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My name is Brook. I come from a very small town in Oklahoma where most residents are my relatives in some way or another. I am of Cherokee and Irish descent on both sides of my family. I have been a believer of the paranormal since I was a child. Both my father's family and my mother's family have a long history with the paranormal. I am happily married to a loving man that I absolutely adore, and who keeps me on the ground when I start to dream too much! 😂 I hope to post some of my stories to this wonderful site and I enjoy reading yours as well!
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Strange Smell In My Apartment on 2017-05-30

My husband and I have been living in our current apartment for almost 2 years. I am skeptical if these occurrences are even paranormal but would love some feedback. Upon moving in, the maintenance man who was fixing the place up for us told us an old veteran man lived in this apartment for many, m...

Cherokee Haunting on 2017-04-04

This series of events took place between myself, my uncle and one of my best friends while we were in high school. I want it to be known that my uncle is only 2 years older than me and lived with me at the time. My uncle and my friend were dating at the time of these events. I was only present for 1...

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Date: 2017-08-25
Hobbit creature... NOPE! Haha that would have freaked me out so bad! 😱Really interesting experiences, Enlightened!
Haha yeah it can get pretty annoying when neighbors do stuff like that. I'm glad I'm not alone in it! My husband hasn't smelled it that he can recall, but I have twice and the smell was so familiar like going into my great grandparents house when I was still in school. It just made me think of the elderly... That sort of sounds bad lol but in my mind my great grandparents were elderly and that was their scent.
-by the way... I find it so funny that you commented on my story and I've actually been slowly going through and reading your posts for the last couple nights before bed. I literally just finished the lost girl one then checked my comments!
Melda, thanks again for your comment! I may try a cleansing but it has only happened a few times in the last 2 years and nothing ever came of it haha. I'm not bothered by it at all and was just curious as to what others thought. That's kind of neat that you smell flowers like that though!
Darkangel73, that's interesting. I would personally attribute the smells to a neighbor since apartments unfortunately have thin walls most of the time. One of my neighbors who has moved out this year used to smoke pot and every morning my bathroom and bedroom would just filled with the smell of it haha. Glad that's gone! I do occasionally smell food but I just figure it's a neighbor every time. Would be cool to have a ghost chef though!
Melda, I don't smell other things that I can recall. My husband doesn't remember if he has ever walked into the smell I'm talking about. I suppose it could be like you're saying but I truly believe that I physically smelled it in about a 2 ft radius and I've smelled it in two rooms of my apartment.
Trentinray, it doesn't smell anything like gas... And it's only happened about 2 or 3 times since we have lived here. Our stove and everything is electric so I don't know where a gas leak would come from.
Thank y'all for reading and commenting!
Kindly_refrain, that's interesting. If that were happening in my home in the form of cigar smoke I would totally think paranormal. Hopefully it is a relative just stopping by.
Rook, there is wood trim and kitchen cabinets. But everything else is new like the carpet and laminate floors. I think it is very possible it could be due to things in the apartment. I didn't personally witness the floor to ceiling cleaning that the maintenance man was supposed to do but it looked nice and clean upon moving in. But, like I said I feel like it could be paranormal but then again, it very well may not be. Thank you guys for the feedback!
Date: 2017-06-09
Interesting story! I've never had that kind of experience... My stomach probably would have dropped at hearing that. I'm hoping it was just his bird letting him know he's ok... If it's something else then you may have to flat out tell your friend so that he doesn't keep talking to it. He probably won't want to hear it but as his friend he'd probably rather hear it from you anyway even though it's not good news.
Thank you guys so much for your feedback! When I eventually get a day off I may do that cleansing! Sounds like a solid idea whether it's a spirit or just leftover dust! I am not real sure if it's paranormal or not but if it is, I am very glad it isn't negative! I'm not a scaredy cat by any means but I'm not about to ask for something mean up in my home!
Date: 2017-04-11
That is an interesting take on it. I hadn't thought of that before! But possibly. It's something that someone else projects so I don't know that it would just be wandering around. Once they come back to their own body the entity is gone.
Date: 2017-04-08
whitelightlady- this happened around 2006. I haven't heard if it did or not but the night I saw it was the last I'd seen of it.
Sheld999- no he didn't really tell me anything else because technically you're not supposed to talk about them. We all avoid saying the name of this entity out of fear of being attacked ourselves. So when I asked about more information he just told me, we can't talk about it. My friend did mention that it followed her home as well. She says she and her older brother were play fighting in her room the night after the event I described with my uncle and her, and they both saw it in her bedroom window and freaked out. I'm not sure how credible that claim is but I guess I could see that happening as she was important to my uncle and it was looking to harass him.