017-03-20

I have a lot of ghost experiences but I chose this story for my first entry because it's the one that leaves me curious and scared the most. I welcome suggestions and questions since I'm not a very good story teller and I'm not very good at describing either. And also, I apologize for the very long ...

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Date: 2017-04-01
Hi everyone,

Thank you for your comments! I really do appreciate that. I do realize how outrageous my experience was that's why I hesitated submitting it.

To explain my lack of fear, I have experienced sleep paralysis multiple times before and I had nightmares worse than these. So when I saw them, I couldn't believe what I was seeing at first. I initially thought that something in my bedroom was casting a shadow like that. I thought maybe I was dreaming too. So when I realized that I'm awake and it is really happening, I went to grab my bible. I didn't think of screaming because I thought it would take longer for my family to wake up and come to my room than me handling the situation right then (not that I knew how to handle it). Weird, I know. Whenever I experience anything paranormal, I try to convince myself that there's some logical and rational explanation for what I'm seeing first, hence fear settles a bit later and the reactions are delayed. I always have a late reaction whenever I see something of paranormal. I'm very weird like that. The fact that they're faceless and they didn't give off a threatening feel helped a lot too!

And as for the woman, in my dream she appeared to be very beautiful. With fair skin and such an inviting face. We were in a garden-like place too and everything felt "friendly" for lack of words. But when I saw her when I was awake, I didn't see her face either. From her shape, I could tell she was wearing a black robe or dress and she had a very wild and bushy hair.

I told this experience to my very religious mom and she drew crosses in my room with "holy oil". Nothing has happened since.

I don't have much information about our house since we had it built and we are the first ones to live there. I am living in a very recently developed community too. Prior to development, I assume it's just an empty field.