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The Knocks on 2017-06-15

During one hot Saturday morning, my mom decided that she wanted to go to our hot springs resort so she brought my older sister, a maid and I with her. While there, my sister and I had a huge argument. I was so angry that I left and took a shower in my brother's room. My brother's room has two doors....

The Hot Springs Resort Ghost on 2017-04-05

A few years ago, my parents bought this hot springs resort in Laguna. It was beautiful. The caretaker who used to live there would tell my parents that sometimes they would hear footsteps or laughter inside the house. It had 3 bedrooms. Two living rooms and 3 bathrooms. One room leading to the bathr...

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To Bibliothecarius.

I understand now. Summer in the Philippines is March-May. So during that time it was during summer. Feb to April - we spent our weekends there. My parents also rented it out during that time. It's kind of sad to relive it because it was during those times wherein my sibs and I would always look forward to - spending time at the resort with my mom.
To Blink_Powers,

It is definitely not my mother. This entity or whatever it is felt evil. It was not embracing us. It was suffocating us. Very different from embracing. Thank you for your comment though.:)