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The Vanishing Boy on 2017-03-22

This literally just happened and I made an account to post it. I was at my old Primary School and I thought I was the only one there. After a couple of minutes of chilling out I see a boy walk past on the other side of the playground. He's about my age and wearing a dark blue hoodie and tan jeans...

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Date: 2017-05-08
I appeared! I sort of regretted my "I won't participate" option as I thought I'd lose interest in the site.
I'll answer as many questions as I can for now.
Sheld999, the boy was above my height (probably 195cm) and I couldn't make out much of his hair as he was wearing his hoodie over his face. It was brown and he looked normal for this time and day.

Whitelightlady, said friend has never heard of this person until now.

Flex, hi, in regards to the video I'm slightly ashamed to admit I babbled a bit and I might be self-conscious enough to edit some of it out, but I'll try to find somewhere to put it in my spare time.

Melda! In New Zealand it was late afternoon but got dark VERY quickly. I had walked ten metres while pausing the video and it is very noticeable!

Tweed--I go for "walks" but mainly go to visit the friend I was talking about. I get sick of people calling me autistic at school so why not think alone in my old primary school?

I answered all questions I could find, sorry for making a wall of text...: