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Hearing Ghosts In Old Farmhouses on 2017-03-23

In the 1970s, my urban middle class French Canadian parents decided to buy an old farmhouse in a remote rural area of Quebec, about an hour from Victoriaville, where I was born. We lived there until I was 6 years old, until my parents split up and we moved to Montreal. I don't remember this but my...

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True. Probably just a coicidence. And my sense of smell might have nothing to do with it either. I am just very sensitive to it so this happens to me a lot. Same for sound... And it could have been a dead animal in the attic that smelled on certain days and not on others depending on air flow and temperature... Well it was nice chatting with you anyway! Thanks!
Yes, very old French Canadian curse words that I didn't understand so I'd come and ask my mom what they meant. She says I'd ask about words like: "symoniaque, bout de reguine, or caliboire." There is no way this came from our aquaintances and I told her I was hearing them in my room. My mom says I didn't seem scared but that she did a cleansing ritual back then and that it worked for us. Of course, it's possible that new dysfunctional relationships trigger these events. Isn't that interesting? Well, I am grateful for the help if that's what it was and we're happier now in our own place. A couple of things I forgot to include were the unexplained smells I experienced at times such as rotten flesh and feces even though I am a total clean freak and the house was in perfect condition with clean vents, new carpets, etc. I couldn't explain them so I'd burn candles a lot and walk through the house (which was time consuming!) or with essential oils or sage. Then, there also was the strange facts that only three families had owned the house: three unrelated families with Danish names and origins. That was so odd considering it wasn't a predominantly scandinavian settlement.
Thank you all for your comments. I must admit this was very therapeutic for me to write but I didn't expect to have such kind and supportive feedback. One of my "friend" even said she thinks I must have been ungrateful to these people and that's why they treated me like that and that I should consider being more pleasant but that's unfair. I am a very protective mother, a hard worker, and I believe in respecting people even when they are vulnerable. Family and "friends" can be so hurtful and betray us. With my story, I really wanted to open the door to the possibility of reinterpreting ghost stories and presences in this way (although I am sure this might not always be the case and wouldn't want to undermine anyone who had a horrible experience with ghosts.) I did think carefully about the possibility of ghosts influencing my ex's family's abusive beahaviour but knowing what I know about them, I think their dysfunctionalities come from transgenerational trauma and not from the house (they all had very unkind parents). Plus, I loved that house. I took really good care of it. I'd dust every inch of it and appreciated it's character. Everyone who came to visit while I was there said how pleasant it was so I really think it was the living who were the problem! Well, my girls are supposed to inherit it so maybe we'll have a sequel to the story with grand-children... And they will never be thrown out of any house ever if I have a word to say about it! 😆