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South Africa
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Tiny Flat, Big Presence on 2017-06-19

I live in a small flat in Cape Town, not an old flat, I believe it used to be a garage. I have been experiencing strange occurrences my whole life, but now that I have moved out of my parent's house it seems to have increased. It could be because I am able to just be myself, I have always been sensi...

My Ghost "friend" on 2017-04-04

I am a young lady from South Africa. All my life I have been sensitive to things that aren't there. It puts me on edge. I am sure that there is a ghost that goes where I go because things seem to occur regardless of where I am. At first I thought the ghost just hung around my family but it continued...

The Negativity House on 2017-03-31

I have always been sensitive to noticing ghosts and the paranormal, so is my grandmother. When I was around 13 years (2007) old my mom got engaged to a doctor in Pretoria, so we packed up our stuff and moved there to stay in his house. The house was a house that his father built and the doctor conti...

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Hi There,

To my knowledge "Jyrki" is a Finnish name. Relatively common Finnish name. I don't know if this means anything to you.
Date: 2017-04-20
Thank you Melda and Nephylim for your feedback. It is really appreciated.

I do not feel threatened by the entity at all, I can sometimes feel as if it is upset by something when activity starts to get very frequent and unusual. I just got back from a holiday and my husband, who is very skeptical, told me that he could not sleep the one night from all the weird things happening in the house. He believes me now. I have had my home "blessed" and the activity did not stop. It has been so many years now that I have gotten comfortable around it.
Date: 2017-04-07
...WOW WOW WOWW that really is a seriously beautiful chair.
There is something in my flat too that moves stuff but I would always prefer not to see who it is. You mentioned not seeing is just as bad as seeing but I am absolutely terrifies of opening my eyes one day and actually seeing someone looking back at me.
This sounds truly terrifying. I am sad to hear that yo had to go through it alone. Knowing that your sister knew about something in the house too means that you were not just paranoid. It could be that that you were most likely to notice the activity because you were so stressed and when you stress ALL your senses are heightened and your nerve endings sensitive.